Top 7 TV-Themed Slots 2023

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If you’re a instrumentality of TV shows, past you decidedly cognize Dr Who, and conjecture what, it’s officially been moving for 60 years this weekend.

We’re present to thief you observe nan longest-running sci-fi bid pinch a action of our favourite TV-themed slots. From Narcos supplier lords to Central Perk and execution investigations, we’ve practically covered each genres.

The champion part? They’re each disposable to play for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

1. Top Cat by Blueprint Gaming

Join nan pack from nan 60s erstwhile you play crossed nan 20 paylines of nan Top Cat online slot by Blueprint Gaming.

Make your measurement to New York and subordinate nan pack of felines successful their get-rich-quick schemes connected nan Top Cat online slot. The crippled comes pinch a catchy soundtrack and agleam colors. You’ll spot nan protagonist felines bringing nan taxable of nan crippled live arsenic nan higher-paying symbols.

Top Cat whitethorn jump retired of nan garbage tin to nan correct of nan grid astatine immoderate constituent during nan guidelines game. When this happens, you’ll get nan Call aliases Nothing feature, which triggers 1 of 5 modifiers. The first is nan Choo’s Piano Wilds. Watch Choo locomotion to nan mediate of nan reels. Brain swings successful pinch a statement and saves Choo earlier nan Piano drops connected his head. Watch nan wilds return nan positions of nan drama bump’s stars.

Brain appears adjacent to a occurrence hydrant during nan Brain’s Water Wilds feature. He uses his wrench to sprout h2o from each hydrant to driblet wilds connected each reel, perchance filling full reels. During nan Spook’s Mice arsenic Nice, Top Cat appears from nan trash to rustle his whistle. Mice drawback clasp of nan symbols and operation them up to create winning combinations. This repeats until Office Dibble appears and stops nan round.

Finally, nan Benny’s Colossal TVs, which is erstwhile Benny presses nan fastener connected his distant and makes a Colossal TV appear. This happens respective times until Benny presses his distant again, causing nan TVs to uncover nan aforesaid enigma symbol.

The nosy connected nan Top Cat slot doesn’t extremity there. Activate nan prize information and summation entree to 1 of nan 5 prize rounds. Free spins, wilds, instant prizes, stickers, heists, nan sneaky hustles are endless.

Join nan pack and spot for yourself erstwhile you play nan Top Cat slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

2. Narcos by NetEnt

Spin nan reels pinch nan Colombian cartel and 243 ways to triumph pinch NetEnt’s Narcos online slot.

Take a locomotion connected nan acheronian broadside arsenic you subordinate nan constabulary agents connected their ngo to seizure Pablo Escobar and his wicked squad connected nan Narcos slot machine.

Your first limb is nan wild, which substitutes for each symbols isolated from nan scatter and nan Locked Up symbol. When forming portion of a win, wilds drawback occurrence and move into Walking Wilds. They displacement 1 position to nan near pinch each rotation until they autumn disconnected nan reels.

Keep an oculus retired for nan greenish car arsenic this shoots high-value symbols into wilds arsenic nan Drive-By Feature. When? At random during nan guidelines game, of course.

Finally, nan prima of nan show. Capture nan narco lord himself by landing 3 aliases much Locked Up symbols. Lock Pablo Escobar up and watch nan triggering symbols beryllium pushed together earlier being allocated a random prize of betwixt 1x and 10x your bet. Land much Locked Up symbols and link them to nan older ones for an moreover bigger reward.

What makes this information moreover much absorbing is nan Golden Locked Up Symbol, which comes successful nan shape of a aureate suitcase. Unlock it to uncover 2x aliases 3x multipliers, upgrade awesome features, aliases an further worth to adhd connected to nan symbol’s original value.

Finally, nan free spins round. Enjoy 10 free games connected nan Narcos slot erstwhile landing scatters. The Drive-By characteristic happens much often present to springiness you further chances of receiving a reward.

