Best New Online Slots of the Week | January 5, 2024

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We kickstart 2024 pinch a suitably caller postulation of nan champion caller online slots of nan week. And what amended measurement to commencement nan caller twelvemonth than pinch immoderate apical slots from nan likes of Pragmatic Play, Cayetano, and Ka Gaming?

First, up, Pragmatic Play goes consecutive into 2024 pinch an Asian-themed slot, Mahjong X. Hit free spins pinch a top-paying multiplier worthy 100x successful 1 of nan year’s champion games – and we’re only successful January!

Next, Finn returns successful NetEnt’s latest-candy-filled slot. Finn and nan Candy Spin is nan cleanable follow-up for lovers of each things Finn!

We spell for a elemental crippled adjacent pinch Ka Gaming’s Ghost Hunter. The sneaky ghouls tin replicate wilds and symbols successful nan crippled area for a fang-tastic slots adventure.

We extremity our postulation of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Tumble Dwarf Mystery Gold from Cayetano Gaming. Head retired to nan magician’s location to trigger stacked icons, enigma symbols, and free spins pinch multipliers.

Don’t forget: you tin trial retired each our champion caller online slots of nan week free correct here. Just click connected nan links beneath to play awesome free slots connected your PC aliases smartphone.  

Mahjong X by Pragmatic Play

Enjoy a nighttime connected nan tiles pinch Mahjong X from Pragmatic Play. It’s a slick caller Asian-themed slot that promises mean volatility and tons of free tumbles.  

Mahjong X slot reels by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play returns pinch a beautiful Oriental-themed slot for 2024. Mahjong X takes arsenic its inspiration nan classical tile crippled played successful casinos and Asian houses crossed nan world. The slot is medium-volatility and carries a maximum RTP of 96.6%.

Some of nan astir celebrated Mahjong symbols look successful nan game. You triumph by matching clusters of tiles, specified arsenic nan Red Dragon, connected nan reels. Mahjong X uses a tumble characteristic wherever each matching tiles are removed from nan screen. A free re-spin is retriggered pursuing nan tumble.

The greenish prize tile acts arsenic nan scatter. You trigger free spins by landing 4 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. In addition, you triumph 5 much spins by hitting 3 aliases much scatters erstwhile again.

Look retired for nan aureate vessel scatter. It only appears during free spins but will activate a multiplier worthy 2x to 100x erstwhile it lands. All bowls are added together erstwhile each tumbles person ended.   

Mahjong X excels successful nan graphics section arsenic pinch galore Pragmatic Play slots. The Mahjong tiles person a satisfying tactile value to them. We besides for illustration nan dragon who accompanies nan play arsenic you rotation nan reels.

Ready to deed nan reddish dragon for large wins? Play Mahjong X for free and kick-start nan champion caller online slots of nan week nan correct way.

Finn and nan Candy Spin by NetEnt

Finn is backmost successful NetEnt’s saccharine caller slot. Play Finn and nan Candy Spin pinch nan neat Swirly Spin modifier.  

Finn and nan Candy Spin slot reels by NetEnt

Finn and nan Candy Spin is nan newest NetEnt slot featuring everyone’s favourite Irish character. This time, Finn is bringing retired nan candies successful a full caller measurement for slots players.

The crippled is played connected a 5×5 area, but symbols move astir nan surface successful a spiral mobility alternatively of dropping into position. Matching symbols successful horizontal and vertical positions are removed from nan surface successful a classical tumble characteristic style. However, symbols move astir nan spiral to return up nan caller spaces.  

Wild symbols tin besides look during nan game. Random features tin besides trigger, specified arsenic nan Sugar Rush (2–5 wilds are applied to random positions), Yeti Destroy (1–19 random symbols are removed to origin a caller avalanche), and Pop Transform (all low-win symbols toggle shape into high-paying ones).

You triumph free spins successful a alternatively neat way. When a cardinal awesome appears, it is added to nan bottommost near space. The cardinal past moves astir nan surface pursuing each tumble. You trigger free spins erstwhile nan cardinal reaches nan halfway of nan screen.

There are 4 free spins bonuses to take from, each pinch its ain modifier. Bonus modifiers see Sugar Rush wins, sticky wilds, aliases a Pop Transform feature.

We’ve been fans of Finn since Finn’s Golden Tavern. There are conscionable arsenic galore modifiers to deed successful this caller slot, truthful get playing for free today.

Ghost Hunter by Ka Gaming

Ready to bust immoderate ghosts? Ka Gaming’s caller Ghost Hunter slot features capable chaotic ghouls to fulfill immoderate world-weary casino player.   

Ghost Hunter slot reels by Ka Gaming

Taking a ample dose of inspiration from Ghostbusters, Ka Gaming’s newest online slot is nan cleanable showcase for nan developer’s games. It’s accelerated to play, features elemental graphics and animation, and includes a no-nonsense main bonus.

The shade huntsman is connected nan lookout for ghouls, who present enactment arsenic chaotic symbols. In addition, nan shade tin onslaught random symbols to move them into other wilds. That’s a surefire measurement to summation your wide payouts.

3+ voodoo doll pictures trigger free spins erstwhile they onshore successful immoderate position. You triumph 8, 12, aliases 20 free spins by hitting nan correct number of scatters connected a azygous spin.

Also successful play is nan enigma awesome feature. Mystery symbols toggle shape into random icons (except scatters) erstwhile nan reels extremity spinning.

Ghost Hunter is simply a small debased connected volatility, pinch a ratio of 30/1 betwixt nan debased and precocious jackpots. But pinch 40 paylines, random wilds, and a generous free spins feature, there’s plentifulness to enjoy. Give Ghost Hunter a rotation for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline now.  

Tumble Dwarf Mystery Gold by Cayetano Gaming

Hit bountiful free spins and super-stacked symbols successful Cayetano’s newest release, Tumble Dwarf Mystery Gold. Win up to 20 free games successful this magical caller slot.   

We extremity our champion caller online slots of nan week round-up pinch much tumbling mayhem from Cayetano Gaming. Tumble Dwarf Mystery Gold is simply a five-reel online slot that features stacked symbols galore.

But nan regular symbols successful this magic-themed slot tin do thing rather special: connected immoderate spin, enigma symbols tin look to inhabit azygous reel positions aliases aggregate spots astatine once. Plus, each enigma awesome spins together to uncover nan aforesaid random symbol.

You trigger free spins pinch 3 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. The maximum number of free games is 20, positive nan Tumble Dwarf tin springiness distant other enigma symbols if he’s emotion generous. It’s besides imaginable to trigger further free spins if you onshore other magic potions.

Tumble Dwarf Mystery Gold only features 10 paylines. However, nan multitude of prize modifiers make nan crippled worthy checking retired for free today.

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