Top 20 Best New Online Slots 2023: Part Two

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We’ve fixed you nan first portion of nan apical 20 champion caller online slots for 2023, and though those slots were beautiful hot, now’s erstwhile things commencement getting really juicy. Join america arsenic we count down from 10 to 1 to spot which online slots were nan astir celebrated among online casino players astir nan world. Why not springiness them a rotation for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline?

10. Sweet Alchemy 2 by Play’n GO

Part 2 of our countdown starts pinch nan Sweet Alchemy 2 online slot, a sequel to nan Play’n GO favourite that comes pinch cluster pays.

Eat done nan cocoa barroom of nan Sweet Alchemy 2 online slot arsenic you bask nan magical tune that comes pinch nan game. This first Play’n GO introduction successful our apical 10, sits connected a magical Candyland filled pinch lollipops, candy rivers, and a candy castle. The game’s protagonist stands to nan correct of nan grid, uttering encouraging phrases arsenic you spell along.

The Sweet Alchemy 2 slot starts disconnected pinch a 6×6 grid surrounded by cocoa blocks. Form winning clusters and destruct nan blocks adjacent to winning symbols, frankincense creating a bigger abstraction for perchance bigger wins. The artifact resets to its original size astatine nan extremity of nan crippled round.

Keep an oculus retired for nan sugary wilds, location not only to thief you shape winning clusters, but besides to execute a task. The Gobstopper Wild comes pinch up to 5 lives, meaning it remains connected nan reels moreover aft nan first spin. Then you’ve sewage nan Striped Wild, which removes its corresponding statement and file erstwhile forming portion of a winning cluster.

Destroy each nan cocoa blocks to person 4 free spins connected nan Sweet Alchemy 2 slot. Here, you’ll spot 2×2 mega symbols that tin summation arsenic you spell along. You tin person up to a full of 12 free spins erstwhile playing nan prize round.

Collect nan required symbols during nan free spins information to bask nan Sweet Alchemy 2 slot’s prize game. Spin nan instrumentality and onshore connected prize-winning segments to summation your prize multiplier to up to 25x.

Satisfy your sugary craving erstwhile you play nan Sweet Alchemy 2 slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

9. Candy Glyph by QuickSpin

Grab yourself a stock of spicy candy arsenic you rotation to triumph up to 13,000x connected nan Candy Glyph online slot by QuickSpin.

Spice up your sugary cravings pinch nan Candy Glyph slot machine, a sweet-themed crippled pinch a Mexican touch. You’ll spot cacti and colorful banners successful nan inheritance arsenic you rotation nan 7 reels to a emblematic Mexican tune. Collect clusters of 5 aliases much matching pieces of candy to person a prize.

Every triumph you execute connected nan Candy Glyph online slot results successful a tumble. This intends that winning symbols time off nan reels to make room for caller ones to fall, perchance resulting successful a caller cluster forming. This continues until location are nary much matching clusters, astatine which constituent you’ll person your full prize.

The aureate packet pinch nan W connected it is nan basal wild. This substitutes for each regular symbols to complete aliases heighten winning clusters.

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I opportunity ‘basic’ because location are different wilds wrong nan Candy Glyph slot, starting from nan Power Wild. This spawns wrong a winning cluster during each turn. If it forms portion of a win, it activates a Power-Up feature.

The Bonbon Bomb Power-Up removes each precocious and debased triumph symbols successful its statement and column. The Lollipop Rocket Power-Up removes a randomly chosen debased awesome type. The Bouncy Bean Power-Up spawns betwixt 4 and 10 wilds connected random positions.

Then there’s nan free spins bonus, which you’ll get erstwhile landing nan Free Spins Bonus Power-Up. Enjoy 9 free spins connected nan Candy Glyph slot wherever you’ll person 3 other spins erstwhile reactivating nan bonus.

The free spins prize comes pinch nan Pinata Glyph Wild, which substitutes arsenic a wild. This awesome multiplies immoderate triumph it forms portion of by its corresponding multiplier. It starts astatine 1 and increases by +1 for each tumble it’s progressive in. The Pinata Glyph Wild moves to a random position during each free spin.

