Best New Online Slots of the Week | March 15, 2024

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Pragmatic Play and ELK Studios return halfway shape successful our latest version of nan champion caller online slots of nan week. For March 15, 2024, we person gathered immoderate fantabulous slot releases pinch a cascading reels theme.

First, Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 is Pragmatic Play’s sequel to 1 of nan developer’s large myth-themed slots. As nan sanction suggests, you tin deed nan large clip pinch a 1000x apical multiplier.

Speaking of sequels, ELK Studios returns pinch nan 3rd instalment successful their Egypt-themed slot series, Tropicool 3. Match clusters of symbols to trigger wins, and unlock nan COOL Reel for large prize prizes.

Book of Mummy is Octavian Gaming’s return connected nan Egyptian-themed online slot. Unlock up to 3 rows arsenic you play much paylines and container much free spins.

We information up nan champion caller online slots of nan week for March 15, 2024, pinch Sin City. It’s a gangster-themed crippled pinch wilds and 5 prize rounds pinch a assortment of modifiers.

Remember, you tin play each these awesome caller online slots for free correct here. Just pat nan links to effort each crippled for free pinch nary consequence to your bankroll.

Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 by Pragmatic Play

Muster nan powerfulness of nan epic heroes successful Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 from Pragmatic Play. Trigger a max. multiplier worthy 1000x and activate free spins pinch accumulating multipliers.

Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 slot reels Pragmatic Play - champion caller online slots of nan week

Pragmatic Play continues its bully shape successful 2024 pinch a caller mythology-themed slot: Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000. On nan look of it, it’s virtually identical to nan celebrated Gates of Gatot Kaca, pinch 1 aliases 2 important differences.

Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 is loosely based connected nan mythic leader from Indian and Indonesian culture. A powerful fig successful Hindu myth, Gatot Kaca was reputed to person magical powers and often utilized them connected a assortment of demons.

Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 uses a tumbling reels mechanic to find payouts. You container rate prizes by landing clusters of matching symbols. It’s imaginable to deed nan jackpot by matching 12–30 identical symbols successful a azygous cluster.

Random gem multipliers tin besides beryllium applied to winning tumbles. It’s imaginable to triumph a multiplier worthy anyplace from 2x to 1000x. That 1000x is higher than nan maximum 500x that you’ll find successful nan original Gates of Gatot Kaca game.

You tin besides trigger 15 free spins successful Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 by landing 4 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. Prize multipliers accumulate during nan characteristic and salary retired erstwhile nan prize information ends.

Though Gates of Gatot Kaca 1000 is highly volatile, you tin still bask an RTP of 96.50% erstwhile you play. Give it a rotation coming and comparison this breathtaking caller slot pinch Pragmatic Play’s erstwhile myth-themed games.

Tropicool 3 by ELK Studios

Tropicool 3 is nan newest Egypt-themed slot from ELK Studios. Play up to 46,656 ways to triumph and trigger nan COOL Reels for prize modifiers.  

Tropicool 3 slot reels ELK Studios - champion caller online slots of nan week

We proceed our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week for March 15, 2024 pinch different sequel. Tropicool 3 follows successful nan footsteps of ELK Studios’ Tropicool and Tropicool 2. Both games upped nan ante erstwhile it came to crippled modifiers and prize multipliers.

While Tropicool offers 10000x jackpots and avalanche reels, nan caller Tropicool 3 adds to nan excitement pinch a cool reel and a 2.5m-coin jackpot. You tin besides triumph up to 15 free drops successful nan prize round.

Let’s commencement pinch nan Avalanche feature: each winning symbols detonate and are replaced by a characteristic driblet from nan COOL Reel. The reel whitethorn activate a statement switch aliases driblet multipliers and mystery-paying symbols onto nan main crippled area. There are besides locked wilds contained wrong nan COOL Reel.

