Best New Online Slots of the Week | March 22, 2024

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IGT, Hacksaw Gaming, and Blueprint Gaming are nan large developers successful our champion caller online slots of nan week for March 22, 2024. Test retired nan hottest online slot releases and play them for free!

We statesman our regular look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Cash Crew from Hacksaw Gaming. It’s a slick, crime-themed slot featuring chaotic multipliers worthy up to 25x.

Next, we’re joining everyone’s favourite ‘80s movie legends successful Blueprint’s caller The Goonies Megaways slot. Play up to 117,649 ways to triumph and bask typical modifiers and nan Cash Collect, aliases trigger 1 of 4 fixed jackpots.

Rabbit Fields is nan newest online slot from Just For The Win. Complete nan carrot meters and unleash wilds successful this breathtaking caller jackpot game.

We extremity our round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch IGT’s Money Mania Sphinx Fire. Trigger a fabulous instrumentality prize aliases beforehand done nan levels to triumph nan Jackpot Bonus!

Remember, you tin play each nan champion caller online slots of nan week correct present astatine Vegas Slots Online. What’s more, we person free-to-play versions for you to enjoy.

Cash Crew by Hacksaw Gaming

Win up to 10,000x liking successful Hacksaw Gaming’s caller Cash Crew online slot. Multiplier symbols summation nan rate values arsenic you play – tin you drawback ‘em all?

Cash Crew online slot Hacksaw Gaming - champion caller online slots of nan week March 22 2024

Hacksaw Gaming’s bank-robbery-themed Cash Crew slot is simply a high-volatility merchandise offering a big of chaotic multipliers and different prize features. While nan RTP sounds debased astatine conscionable complete 92%, location are capable bonuses to fulfill nan astir slots-weary gambler.

In Cash Crew, you travel a pack of equipped and vulnerable slope robbers trying to ace nan vault. Inside nan vault lies six free spins you trigger by landing 3 prize scatters successful immoderate position connected nan reels. In addition, you tin reactivate 2–6 free spins positive multipliers and rate prizes.

However, you tin break into nan high-security vault by landing 4 prize scatters instead. You triumph 9 free spins pinch this bonus, positive an enhanced chance of triggering rate and multiplier symbols.

You cod nan aforesaid rate symbols during nan guidelines crippled too. Cash symbols scope from 1x to 500x and are collected until a ‘Grab ‘em’ awesome appears. The full rate collected is past released to you.

Look retired excessively for chaotic multipliers that whitethorn heighten your rate payouts. Multipliers scope from 2x to 25x.

Cash Crew is nan cleanable measurement into our champion caller online slots of nan week, peculiarly if you’re a instrumentality of Hacksaw Gaming aliases edgy games from Nolimit City. Give nan crippled a rotation for free coming and spot what you think.

The Goonies Megaways by Blueprint Gaming

Hey, you guys! Join Mikey, Data, Chunk, and Sloth arsenic you title for wealth successful The Goonies Megaways from Blueprint Gaming. Collect One-Eyed Willie’s rate and gain existent wealth successful a slot packed pinch adventure.

The Goonies Megaways Blueprint Gaming - champion caller online slots of nan week March 22 2024

Goonies Never Die, and nan 1980s family favourite surely ne'er gets aged erstwhile slot developers are concerned. Blueprint Gaming continues its agelong contented of effective movie tie-ins pinch a nosy six-reel slot that utilizes BTG’s Megaways mechanic.

Though location are nary movie clips successful The Goonies Megaways, you tin still bask perfectly-rendered images of nan boys connected their wealth hunt. Wild doubloons look connected reels 2–6 and substitute for each regular symbols successful nan game.

Cash Collect symbols connected nan reels will unlock nan trail. You unlock caller crippled features each clip an icon position is lit up connected nan trail. You activate free spins erstwhile nan full way is lit.

Alternatively, you trigger free spins by landing 3 aliases much scatters anyplace successful view. It’s imaginable to activate 10 free spins pinch 1 Treasure Blitz Super Spin and a jackpot worthy 500x stake. In addition, Cash Collect symbols grant other free spins and multipliers during nan bonus.

It’s nan Treasure Blitz Super Spin that attracts successful The Goonies Megaways. It’s imaginable to trigger an further Super Spin aliases a multiplier if you cod nan correct symbols. You tin moreover rotation nan Fortune Wheel for a changeable astatine winning 1 of 4 fixed jackpots.

Whether you’re a instrumentality of nan Megaways mechanic aliases conscionable basking for ‘80s family movie action, The Goonies Megaways is for you. Give it a play for free today.   

Rabbit Fields by Just For The Win

Grab nan carrots and spell for chaotic scrolls successful Just For The Win’s newest escapade slot, Rabbit Fields. Trigger free spins aliases Super Free Spins and unlock a apical prize worthy 5000x.  

There are much free spins and multipliers to beryllium triggered successful JFTW’s newest online slot: Rabbit Fields. It’s a five-reel slot wherever you tin cod carrot symbols to juice up nan guidelines game. Complete nan carrot metre supra each reel and you unleash carrot wilds onto nan crippled area.

Rabbit Fields besides features not one, but 2 free spins bonuses. The regular free spins prize offers multipliers that summation by +1 aft each spin. Super Free Spins, meanwhile, includes an Upgrade Meter that offers multipliers worthy up to 5x. Plus, chaotic scrolls travel into play to further amended your payouts.

Finally, Rabbit Fields allows you to trigger a random Bonus pinch a 5000x jackpot up for grabs. Match 3 symbols to unleash nan Mini, Minor, Major, aliases Mega jackpot into your bankroll.

Ready to chow down connected immoderate veggies pinch nan rascally rabbits? Try Rabbit Fields now for free and spot what’s for dinner.   

Money Mania Sphinx Fire by IGT

We extremity our regular look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch IGT’s Money Mania Sphinx Fire. It’s an Egyptian-themed slot that boasts expanding wilds and a instrumentality bonus.  

Money Mania Sphinx Fire slot reels IGT - champion caller online slots of nan week March 22 2024

IGT person been quiet connected nan Egypt-themed slots beforehand for a while, which makes Money Mania Sphinx Fire each nan much welcome. It’s a five-reel slot featuring capable stacked wilds and jackpot bonuses to fulfill nan astir jaded Vegas slots fanatic.

Let’s commencement pinch nan chaotic symbols. Wilds tin toggle shape into expanding wilds to further heighten your wins.

The Wheel Bonus is nan existent prima of nan Money Mania Sphinx Fire slot, however. Hit 3 Wheel Bonus scatters to trigger nan feature. You triumph a multiplier aliases rate prize depending connected wherever nan instrumentality stops. It’s besides imaginable to triumph nan Jackpot Bonus if nan instrumentality stops successful nan correct place. The slot offers some fixed jackpots and progressives.

The Jackpot Bonus starts pinch 3 respins. You unlock rows by landing nan correct symbols. Plus, your respins reset to 3 and you support going. Unlock 8 rows and you person a changeable astatine winning nan Money Jackpot worthy up to $15,000.

There are truthful galore ways to triumph successful Money Mania Sphinx Fire, we almost forgot astir nan regular free spins bonus. Land 3 Pharaoh symbols and you trigger 10 free spins. It’s imaginable to retrigger free games up to 150 max.

Looking for immoderate high-variance IGT action that’s fresh for nan Pharaohs? Give Money Mania Sphinx Fire a rotation for free today.

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!