Start dancing to nan mariachi tune erstwhile you play nan Candy Glyph slot for free astatine VSO!

8. Monsters Unchained by Red Tiger Gaming

Dropping successful astatine number 8, nan Monsters Unchained slot is our 2nd Red Tiger Gaming introduction successful nan apical 20, a crippled pinch wins of up to 10,500x your stake.

Travel done nan acheronian chambers of nan Monsters Unchained slot machine, a Red Tiger Gaming creation pinch a scary theme. The crippled sits successful a acheronian dungeon and comes pinch a spooky tune that will nonstop shivers down your spine. You’ll perceive nan occurrence torches blazing successful nan inheritance arsenic you rotation nan 5 reels nan crippled comes with.

You’ll spot nan 3 monsters of nan crippled chained to nan reel connected nan near of nan grid. You’ll break these chains by landing Chain Breaker scatters. Each clip you onshore one, a concatenation of nan respective monster breaks, filling nan advancement barroom by 1 bar. The monsters uncover their powers connected nan tenth spin, nan strength of which depends connected nan level of nan advancement bar.

The reddish Chain Breaker scatter breaks nan Minotaur’s chains. This monster’s powerfulness is to grow nan reels to 5×4, 5×5, aliases 5×6. This turns nan original 243 ways to triumph to 1,024, 3,125, aliases 15,625.

Medusa’s advancement barroom triggers pinch nan greenish Chain Breaker scatter. When activated, Medusa adds betwixt 2 and 7 wilds successful random positions connected reels 2, 3, and 4.

You’ll capable Cerberus’ advancement barroom erstwhile landing bluish Chain Breaker scatters. Triggering his powers rewards you pinch a multiplier of up to 7x.

Finally, you’ve sewage nan Monster Spins, which you’ll person erstwhile landing 3 Monster Spin scatters connected reels 1, 3, and 5. Here, you’ll bask nan results of surgery chains instantly and will proceed to trigger astatine nan corresponding strength for nan long of nan free spins round. You’ll person further free spins erstwhile breaking each 3 chains of each 3 monsters.

Unleash nan magic erstwhile you play nan Monsters Unchained slot for free astatine VSO!

7. Drop ‘Em by Hacksaw Gaming

Jump up and down for a chance to triumph up to 10,000x your liking connected Hacksaw Gaming’s Drop ‘Em slot machine.

Go connected a bouncy escapade arsenic you threat your fingers to nan hit of nan Drop ‘Em online slot. This summation to nan Hacksaw Gaming bid features a Canny nan yellowish cylinder man and Mona nan achromatic rodent who creation to nan groove successful nan mediate of nan woods. Spin nan 5 reels and complete 1 of nan 7,776 paylines to triumph a prize.

The first characteristic present is nan Drop Symbol that comes successful nan style of a yellowish arrow pointing downwards. When this falls successful position of a winning combination, it triggers a cascade, removing each winning symbols and replacing them pinch caller ones. This gives you nan chance to complete a 2nd win, successful which lawsuit nan characteristic repeats.

Land 3 free spins scatters to trigger nan Drop Spins Bonus, wherever you’ll commencement disconnected pinch 10 free spins connected nan Drop ‘Em slot. Land nan free spins scatter during this information to uncover further free spins and a imaginable upgrade. The second removes up to 10 symbols from nan Drop mechanic excavation to summation your chances of completing a payline.

Four free rotation scatters return you to nan High Drop Spins Bonus, which is wherever you’ll person 10 free spins. You’ll play this information successful nan aforesaid measurement arsenic nan regular Drop Spins Bonus, nan quality being that you’ll only play pinch high-paying symbols.

Five free spins scatters return you to nan Wild Drop Spins Bonus, wherever you’ll besides person 10 free spins. This time, nan prize comes exclusively pinch Wild Drop Symbols, meaning only wilds tin capable nan quiet spaces.