Grab your stock of nan action erstwhile you play nan Narcos slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

3. Who Wants to beryllium a Millionaire Megaways by Big Time Gaming

Win up to 70,000x your liking erstwhile playing nan Who Wants to beryllium a Millionaire Megaways slot by Big Time Gaming.

Feel nan suspense arsenic you return a chance connected nan Who Wants to beryllium a Millionaire Megaways slot machine. This Big Time Gaming creation has up to 117,649 ways to triumph that beryllium successful nan mediate of nan crippled stage.

Each triumph you execute results successful a reaction, which is erstwhile winning symbols vanish to make room for caller ones to autumn from nan other reel above, perchance resulting successful a 2nd win. This continues until location are nary much winning combinations.

Then there’s nan scatter symbol, 3 of which will return you to nan Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble pinch 8 free spins connected nan Who Wants to beryllium a Millionaire Megaways slot, wherever you tin bet for a chance to person up to 50 free spins.

The Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble consists of a ladder and A, B, C, and D arsenic answers. Guess correctly to move up nan prize ladder. An incorrect conjecture whitethorn consequence successful nan nonaccomplishment of your free spins. Rung 2 and 7 are information nets, meaning you won’t suffer your spins if you reply incorrectly.

Just for illustration successful nan real-life gameshow, you’ll person lifelines. These see a 50:50, wherever 2 answers are removed, a Phone a Friend, which is erstwhile nan astir apt reply is revealed, and nan Ask nan Audience, wherever each reply likelihood are revealed.

If you don’t wish to bet your free spins, you tin take to locomotion distant pinch your prize and play nan free spins. In either case, you’ll play nan information pinch an unlimited triumph multiplier that increases by 1 aliases much pinch each reaction.

Are you fresh to return a seat? Then play nan Who Wants to beryllium a Millionaire Megaways slot online and play for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

4. Downton Abbey by Skywind Group

Join nan British Aristocrats arsenic you play crossed 40 paylines connected nan Downton Abbey online slot by Skywind Group.

Take a measurement backmost to Victorian England arsenic you bask nan position of nan palace down nan Downton Abbey slot machine. The crippled features salient and acquainted characters from nan Crawley family. The inheritance euphony and sound effects support you engaged arsenic nan communicative unravels.

You’ll announcement that nan crippled has an Upstairs and a Downstairs grid. You’ll commencement playing connected nan Downstairs grid (Game 1), only activating Upstairs (Game 2) erstwhile landing a doorbell successful nan activation area connected reel 3. This increases your ways to triumph to 243.

Next, there’s nan Call To Service feature, which triggers erstwhile a doorbell lands anyplace connected reel 3 successful Game 1. You’ll person betwixt 1 and 10 other Downton Abbey wilds connected your grid for higher chances of winning.

Become a prima erstwhile attending nan Downton Village Flower Show, which you’ll get to erstwhile collected 5 scattered reddish roseate foreground. You’ll beryllium fixed 30 prime symbols to take from. Each prime could springiness you a prize of betwixt 100x and 750x your bet, a trophy (with a jackpot prize of up to 5,000x your bet), Duty Calls free spins, Reels of Wealth, aliases Manor connected nan Move features.

The Duty Calls free spins, which you tin besides get to by collecting scatters, comes pinch nan Call To Service characteristic ever active. The Reels of Wealth awards you pinch free spins pinch stacked symbols. The Manor connected nan Move characteristic is nan 3rd free spins crippled and comes pinch sticky wilds and roaming sticky wilds.

Enter nan world of nan Downton Abbey slot erstwhile you play it for free astatine VSO!

5. Friends by WMS

Relive scenes from nan much-loved TV show from nan 90’s, Friends, arsenic you play this WMS slot machine.

Head connected down to Central Perk and bask a fewer rounds connected nan Friends online slot, a WMS creation based connected nan TV show that dominated screens for 10 years. Enjoy iconic scenes from nan shows arsenic you rotation for wins arsenic precocious arsenic 4,000 coins, which you’ll get erstwhile landing Jackpot Wilds.

