Best New Online Slots of the Week | January 19, 2024

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Slot news - Looking for different eclectic round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week? You’re successful nan correct place: we person a superb prime of nan apical basking releases from gaming giants specified arsenic Light & Wonder and Hacksaw Gaming.

Don’t forget, arsenic ever you tin play each nan champion caller online slots of nan week for free pinch zero risk. Just click connected nan links and commencement playing today.

We statesman our regular round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Aztec Clusters from BGaming. It’s a sumptuous slot featuring compartment multipliers, sticky wilds, and free spins.

Next, Hacksaw Gaming makes a invited return to this page pinch Beam Boys. Choose your variance level pinch nan Volatility Switch, and watch retired for lasers arsenic you create chaotic rows.

Pineapple Pop is nan newest merchandise from Neon Valley Studios for 2024. Play up to 262,144 ways to triumph arsenic you effort to triumph nan 5000x jackpot.

We information disconnected our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Light & Wonder’s Chicken Gems. Follow Chicca, Lisa, and Rosina arsenic they laic aureate eggs for large prizes and multipliers.

Aztec Clusters by BGaming

Looking for a apical slot pinch sticky chaotic multipliers and large wins? Look nary further than BGaming’s caller Aztec Clusters slot. Scatters trigger free spins successful this stunning caller game.

Aztec Clusters slot reels by Bgaming

2023 ended connected a precocious pinch immoderate outstanding caller cluster pays slots coming onto nan market. 2024 continues that inclination pinch a brand-new slot from BGaming: Aztec Clusters.

This Central American-themed slot features a scope of Indian masks, each pinch its ain jackpot erstwhile you lucifer up to 15 successful immoderate direction.

You only request 5 matching symbols wrong a cluster to triumph a rate prize. Symbols tin autumn horizontally aliases vertically to shape a winning cluster. The symbols vanish and nan quiet spaces capable pinch nan symbols from above.

The cluster leaves down marked cells pinch multipliers inside. You gain those multipliers if your adjacent winning driblet falls wrong those marked cells. Multipliers commencement astatine 2x but tin summation if boosters travel into play. Sticky wilds whitethorn besides look astatine nan extremity of nan refilling process.

You whitethorn besides trigger free spins during nan guidelines crippled by landing 3 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. You tin triumph up to 20 free spins if you activate nan characteristic pinch 5 scatters. In addition, nan triggering scatters move into wilds aliases 10x compartment multipliers.

The prize features are plentiful successful Aztec Clusters. However, nan volatility of nan slot is outweighed by nan game’s large prize potential. Not only does Aztec Clusters characteristic free spins, but it besides offers guaranteed multipliers aliases wilds arsenic a prize modifier.

Kick-start your 2024 pinch different awesome cluster pays slot from BGaming and effort Aztec Clusters for free today.

Beam Boys by Hacksaw Gaming

Looking for a nighttime connected nan tiles pinch nan laser cats? Play Beam Boys and take your destiny pinch nan Volatility Switch!

Beam Boys slot reels by Hacksaw Gaming

Here’s a curio from Hacksaw Gaming to put you successful nan wintertime mood. Beam Boys is an edgy slot that brings to mind nan champion games from developers for illustration Nolimit City.

The slot features a terrifying feline arsenic its main characteristic who prowls nan streets connected nan lookout for deadly snakes and different creatures. The full crippled screams “urban” arsenic you bask graffiti’d symbols and a hip-hop soundtrack.

One absorbing characteristic of Beam Boys is nan Volatility Switch. At immoderate point, you tin toggle nan move to move seamlessly betwixt EXTREME and NORMAL. The ‘Extreme’ volatility mounting gives you much of a chance of triggering nan game’s big-paying prize features. However, you whitethorn beryllium waiting a while to scope that stage.

The feline lasers are a cardinal characteristic successful Beam Boys. Wild Laser Cat symbols whitethorn look astatine immoderate clip connected reels 2-6. The feline will occurrence a laser crossed nan reels, turning symbols wild.

Meanwhile, you activate 5–40 free spins by landing 3–6 scatter symbols. You tin retrigger free spins by landing further scatters.

Beam Boys offers a guidelines RTP of astir 96%. However, this increases somewhat to 96.38% if you opt for nan Extreme Volatility toggle. That whitethorn not look for illustration a large jump, but complete nan agelong term, it could mean nan quality betwixt debased payouts and large wins. Give Beam Boys a rotation coming and spot for yourself.

Pineapple Pop by Neon Valley Studios

Hit cascading wins connected your measurement to winning nan 5000x jackpot successful Neon Valley Studios’ latest slot: Pineapple Pop. Play up to 262,144 ways to win, and trigger 15 free spins pinch persisting wilds!

Pineapple Pop slot reels by Neon Valley Studios

We person conscionable capable room this week to compression successful a multiway slot from Neon Valley Studios. Pineapple Pop is simply a six-reel online slot that starts life pinch 4,096 ways to win. However, support unlocking rows of fruit, and your maximum triumph lines tin summation to complete 262,000.

The Pineapple Pop online slot utilizes a cascading reels mechanic. Winning symbols vanish aft each successful spin. Symbols past driblet into nan gaps to shape (hopefully) caller winning combos.

The beauty of this slot is that not only do nan rows summation aft each triumph to create much paylines, but nan characteristic doesn’t reset betwixt spins. Plus, look retired for elephantine symbols that create wilds connected nan reels.

You whitethorn besides trigger free spins by landing 3 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. The prize characteristic tin beryllium retriggered too. In addition, you get a “second chance” wherever scatters tin stay connected nan surface until you rotation and get 3 appearing astatine nan aforesaid time.

Pineapple Pop is different absorbing cascading reels slot for 2024. The RTP of 96% makes nan crippled absorbing capable to try. So, why wait? Give nan crippled a rotation for free now.

Chicken Gems by Light & Wonder

Big payouts are hatching down connected nan workplace successful Light & Wonder’s biggest caller slot, Chicken Gems. Hatch expanding wilds aliases trigger nan stepping chaotic eggs for an added bonus!

Chicken Gems slot reels by Light and Wonder

There are immoderate prize aureate eggs being laid successful nan newest crippled from nan Light & Wonder coop: Chicken Gems. Though nan slot’s RTP comes conscionable nether 96%, location are still 1 aliases 2 prize payouts that make nan crippled worthwhile.

Chicken Gems is simply a five-reel slot group connected a accepted American farm. A rooster stands defender by nan reels arsenic nan clutch of tiny hens, led by Rosina, waits for nan presence of different egg.

The stepping chaotic ovum is nan prima of nan show here. At random, an ovum will grow connected reel 1, past move correct 1 reel connected each consequent spin. The chaotic keeps moving until it reaches nan extremity of nan crippled area and disappears.

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You trigger Rosina’s King Egg prize erstwhile you onshore a typical ovum connected reel three. The ovum opens to uncover astatine slightest 1 random multiplier. This is applied to your stake erstwhile nan characteristic ends.

There are nary free spins bonuses successful Chicken Gems, but overmuch of nan joyousness comes from triggering nan stepping wild. Couple that pinch tons of stacked gems and you person nan making of different bully small Light & Wonder slot. Give nan crippled a rotation for free and spot what you think.

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!