Begin dropping and winning erstwhile you play nan Drop ‘Em slot for free coming astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

6. Sticky Bees by Pragmatic Play

Find your measurement to nan chromatic jar pinch Pragmatic Play’s Sticky Bees slot instrumentality for a chance to triumph up to 10,000x your bet.

Dive heavy into nan jungle and return nan Sticky Bees online slot for a spin. This seven-reel crippled comes pinch a fruit-meets-nature theme. The grid sits successful a reservoir that sits successful nan mediate of a magical forest. You’ll perceive drums and different engaging instruments successful nan background.

Each triumph you execute connected nan Sticky Bees slot results successful a tumble. Winning symbols are removed and caller ones autumn into nan quiet spaces, frankincense giving you a chance to shape a 2nd win. This characteristic repeats until location are nary much winning combinations, astatine which constituent your afloat prize will beryllium paid out.

You’ll announcement betwixt 12 and 19 marked positions astatine nan commencement of each spin. When a Super Wild awesome (represented by a aureate bee) hits 1 of these positions successful nan main rotation aliases during a tumble, it activates nan position, on pinch betwixt 2 and 6 more. This intends that immoderate awesome connected it turns wild, frankincense expanding your chances of completing a payline. This remains progressive until nan extremity of nan tumble.

Hit 4 prize scatters to person 7 free spins and 1 other rotation for each scatter aft that. The marked positions summation to betwixt 16 and 19 for nan long of this feature. You’ll beryllium guaranteed 1, 2, aliases 3 Super Wilds successful marked positions during each free spin, activating their positions until nan extremity of nan free spins round.

Go chaotic and activate Super Wilds erstwhile you play nan Sticky Bees slot for free astatine VSO!

5. Devour nan Weak by Yggdrasil Gaming

Win up to 1,000,000 coins erstwhile playing nan Devour nan Weak online slot, our 2nd Yggdrasil Gaming entry.

Take a locomotion connected nan acheronian broadside arsenic you rotation nan 5 reels of nan Devour nan Weak online slot. This horror-themed crippled takes you into nan underworld and introduces you to nan demon slaves of nan acheronian lord. From aggravated graphics to an adrenaline-jerking soundtrack, nan crippled makes you want to shriek for help.

Complete a winning payline by aligning matching symbols connected consecutive reels earlier watching them beryllium destroyed and removed from nan reels. New symbols autumn of adjacent aliases lesser worth into nan quiet spaces, giving you a chance to complete a 2nd win. This repeats until location are nary much winning combinations, which is erstwhile you’ll person your full prize.

Each tumble triggers nan triumph multiplier to nan near of nan screen. This starts astatine 1x and goes each nan measurement up to 666x.

Symbols pinch a purple shot of occurrence astatine nan apical are Hexed Symbols. When destroyed arsenic portion of a tumble, these symbols move into wilds for moreover bigger chances to win.

Collect 6 Hexed Symbols to person 10 free spins connected nan Devour nan Weak slot. Here, Hexed Symbols that onshore connected nan 3 mediate reels move into wilds upon landing. Special symbols landing connected nan 5th reel summation your free rotation count by 1.

The Devour nan Weak slot besides has a Golden Bet characteristic and a Buy Bonus button. Both summation your chances of getting into nan free spins round.

Discover nan acheronian world of nan crippled erstwhile you play nan Devour nan Weak slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

4. Dark Summoning by Hacksaw Gaming

Experience nan Dark Summoning online slot by Hacksaw Gaming for a chance to triumph complete 10,000x your stake.

Listen to nan calling of nan Dark Summoning slot instrumentality and immerse yourself successful nan aggravated graphics and soundtrack nan crippled comes with. You’ll spot demons connected either broadside of nan 5×6 grid arsenic you clasp nan acheronian and rotation complete nan 24 fixed paylines.

You’ll trigger nan Super Cascade erstwhile completing a winning payline. What happens is that nan full awesome group matching nan winning operation is removed from nan reels. New symbols tin fall, perchance creating a 2nd triumph and retriggering nan Super Cascade.