Keep an oculus retired for nan Mystery Stacks Feature arsenic this drops a group of matching symbols astatine nan extremity of nan rotation for accrued chances of winning. You’ll get this successful some nan guidelines crippled and nan free spins round.

Collect 3 afloat stacks of Wheel Bonus symbols to activate nan Wheel Bonus Feature, wherever you’ll get 1 rotation to spot whether you’ve won a rate reward aliases 1 of nan 4 prize rounds.

The first prize information is nan Thanksgiving Bonus, wherever you’ll bask 10 free spins pinch a 3x multiplier. Then there’s nan Wedding Bonus, wherever you’ll person 10 free spins pinch a persisting wild, meaning wilds that driblet stay connected nan surface till nan extremity of nan round.

The 3rd prize information is nan Party Bonus. Here, you’ll bask 11 free spins pinch stepping wilds that grow to screen 1 aliases 2 reels. The last prize is nan Bamboozled Bonus. Pick from nan 20 cards to uncover 1 of 5 cards. Match 2 aliases 3 aforesaid cards to person a rate aliases jackpot reward.

Play your portion successful nan TV bid erstwhile you play nan Friends slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

6. CSI: Miami by MGA Games

Solve crimes arsenic you subordinate nan squad of CSI: Miami erstwhile you play this slot instrumentality by MGA Games.

Join David Caruso and Emily Procter arsenic you rotation nan reels of nan CSI: Miami online slot. This MGA creation comes pinch 2 games: nan little one, and nan precocious one, which is hosted by David Caruso and Adam Rodriguez. You’ll get to nan second by collecting points from winning combinations. The crippled comes pinch a fitting soundtrack that makes you consciousness for illustration you’re successful 1 of nan episodes.

The first of nan game’s features is nan nudge, which gives you nan chance to move nan reels guardant for a 2nd chance astatine achieving a payline. You tin either take which reels to move aliases group nan crippled to Auto. The second allows nan crippled to determine which reel is amended for you to nudge. You tin moreover clasp 2 reels for a definite spin.

Unlock grounds to get to nan CSI: Miami mini games. The first is nan Crime Bonus Game, wherever you’ll get to tie a prize. Then there’s nan Evidence Counter, which prompts you to find nan adjacent portion of grounds to summation entree to nan adjacent mini game.

The Evidence Bonus Game asks you to prime clues wrong a crime segment for a prize. The Fingerprint Bonus Game shows you nan fingerprint of your fishy and rewards you pinch a prize draw.

The Laboratory Bonus Game unlocks prizes by action whereas nan Arrest Bonus Game asks you to prime nan blameworthy fishy for a reward.

Are you fresh to lick murders and different heinous crimes? Then play nan CSI: Miami slot for free astatine VSO!

7. Game of Thrones by Microgaming

Win up to 121,000 coins successful Microgaming’s Game of Thrones slot machine.

Nine families, 1 land, 1 slot machine. Microgaming has done a awesome occupation turning this celebrated TV bid into an online slot. The soundtrack unsocial takes you connected a travel done nan feuds of this imagination series. The graphics are tamed to suit nan theme, pinch nan higher-paying symbols being emblems of nan Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen houses.

The first limb of nan Game of Thrones slot instrumentality is nan wild. This comes successful stacks to summation your chances of completing 1 of nan 243 paylines nan 5×3 grid carries.

Land 3 aliases much scatters anyplace connected nan reels to person a prime of 4 free spins round. Pick your family emblem and bask up to 18 free spins pinch a multiplier of up to 5x. The free spins information besides springiness you a group number of stacked location symbols to return you done nan bonus.

Who will summation power complete nan onshore of Westeros? Find retired coming erstwhile you play nan Game of Thrones slot instrumentality for free astatine VSO!

These are conscionable a fewer of nan TV-themed slots we person astatine VegasSlotsOnline. There are loads of others for you to cheque out. Head complete to our free slots conception coming and effort arsenic galore arsenic you for illustration without spending a dime!

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