Best New Online Slots of the Week | March 29, 2024

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Looking for nan sickest and champion caller online slots of nan week? We person collected different awesome scope of nan biggest releases for March 29, 2024, each pinch a big of unsocial prize features and payouts.

Open nan Gates of Anubis successful our first recommended slot. Trigger free spins and bask multipliers worthy up to 100x. It’s nan Egyptian-themed slot you’ve been waiting for successful 2024.

Next up, we move from Egypt to Central America successful The Three Forces of El Dorado. Hunt for golden successful a cascading reels slot pinch free spins and a 10,000x jackpot.

Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune is Armadillo Studios’ latest slot and features an abundance of cats, dogs, wilds, and enigma symbols. Play 576 ways aliases turn nan reels for 7,200 ways to win!

We extremity our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Freaks of Folklore. It’s a horror-themed slot pinch a prime of free spins bonuses pinch modifiers and retriggers galore.

Remember, you tin effort retired each caller crippled for free correct here. Simply click connected nan typical links to play nan latest online slots.

Gates of Anubis by Popiplay

Hit random multipliers worthy up to 100x successful Popiplay’s awesome caller online slot, Gates of Anubis. Spin your measurement to a max prize worthy a cool 10,200x stake!

Gates of Anubis slot reels Popiplay - champion caller online slots of nan week

Ready to consciousness nan powerfulness of nan Pharaohs? 2024 has already served up immoderate Egyptian-themed delights, galore of which person appeared successful nan champion caller online slots of nan week. And adjacent up for March 29, 2024 is Gates of Anubis from Popiplay.

Gates of Anubis useful connected a cascading reels model. Any winning combos are removed from nan screen, and nan gaps are filled pinch symbols dropping down from above. These “refills,” arsenic Popiplay has branded them, proceed until location are nary much winning moves.

The online slot features not one, but 2 Buy Features which springiness you a head-start en way to triggering a prize game. However, you tin besides activate free spins by landing 4 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position.

You triumph 10­­–30 free spins, depending connected really galore scatters you trigger nan characteristic with. You whitethorn besides activate an further 5 free spins by landing 3 aliases much scatters.

Look retired for multiplier symbols during nan free spins round. Each multiplier carries a random worth worthy 2x to 100x, and they stay successful spot for nan long of nan feature. It’s imaginable to accumulate multipliers during nan bonus.

Gates of Anubis delivers successful position of its generous cascades during nan guidelines game. The free spins prize is simply a small harder to trigger, fixed that you request 4 scatters to activate it alternatively of conscionable three. However, scope nan prize characteristic and nan 100x multipliers tin swipe distant immoderate precocious variance that you mightiness encounter.

Ready to task wrong nan Gates of Anubis? Spin nan slot for free present astatine VegasSlotsOnline.   

The Three Forces of El Dorado by MGA Games

There are much 10,000x jackpots to beryllium won successful The Three Forces of El Dorado from MGA Games. This highly volatile slot features multiplier wilds that harvester for large wins.   

Three Forces of El Dorado slot MGA - champion caller online slots of nan week

We’re hitting nan cascading reels again successful MGA Games’ caller slot, The Three Forces of El Dorado. There are much chances for cascades successful a slot crippled area that features six rows alternatively of nan accustomed 3-4.

As successful Gates of Anubis, you triumph money by matching clusters of horizontal aliases vertical symbols. The gaps are filled by symbols dropping into their place.

However, The Three Forces of El Dorado besides features respective wilds, each pinch its ain modifier. The greenish chaotic is simply a regular chaotic that substitutes for each normal symbols. The bluish chaotic and reddish chaotic transportation a multiplier that starts astatine 1x and increases pinch each operation it helps to complete. It’s imaginable to harvester reddish and bluish wilds, and truthful harvester their multiplier values.

Hitting 3 aliases much scatters triggers a free spins prize successful nan game. You triumph 10 free spins to statesman with. However, there’s an added multiplier antagonistic (called – helpfully – Multiplier) that increases pinch each winning awesome drop.

Your payout is multiplied by nan multiplier presently displayed connected nan counter. The champion news is that nan multiplier antagonistic tin support connected going up pinch nary limit imposed. You tin besides bump up your payouts by hitting reddish and bluish wilds during nan spins.

The Three Forces of El Dorado is nan slot for you if you emotion chaotic multipliers. Throw successful immoderate beautiful graphics – particularly nan Conquistador and nan section Aztec woman – and you person nan makings of a superb caller slot. Play nan crippled for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline now.

Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune by Armadillo Studios

There’s a thoroughfare alley rumble going down successful Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune from Armadillo Studios. Follow nan dogs and cats and watch nan reels turn arsenic you play up to 7200 ways to triumph pinch enigma coins galore!

Paws and Claws Tail of Fortune slot reels Armadillo Studios - champion caller online slots

Powered by Slot Matrix and released by Armadillo Studios, Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune is simply a slick animal-themed slot boasting up to 7,200 ways to win. The honeycomb reel layout isn’t thing we’ve featured a batch of successful our caller champion caller online slots of nan week. However, it makes a invited return here, and it’s well-utilized by nan developer.

You commencement playing Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune connected a six-reel set-up laid retired successful a 2-3-4-4-3-2 formation. The full ways to triumph are 576, aliases 1,152 if you play some ways (left to right, and correct to left). However, this jumps to 3,600 ways to triumph (7,200 some ways) successful nan free spins bonus.

Look retired for enigma container symbols that tin trigger a Mystery Coin Reveal aliases move into nan aforesaid symbol. It’s besides imaginable to unearth chaotic symbols via nan enigma box. Coin values scope from 1x to 1000x, and it’s imaginable to stitchery aggregate coins for a larger payout.

You activate free spins by hitting 3–6 scatters successful immoderate position. Not only do nan reels turn to 2-3-4-4-2, but you whitethorn besides trigger up to 100 free spins pinch nan added enigma coins. Plus, enigma symbols onshore much often during nan prize feature.

Paws and Claws: A Tail of Fortune is nan slot for you if you’ve already sampled nan delights of Armadillo games specified arsenic Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds. The volatility is high, but truthful are nan imaginable rewards. Give this slot a play for free today.  

Freaks of Folklore by DragonGaming

Trigger 1 of 4 bonuses successful nan fantasy-filled slot from DragonGaming, Freaks of Folklore. Earn random features including free spins pinch expanding wilds aliases jumbo symbols.  

Freaks of Folklore slot reels DragonGaming

DragonGaming rounds retired our champion caller online slots of nan week postulation pinch Freaks of Folklore, a ghoulish crippled that features a gaggle of ghastly goblins and different beasts. Most disturbing of each successful this horror-themed slot is nan demon babe clutching nan berserker bunny.

In fact, nan berserker bunny has his very ain prize characteristic that you trigger by landing 3–5 scatters successful immoderate position. You triumph 3–7 free spins pinch typical 3×3 symbols successful play.

Elsewhere, nan Cursed Cupid prize offers up to 9 free games pinch random coin symbols helping to boost your wide payout. And there’s conscionable abstraction to mention nan Demon Goat bonus, wherever you triumph up to 5 free spins pinch expanding wilds boosting your payout during nan feature.

The Jack O’Lantern prize is nan 1 for you, finally, if you for illustration tons of free spins. You triumph up to 14 free games by landing 3–5 scatters successful immoderate position connected nan reels. You tin retrigger free spins during nan prize phase.

Freaks of Folklore gives nan champion of Nolimit City’s games a tally for their money successful position of ghastly graphics and troublesome themes. Dare you play this crippled for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline?

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!