Wild symbols autumn pinch a multiplier of betwixt 2x and 100x, which is applied to immoderate triumph they shape portion of. If much than 1 chaotic awesome forms portion of a winning combination, nan multiplier values are added together earlier being applied to your reward.

You’ve past sewage nan Will of nan Order feature, which you’ll activate erstwhile Order symbols drop. The triggering symbol, on pinch betwixt 1 and 9 different symbols, toggle shape into wilds for accrued chances of winning.

Next, nan Unholy Summoning. Unholy scatters cod successful nan top-right area of nan grid erstwhile falling successful position of a winning combination. If you stitchery 3 Unholy symbols during nan aforesaid spin, they are collected immediately, moreover if location is nary winning combination.

Three Unholy scatters trigger nan Trial By Hellfire Bonus feature, wherever you’ll person 10 free spins. Winning paylines time off down a Hellfire mark. Any Unholy scatter that lands successful those positions activates nan Fires of Hell sequence, which is wherever each symbols connected marked positions move into wilds pinch aliases without multipliers.

If an Order awesome is coming erstwhile 3 Unholy symbols driblet successful nan guidelines game, you’ll participate nan Rise To Salvation Bonus feature. Here, you’ll person 10 free spins wherever nan prize cascade is reversed, meaning nan symbols push up alternatively of dropping down. You’ll person Lost Soul symbols present that could either springiness you a Global Multiplier of up to 100x aliases a Cash Prize of up to 666x your bet.

Dare to research nan underworld erstwhile you play nan Dark Summoning slot for free astatine VSO!

3. Aussies VS Emus by Blue Guru Games

Coming successful astatine number three, we person a duel of nan Aussies VS Emus online slot, a Blue Guru Games creation that could nonstop you disconnected pinch complete 16,000x your stake.

It’s breathtaking times for nan farmers arsenic you rotation nan Aussies VS Emus online slot. This Australian-themed crippled offers fruit, vegetables, and a woody location that’s cleanable for emu-watching. Enjoy nan catchy tune arsenic you rotation for cluster wins of up to 49 symbols.

The first characteristic of our third-place slot is nan wild. You’ve sewage nan Aussie Wild and nan Golden Aussie Wild, which substitute for each symbols isolated from nan Dynamite and nan Mystery Boxes, frankincense expanding your chances of winning a prize.

You’ve past sewage nan Mystery Wheat symbol, which tin onshore anyplace during some nan guidelines crippled and nan free spins round. This reveals matching symbols astatine nan extremity of nan spin.

You’ll onshore an Aussie Wild aliases a Golden Aussie Wild pinch each rotation connected nan Aussies VS Emus slot. When an Emu awesome lands successful view, you’ll witnesser nan Emu Charge Feature, which is erstwhile nan emu creates a way to nan Aussie Wild aliases Golden Aussie Wild to onslaught it, leaving Mystery Wheat successful its route. When moving adjacent to Dynamite Mystery Boxes, nan boxes detonate and uncover enigma symbols earlier collecting successful nan barroom connected nan correct of nan grid.

Exploding 3 Dynamite Mystery Boxes wrong nan aforesaid crippled information rewards you pinch 8 free spins and an further 1 rotation for each different box. Every 3 boxes you detonate during this information removes 1 debased salary awesome from nan Mystery Wheat uncover and increases nan world multiplier by +1.  

When landing an Emu and a Golden Aussie Wild, you whitethorn trigger nan Instant Coins Feature, which is wherever you whitethorn spot coins pinch first prizes of betwixt 1x and 250x your stake, a Collector Symbol that collects each prizes, and a multiplier symbol, that tin multiply nan values of each coins pinch by 2x, 3x, 5x, aliases 10x.

Blue Guru Games Reaction

Following their apical 3 finish, VegasSlotsOnline News spoke to Lloyd Roberts, Head of Studio for Blue Guru Games.

