Best New Online Slots of the Week | January 26, 2024

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Slot news - Looking for much of nan champion caller online slots of nan week? We person nan biggest releases from Foxium, Bgaming, and Octoplay. Best of all, you tin play for free pinch zero consequence to your bankroll.

We footwear disconnected proceedings pinch Rome: Fight for Gold from Foxium. Battle for nan finest treasures of ancient Rome successful this slick five-reel slot from 1 of Europe’s astir breathtaking developers.

Bgaming returns pinch nan superb Lucky 8 Merge Up slot for 2024. Trigger free spins and onshore 2x multipliers successful 1 of nan sweetest cascading-reels slots of nan year.

Eternal Clash is nan newest, and best, fantasy-themed online slots for 2024. Cheer connected nan heroes arsenic they conflict it retired to spot who’s near standing. Outlast your force and container nan jackpot!

We extremity our regular look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest. Follow Thor’s favourite span defender and trigger K-CASH pinch copy symbols.

Don’t forget: you tin effort each these champion caller online slots of nan week wholly free correct here. Simply click connected nan links to play free slots successful your browser.  

Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe by Foxium

Win 20,000x arsenic you conflict nan soil and swords of nan Colosseum successful Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe. Only nan bravest gladiators tin return nan spoils: are you not entertained?

Talinn-based developer, Foxium, has been making a sanction for itself arsenic 1 of nan champion slots developers successful position of gameplay and audio-visual trickery.

The Estonian casino package patient releases Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe successful February, featuring 4 fixed jackpots.

In Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe, Foxium offers a prize information which you’ll trigger prize by adding coins into nan pots supra nan reels.

You statesman pinch 3 prize spins that reset if you onshore different prize symbol. In addition, you tin onshore coins, multipliers, and other spins to support nan action coming. Collect capable coins to person nan Mini, Major, aliases Grand Jackpot prize of 10x, 50x, and 20,000x respectively.

Also, look retired for nan coins that look connected reels 1–4 successful nan guidelines game. Once nan Collect icon appears, each coins are accumulated for a payout. You whitethorn besides onshore a multiplier worthy 1x–5x arsenic portion of nan feature.

Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe offers a unsocial slot experience, and of course, nan disposable hefty prizes adhd to nan fun. Give nan crippled a play for free coming and spot what you think.

We said to Nicole Hobart, Foxium’s Senior Business Development Manager, and she gave america her thoughts connected Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe:

“Rome: Fight for Gold Deluxe takes players backmost to nan legendary gladiator arena wherever they will bask an moreover much thrilling, rewarding and unforgettable experience! This epic sequel packs immoderate superior punches pinch mind-blowing graphics, superb gameplay and ultimate attraction to item into making each characteristic incredibly realistic. Featuring 3 engaging prize games, each pinch a max triumph imaginable of a whopping 20,000x, nan ante is connected for immoderate unthinkable bronze, metallic and golden prizes, delivered done nan proven Hold and Win mechanic.

Since nan game’s exclusive and web release, we person seen outstanding KPI performance, and we couldn’t beryllium much ecstatic. This is 1 sequel that has genuinely outfoxed nan original and celebrated type of this slot – Hail Caesar!”

Lucky 8 Merge Up by BGaming

Hit winning clusters and double your multipliers successful BGaming’s Lucky 8 Merge Up. Clear nan low-paying symbols and onshore scatters to trigger free spins!

Lucky 8 Merge Up slot reels by Bgaming

Lucky 8 Merge Up is nan latest merchandise from BGaming, who look to beryllium making a wont of featuring successful our champion caller online slots of nan week round-ups. The crippled is acold removed from nan beard ‘n sandals of Rome Fight for Gold, but it still features conscionable arsenic overmuch action.  

You play Lucky 8 Merge Up connected a 7×7 grid wherever each position is occupied by a number from 0–8. You triumph rate by making clusters of matching numbers (up to a maximum of 12 horizontally aliases vertically).

The ‘Merge Up’ usability makes this crippled 1 of nan much absorbing cluster wins slots we’ve played this year. When you lucifer 4 aliases much symbols vertically aliases horizontally successful a cluster, immoderate symbols vanish and nan remainder are upgraded to nan adjacent highest number. It’s truthful imaginable to trigger caller clusters of bigger-paying symbols.

