VSO Game of the Month: Squid Game One Lucky Day Slot – March 2024

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How acold would you spell to get immoderate other cash? Most would opportunity not very far, until they’re truthful strapped for rate that they’re consenting to participate successful a live-or-die title for a chance to get their hands connected 45.6bn South Korean Won (around $34.6m).

It’s sewage everything a Squid Game instrumentality could dream for

Sound familiar? It’s Squid Game, of course. This Korean TV bid took nan world by large wind successful 2021, and group are still talking astir it. So overmuch so, that Light & Wonder has created an adrenaline-jerking slot instrumentality astir it. It’s sewage everything a Squid Game instrumentality could dream for, which is why we’ve named it Game of nan Month present astatine VegasSlotsOnline.

Here’s a elaborate relationship of what we deliberation of nan Squid Game One Lucky Day online slot. Remember that you tin effort it retired for free astatine VSO.

Squid Game One Lucky Day soundtrack and symbols

Let’s commencement pinch Squid Game One Lucky Day’s look and feel. You’ve sewage nan aggravated soundtrack that comes consecutive retired of nan TV series, accompanied by nan Squid Game maze itself.

Now onto nan symbols. You’ve sewage nan logo arsenic your highest paying, followed by nan Frontman, Young-hee, nan guard, and nan subordinate – 456, whitethorn I add, who is Seong Gi-hun, nan protagonist of nan series. 

You’ve past sewage nan Honeycomb Candy Challenge icons arsenic nan little paying symbols – nan umbrella, star, triangle, and nan circle, followed by nan piggy bank. Don’t worry, you won’t request to carve thing retired here, you conscionable person to cod them connected 1 of nan 40 paylines.

The chaotic awesome besides offers a payout, arsenic overmuch arsenic nan Squid Game logo actually. When not falling connected a payline, it whitethorn substitute for immoderate regular awesome to springiness you an accrued chance of grabbing a prize.

Squid Game One Lucky Day prize rounds

When it comes to nan prize rounds, nan Squid Game One Lucky Day slot instrumentality comes beautiful adjacent to nan existent series. Collect 3 Piggy Bank scatters and watch them flip to spot which of nan mini games you’ve won.

Red Light Green Light Bonus Game

The first of nan 3 nail-biting rounds is Red Light Green Light featuring Young-hee herself. The murderous doll paves nan measurement to nan jackpot information by asking you to return 1, 2, 3, aliases 4 steps arsenic she looks away. Just arsenic successful nan series, if she turns astir while you’re still moving, well, you’ll beryllium virtually changeable dead. You’ll still locomotion distant pinch a decent prize though arsenic you’ll cod multipliers of up to 100x pinch each successful step.

Pick silhouettes and lucifer 3 guards aliases Frontmen to person a jackpot reward

The existent nosy of nan Red Light Green Light prize information starts if you past each 24 steps, arsenic this intends entree to nan jackpot round. Pick silhouettes and lucifer 3 guards aliases Frontmen to person a jackpot reward of up to 4,560x your liking connected apical of your full prize you accumulated during nan mini game.

Glass Bridge Challenge Bonus Game

Next, nan nerve-wrecking Glass Bridge Challenge, where, conscionable for illustration nan players successful nan Squid Game series, you’ll request to take near aliases correct steps while praying you don’t measurement connected clone glass. Successful attempts will reward you pinch multipliers, free spins, and chaotic upgrades. Unsuccessful jumps will nonstop you done nan solid and to your virtual death. You’ll find an afterlife successful nan free spins information pinch each nan goodies you managed to cod during nan mini game.

Tug of War Bonus Game

The last prize information is nan Tug of War, wherever each you request to do is beryllium backmost and relax arsenic nan 2 teams propulsion a stacked chaotic crossed nan screen. They propulsion truthful difficult that nan chaotic whitethorn clone onto neighboring reels, frankincense expanding your chance of winning an epic prize.

The information ends erstwhile 1 squad falls to its death

Light & Wonder connected this information to nan bid by utilizing graphics and sound effects that subordinate to nan existent situation successful nan TV series, which makes nan prize intense. The information ends erstwhile 1 squad falls to its death, astatine which constituent you’ll bask nan consequence of some teams’ labour successful a rate reward.

If you’re excessively excited to play nan prize rounds aliases if you’re playing for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline and simply want to trial them out, you tin acquisition nan Squid Game One Lucky Day slot’s prize information by clicking connected nan ‘Buy Pass’ button, which you’ll spot connected nan near of nan grid. You’ll beryllium assigned a random prize erstwhile confirming your acquisition of 50x your stake.

Play Squid Game One Lucky Day connected immoderate device

The champion portion astir nan Squid Game One Lucky Day slot instrumentality is that it adapts to nan instrumentality you’re using, which intends you’ll person nan aforesaid acquisition erstwhile accessing it from desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Light & Wonder has optimized nan crippled to beryllium compatible pinch each operating systems, truthful you tin play anywhere, anytime, utilizing immoderate gadget you person astatine hand.

Light & Wonder has done a awesome occupation astatine modifying nan TV bid into nan Squid Game One Lucky Day online slot. From nan graphics to nan soundtrack, sound effects, and prize games, nan slot makes you consciousness for illustration you’re portion of nan existent Squid Game, without nan humor and gore, of course. If you for illustration it arsenic overmuch arsenic we do, we propose you play it for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline.

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