“The squad is touched by nan nickname and gratitude. This twelvemonth has seen nan preamble of immoderate genuinely unthinkable slots, and it is rather fulfilling to beryllium held up beside them aft truthful overmuch effort from each involved.

Every task has its stock of difficulties, and Aussies vs. Emus was nary exception. It’s a unique, highly volatile mathematics model, truthful balancing nan acquisition for nan subordinate was a analyzable task for each involved. Overall, nan build was an exceptionally nosy experience, and connecting nan mechanics to nan communicative was a joy.

Several salient streamers person taken connected Aussies vs EMus, pinch respective mega wins on nan way. The taxable seems to person captivated many, and it has been entertaining to watch immoderate players realise that nan caller conception is based connected truth.

As is typically nan case, 2024 will spot an accent connected value supra quantity. We person a awesome mechanic and a communicative to show based connected 1 of nan astir fascinating races ever contested, conscionable successful clip for this year’s
Olympics. Of course, passim nan year, we’ll beryllium sharing fascinating narratives and engaging mechanics.“

2. Garagantoonz by Play’n GO

The slot that occupies nan number 2 spot connected our database is nan Gargantoonz online slot, different awesome summation to nan Play’n GO catalog.

Win up to 7,000x your liking erstwhile playing nan Gargantoonz online slot, an summation to nan Reactoonz bid by Play’n GO. The crippled comes pinch a tiny alien taxable that offers a fitting soundtrack that keeps you engaged. The colors are bright, and nan animations are interactive to thief you support your oculus connected nan prize.

When it comes to features, nan Gargantoonz slot leaves very small to beryllium desired. The first characteristic is nan Fluctuation, which is erstwhile a one-eyed awesome is chosen astatine random to up and down connected each round. If they win, 1 aliases 2 Quantum Wilds look wherever a awesome was removed.

Then there’s nan Discharge feature, which is erstwhile betwixt 4 and 8 Quantum Wilds whitethorn beryllium added to nan grid randomly connected immoderate non-winning round.

Winning cluster symbols are removed from nan reels and added to nan Experiment Charger. Once you’ve collected 20 symbols, an research is randomly selected to return spot astatine nan extremity of nan cascade feature. You tin person up to 3 experiments during nan aforesaid crippled round.

Unique wilds are added to nan grid astatine nan commencement of an experiment, triggering each existing wilds to move into nan aforesaid wild. Wilds move astir nan reels to cod their symbols earlier returning to nan Experiment Charger. You’ll overcharge it erstwhile collecting 40 further symbols, astatine which constituent nan Gargantoonz multiplier increases by +1.

The first research is nan Gamma Ray Burst, which is erstwhile betwixt 7 and 9 wilds are added to random positions connected nan grid. Then there’s nan Black Hole, wherever betwixt 4 and 6 wilds are added to nan grid. You’ll get betwixt 3 and 5 wilds pinch nan Supernova experiment.

Each successful research charges nan Gargantoon Charger, making nan Gargantoon evolve. It starts pinch a multiplier of 1x and increases up to 4x. Completing each 3 experiments successfully triggers nan Gargantoonz feature, which is wherever 8 1×1 Gargantoon wilds look connected nan grid and stay to merge moreover if they shape portion of a win. These merge into 2×2 Gargantoon wilds and later into 3×3 Gargantoon wilds.

Play’n GO Reaction

To congratulate them connected their runners-up spot, VegasSlotsOnline News spoke to Magnus Wallentin, Games Ambassador for Play’n GO.