The fig 8 awesome is nan game’s scatter and tin look successful immoderate position. Trigger free spins by hitting 4 aliases much scatters anyplace successful view. You triumph 15–20 free spins pinch marked cells wherever a winning cluster first appeared.

The marked cells grant a 2x multiplier if they are progressive successful a consequent winning spin. The multiplier past goes up by 2x for each caller win. The maximum multiplier is simply a cool 128x. And, of course, nan free spins tin beryllium retriggered.

We saw plentifulness of cluster triumph slots hitting nan online casinos successful 2023. 2024 conscionable sewage disconnected to nan cleanable commencement pinch an awesome summation to nan canon. Play Lucky 8 Merge Up for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline and spot what you think.

Eternal Clash by Octoplay

Octoplay returns pinch an epic struggle betwixt bully and evil successful Eternal Clash. Build up your wellness points and return connected nan dragons to triumph monolithic rate payouts!

Eternal Clash slot reels by Octoplay

Eternal Clash is simply a Manga-inspired slot from Octoplay that takes spot successful a imagination world populated by brave warriors and nasty-looking dragons. The 3 heroes are nan top-paying symbols successful nan game. Plus, they trigger a 2x multiplier if you capable an full reel pinch 1 of nan elephantine characteristic symbols.

This wouldn’t beryllium a fantasy-themed slot without a small beard action. The beard wilds switch immoderate different symbols successful nan crippled isolated from scatters. They excessively are large symbols and inhabit an full reel.

The pinkish swords trigger a 2x multiplier erstwhile completing a combination. However, it is imaginable to activate a 5x chaotic multiplier if you onshore nan orangish beard arsenic portion of a combo.

There is simply a imagination conflict prize characteristic which you tin trigger by hitting 3 aliases much scatters astatine nan aforesaid time. During Showdown Spins, your characteristic originates pinch 1,000 Health Points. However, you tin gain further HP for hitting other prize symbols.

In existent imagination fighting style, you do conflict pinch your Sword of Power against nan enemy. Enemy characters transportation rate prizes which go yours erstwhile they are defeated. The Showdown Spins proceed until your Health reaches zero aliases you deed nan apical jackpot of 12,000x.

In galore ways, Eternal Clash feels for illustration games specified arsenic Quickspin’s Beowulf that harvester classical five-reel slots play pinch a dash of imagination role-playing. The play of duking it retired pinch nan dragons should spot players coming backmost for more. Why not springiness Eternal Clash a rotation for free coming and spot what you think?

Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest by Kalamba Games

Travel to Asgard connected nan hunt for riches successful Kalamba Games’ Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest slot. Trigger nan K-CASH prize for other wins aliases onshore free spins for immoderate legendary payouts.  

Heimdall's Gate Cash Quest slot reels by Kalamba Games

We extremity our regular round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch different portion of imagination fun. Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest is simply a Norse-themed slot that celebrates nan mythological guardian of nan Bifrost – nan main roadworthy that led retired of nan location of nan Gods.

In looks and feel, Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest is akin to WMS’s classical Zeus III pinch its stacked reels and staggered set-up. However, location are 1 aliases 2 tricks up Heimdall’s sleeve for players.

The main prize successful nan crippled is Kalamba’s proprietary K-CASH feature. The characteristic triggers erstwhile you onshore identical symbols adjacent to 1 different connected reels 1 and 2 wrong highlighted reels. Symbols connected reels 3–6 that lucifer nan ones connected reels 1–2 are awarded a “K-CASH value”.

In addition, you accumulate free spins (the full is tracked supra nan reels). You activate nan free spins by hitting 3 aliases much prize symbols successful immoderate position.

While you statesman pinch nan number of free spins shown successful nan meter, you whitethorn besides adhd to your full by hitting other scatters. It’s imaginable to triumph up to 15 other spins this way.

The free spins information besides features enhanced K-CASH payouts. You’ll gain random multipliers up to 10x each clip K-CASH is triggered.

Staggered-reel slots tin beryllium highly volatile. However, nan K-CASH characteristic makes Heimdall’s Gate Cash Quest slot a small different from different games. Why not return a rotation coming and spot really it compares?

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