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Slot news - EveryMatrix’s subsidiary slot developer Armadillo Studios has taken players down nan rabbit spread for a travel to Wonderland successful its latest slot title, Alice’s Mad Fortune


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Alice successful Wonderland


Alice’s Mad Fortune is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 10-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x50,100 nan player’s wager. 




94, 96 per cent


Low worth symbols are depicted by playing paper guards pinch suits of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. If nan correct number of winning combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.25 and x10 nan player’s bet. 

Meanwhile, dodo birds, mice, dogs and hawks picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.5 and x500 nan player’s chosen stake. 

Golden playing paper guards are disposable connected reels two, 3 and four, triggering nan prize crippled mode if 3 onshore connected nan aforesaid spin. 

Cheshire feline symbols tin besides look connected reels two, 3 and four, moving arsenic a chaotic awesome that substitutes for each symbols successful nan crippled different than nan prize scatter. 

These cheshire cats will besides coming a multiplier of either x2 aliases x3 that will beryllium applied to immoderate wins that it contributes to. 

Mad Hatters and caterpillar prize symbols tin onshore connected reels 3 and four, moving arsenic some chaotic and prize scatter symbols. If 1 of these look alongside 2 playing paper prize scatters, nan prize crippled will beryllium activated. 

Mad Hatters, caterpillars and cheshire feline symbols will each beryllium collected into meters erstwhile they driblet into play, allowing them to go enhanced successful nan prize crippled mode if a definite number of symbols are collected earlier nan characteristic is triggered. 

Wild Alice symbols are disposable connected reels two, 3 and four, expanding to screen afloat reels each clip they driblet into play. 

Finally, achromatic rabbit symbols are disposable connected reels 2 and four, besides moving arsenic some chaotic symbols and scatter symbols. 


In nan prize crippled mode, players are fixed 3 spins to onshore arsenic galore symbols connected an quiet reel group arsenic possible. Each awesome that drops into play will reset nan number of spins to three. 

Each awesome that drops onto nan quiet committee becomes sticky for nan long of nan crippled mode, unless a characteristic causes it to beryllium removed. 

Playing paper prize symbols tin look connected nan reels, awarding multiplied stake magnitude prizes from x1 to x10 nan player’s wager. 

Cheshire feline symbols will grant betwixt x1 and x10 nan player’s bet, while randomly doubling 1 aliases much prize symbols’ values crossed nan board. 

If a golden cheshire feline awesome is available, owed to cheshire feline symbols being collected successful nan guidelines game, nan awesome will repetition its doubling characteristic each clip nan rotation antagonistic is reset by a caller awesome dropping into play. 

Mad Hatter symbols will grant betwixt x1 and x10 nan player’s bet, earlier accumulating nan prize values of each different awesome connected nan committee to adhd nan sum to its ain value. 

Gold Mad Hatters will besides execute this characteristic each clip nan spins antagonistic resets. 

Caterpillar symbols grant betwixt x1 and x10 nan chosen stake, while expanding each different prize values connected nan committee by a worth betwixt 1 and five. Gold caterpillars will repetition this characteristic each clip nan spins antagonistic resets erstwhile a caller awesome drops into play. 

While each characteristic pinch capable collected symbols successful nan guidelines crippled will go golden for nan prize crippled mode,, each clip a golden awesome repeats a feature, nan meters will alteration by a worth of one. 

Once these characteristic meters person been decreased down to zero, their respective characteristic symbols successful nan prize crippled will nary longer look arsenic gold, and will extremity repeating their features each clip nan spins antagonistic resets. 

When Alice drops into play during nan prize crippled mode, they will origin a antecedently utilized characteristic awesome to travel backmost to life and repetition their feature. These symbols will besides coming their ain worth betwixt x1 and x10. 

Meanwhile, achromatic rabbits coming a prize betwixt x1 and x10 while expanding nan number of respins by a worth of one. The respins antagonistic will past reset to this caller worth each clip a caller awesome drops into play. 

Two caller symbols tin look successful this prize game, pinch Queen of Heart symbols awarding betwixt x1 and x10 earlier causing each playing paper symbols to vanish – without losing their prize values – to make abstraction for caller symbols to driblet into play. 

Mushroom symbols are besides available, adding an other statement to nan committee earlier awarding betwixt x1 and x10 nan player’s wager. 

The crippled mode will travel to an extremity erstwhile nan respins play retired pinch nary caller symbols dropping in, awarding nan subordinate nan full sum of each symbols coming connected nan reels, arsenic good arsenic immoderate playing paper symbols removed by nan Queen of Hearts. 


David Stoveld, COO of Armadillo Studios, explained: “We’re thrilled to respire caller life into nan enchanting world of Alice, a mysterious and enchanting communicative everyone is acquainted with. Alice’s Mad Fortune is much than conscionable a slot; it’s a travel into a whimsical wonderland we each adore but this clip pinch bigger imaginable rewards. 

“Packed pinch a wide scope of features and beloved characters, this slot genuinely lives up to its name, offering an escapade that captures nan principle of Wonderland successful each spin.” 

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