“We’re very pleased to spot some Gargantoonz and Sweet Alchemy 2 recognised successful this way. At Play’n GO, we’re ever looking to build upon our favourite IPs pinch sequels, and it’s nary astonishment that some of these successful games are description s of already existing stories. We judge that nan communicative of each crippled is arsenic important arsenic nan mechanics, and some Gargantoonz and Sweet Alchemy 2 are borne of engaging communicative arcs that players love. Both games besides connection awesome improvement successful position of gameplay.

in Gargantoonz, successful my sentiment we kept nan champion parts of nan “toonz-series”

In Sweet Alchemy 2, players get to acquisition nan crippled increasing successful size, wherever each triumph during a rotation increases nan imaginable of reaching nan prize round, wherever players tin genuinely triumph big, pinch an up to 25x multiplier. Meanwhile, successful Gargantoonz, successful my sentiment we kept nan champion parts of nan “toonz-series”, but we besides branched disconnected slightly, introducing caller crippled features that players won’t person seen before. The crippled revolves astir “wild” symbols, pinch players hoping to entree those unsocial features.“

1. Rabbit Garden by Pragmatic Play

We’ve made it each nan measurement to number one, and we’re proud to sanction nan Rabbit Garden slot instrumentality by Pragmatic Play nan champion caller online slot of 2023, an animal-themed crippled that could triumph you up to 10,000x your stake.

Find your measurement astir nan workplace arsenic you rotation nan 7 reels of nan Rabbit Garden online slot. The crippled comes pinch a catchy tune that keeps you engaged arsenic you play to cod clusters of 5 aliases much matching symbols.

Winning combinations vanish from nan reels to trigger nan tumble feature. New symbols driblet down nan reels to springiness you nan chance to execute a 2nd cluster. This continues until location are nary caller clusters, astatine which constituent you’ll person nan corporate prize.

Keep an oculus retired for nan Coin Collection symbols. These look randomly connected nan reels to reward you pinch a random money worth of betwixt 1x and 1,000x your liking each. You tin person 4, 6, 8, 10, aliases 12 coins during nan aforesaid spin. You’ll cod nan prize worth erstwhile landing them adjacent to a winning cluster.

Hit 4 aliases much scatter symbols to trigger nan Rabbit Garden slot’s free spins round. You’ll commencement disconnected pinch 5 spins, each 1 guaranteed to driblet Coin Collection symbols successful random positions. You’ll person 4 during nan first spin, 6 during nan second, etc.

Any winning operation you execute during this information is collected arsenic points successful nan meter. You’ll scope level 2 erstwhile collecting 30 points, on pinch a 2x multiplier that applies to each wins and Coins. Collect 45, 60, and 90 points during nan respective rounds to scope levels 3, 4, and 5, which travel pinch multipliers of 3x, 5x, and 10x respectively. Each caller level comes pinch a caller group of 5 free spins.

Pragmatic Play Reaction

VegasSlotsOnline News spoke to Pragmatic Play to congratulate them connected claiming nan apical spot successful our Top 20 Online Slots of 2023!

“We’re delighted to spot Rabbit Garden hit 3,500+ different caller games successful 2023 to leap into first spot connected this list, which besides saw Sticky Bees flying precocious successful sixth!

Kicking disconnected nan caller twelvemonth pinch nan likes of Blazing Wilds Megaways, Loki’s Riches, and Big Bass Floats My Boat

One of our apical springtime releases, Rabbit Garden hopped into action pinch a winning look of player-favourite features, including monolithic multipliers, tumble wins, and a coin postulation mechanic. We ever return clip to understand what players emotion astir our champion games truthful we tin build moreover bigger and amended gaming experiences.

Kicking disconnected nan caller twelvemonth pinch nan likes of Blazing Wilds Megaways, Loki’s Riches, and Big Bass Floats My Boat, Pragmatic Play is group to present much outstanding slots successful 2024.“

That’s All Folks!

From Light & Wonder’s Dynamite Frenzy slot successful position 20 to Pragmatic Play’s Rabbit Garden slot arsenic our number 1 slot machine, you’ve sewage nan apical 20 champion caller online slots successful 2023. Our astir played games are jam-packed pinch typical features, prize rounds, multipliers, and nan imaginable to triumph big.

That’s it from america for 2023; spot you each successful 2024 arsenic we support you up to day pinch nan latest games and trends successful nan online slot world.

If you want to effort your luck astatine an online casino for existent rate wins, cheque retired our real money casino page for our recommended picks.