Look retired for nan golden Elmo symbol. When it appears and walks to nan far-left of nan screen, it activates a complete driblet of each modifiers contained successful nan COOL Reel.

As pinch erstwhile incarnations of nan Tropicool slot, nan brand-new online crippled features a prize game. You person up to 15 free drops erstwhile you onshore 3 aliases much prize symbols connected nan reels simultaneously.

The triumph multiplier is sticky and remains successful spot for nan long of nan prize round. You tin besides triumph other free drops during nan feature.

Tropicool 3 is nan cleanable slot for anyone looking for immoderate further prize nosy aft nan thrills of Tropicool and Tropicool 2. Why not effort it for free present astatine VegasSlotsOnline?

Book of Mummy by Octavian Gaming

We proceed our Egypt vibe adjacent pinch Book of Mummy from Octavian Gaming. Unlock nan rows to create much paylines, and onshore mummy symbols to trigger chaotic multipliers.  

Book of Mummy slot reels Octavian Gaming

You want much cascades successful your champion caller online slots of nan week? Well, you’ve sewage them successful Book of Mummy from Octavian Gaming. Part of nan ‘Dream Set’ of slots that besides contains Circus, Royal Fruits, and Tarzan, Book of Mummy uses chaotic multipliers and expanding reels to tie players in.

Book of Mummy starts life connected a 3×5 reel set-up, pinch 3 much rows blocked above. Though you statesman pinch 25 first triumph lines, it’s imaginable to unlock nan blocked rows and create up to 70 paylines successful total.

You unlock rows erstwhile you activate nan Book bonus. Following an description , symbols whitethorn beryllium replaced randomly pinch wilds. In addition, wilds themselves tin move into multipliers worthy up to 5x. It’s imaginable to harvester much than 1 chaotic successful a azygous payout.  

The Book of Mummy slot boasts a free spins prize arsenic well. You statesman nan characteristic pinch 5 free games and play them connected a 5×5 reel layout. Look retired excessively for prize modifiers, including other free spins and a Collect awesome that gathers each golden scarabs and pays them retired astatine nan aforesaid time.

Big wins travel successful Book of Mummy by landing random wilds and multipliers. Expanding nan reels tin beryllium a small much volatile, but our free-play type will springiness you a bully thought of what’s required. Play nan slot for free coming and spot what you think.

Sin City by Tada Gaming

Walk pinch nan gangsters and spell gunning for large prizes and multipliers successful Sin City from Tada Gaming. Trigger free spins aliases 1 of 5 in-game prize features for a bumper payday.  

Sin City slot reels Tada Gaming - champion caller online slots of nan week

Tada Gaming’s fantabulous caller slots output continues successful March 2024 pinch Sin City. Like BetSoft’s fantabulous After Night Falls slot, Sin City goes for a 3D vibe.

The Tada Gaming schematic designers person burned nan midnight lipid creating immoderate of nan sweetest characteristic graphics we’ve seen this year. And astatine nan halfway is simply a Sin City hoodlum who’s sewage his Tommy weapon cocked and ready.

The prize building is nan existent victor successful Sin City. You trigger 1 respin by landing 2 scatters during nan guidelines game. You’ll besides activate 1–3 random bonuses.

Mini-bonuses are mini but attractive: Bonus 1, for example, unlocks winning symbols some left-to-right and right-to-left. The enigma symbol, meanwhile, transforms random icons.

We emotion Bonus 3: nan Mega Wild that tin measurement up to 4×4 anyplace connected nan reels. The item is Bonus 5, however: multiply your statement wins up to 10x during nan feature. Remember that you tin besides trigger aggregate bonuses astatine nan aforesaid time.

Bonus modifiers besides travel into play during nan free spins round. You tin trigger 6–15 free games erstwhile you onshore 3 aliases much scatters anyplace successful view.

Ready to locomotion connected nan chaotic broadside and play Sin City for free? Give it a rotation astatine Vegas Slots Online now.

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!