Best New Online Slots of the Week | January 12, 2024

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Looking for nan hottest and champion caller online slots of nan week? Look nary further: we person different round-up of nan top slot releases for January 12, 2024.

IGT makes a invited return to our page pinch Stinkin’ Rich: Skunks Gone Wild. You tin deed stacked wilds for enhanced wins successful this breathtaking and volatile game.

The Alter Ego is Pragmatic Play’s latest release. It’s a 576-payline slot that offers immoderate Jekyll & Hyde thrills crossed its 5 reels.

Playtech’s Double Digger slot offers free spins and multipliers galore: conscionable what you’d expect from a top-quality Playtech online slot.

We information disconnected our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Money Cart 4 from Relax Gaming. It’s a high-variance summation to 1 of our favourite slot series: trigger nan collector and stitchery golden and prizes each clip you spin.

Don’t forget: you tin trial retired each these apical caller online slots for free correct here. Simply click connected nan links beneath and commencement playing pinch zero consequence today.

Stinkin’ Rich: Skunks Gone Wild by IGT

Prepare to get stinkin’ rich | pinch IGT’s hottest caller slot. Stinkin’ Rich: Skunks Gone Wild is an breathtaking caller crippled from nan makers of Cleopatra. Hit stacked wilds for ace large wins!

Stinkin' Rich Skunks Gone Wild slot reels IGT

It’s ne'er dull successful nan champion caller online slots of nan week erstwhile IGT is involved. The US developer’s newest merchandise is arsenic breathtaking arsenic immoderate crippled for illustration Siberian Storm. Plus, you tin entree stacked wilds aliases trigger free spins erstwhile you play.

The five-reel slot offers some a prime ‘em prize and free spins erstwhile you play. As mentioned, chaotic symbols whitethorn look stacked, giving you a chance astatine enhanced payouts.

Plus, you activate nan Keys to Riches prize if you capable nan surface pinch wilds. Random transforming wilds tin besides look during nan guidelines game.

You besides trigger nan Keys to Riches characteristic by landing 3 aliases much scatters connected reels 1, 2, aliases 3 successful immoderate position. You triumph 3 free games for each Keys to Riches awesome connected nan screen. It’s besides imaginable to retrigger up to 999 free games successful nan prize round. The apical payout successful nan prize is simply a cool 1000x for 5 jackpot symbols.

A classical prime ‘em prize is yours if you onshore 3 Trash for Cash symbols connected reels 3–5. Select trash tin lids to uncover arrow symbols which unlock higher payouts. The information ends erstwhile immoderate dollar signs are revealed.

The bully news astir Stinkin’ Rich: Skunks Gone Wild is nan precocious number of paylines (100 successful total) and aggregate prize features. The bad news is nan alternatively lackluster RTP that starts astatine conscionable 92.14%. Why not effort Stinkin Rich: Skunks Gone Wild for free coming and spot if you tin deed nan jackpot?

The Alter Ego by Pragmatic Play

Descend into nan lair of Jekyll & Hyde successful Pragmatic Play’s newest online slot, The Alter Ego. Trigger free respins successful nan bonus, aliases deed enigma symbols for enhanced payouts.

The Alter Ego slot reels by Pragmatic Play

The Alter Ego is simply a caller online slot loosely based connected nan communicative of Jekyll & Hyde. The only greenish potion successful this crippled is nan scatter that tin look connected each reels.

Scatters trigger free spins if you onshore 3 aliases much successful a azygous turn. In reality, it useful for illustration a Hold & Win characteristic wherever nan spins reset to 3 aft each winning spin. The characteristic ends erstwhile nan spins antagonistic reaches zero.

As for nan guidelines game, you play connected a 3-4-4-4-3 reel arrangement. Without scatters, it’s imaginable to deed 576 ways to triumph connected a azygous spin. Wild symbols whitethorn besides look connected reels 2–4 to thief heighten your payouts.

The crippled besides offers enigma symbols that tin look connected each reels. Mystery icons toggle shape into nan aforesaid random awesome (apart from wilds).

The volatility is precocious successful The Alter Ego, arsenic it is successful galore Pragmatic Play slots. However, nan theoretical RTP of 96.07% conscionable astir makes up for it. Why not springiness The Alter Ego a rotation coming and find retired for yourself?

Double Digger by Playtech

Playtech’s Double Digger offers multiway action pinch 4 fixed jackpots to boot. It’s clip to get digging pinch 1 of nan champion caller online slots of nan week.  

Double Digger slot reels by Playtech

Playtech makes a invited return to our online slots round-up pinch Double Digger. It’s a mining-themed slot that starts connected a 3×5 reel set-up. You statesman by playing 243 ways to triumph connected each spin.

However, further reels and rows are added to nan play area during nan game. You’ll request to move nan EXTRA BET mode connected to entree 1,944 ways to triumph for your spins.

You besides unlock nan other paylines by triggering nan game’s free spins bonus. First, onshore wilds aliases free spins symbols to trigger nan Double Wild bonus. Then, onshore gem symbols and/or free spins icons connected consecutive reels to cod their prizes. 

The free spins prize features a multiplier that tin heighten your prizes. You triumph nan aforesaid number of free spins arsenic you collected during nan Double Wild prize round. As mentioned, free spins are played pinch 1,944 ways to win. You whitethorn besides activate multipliers which boost your gem wins.

We should besides mention nan 4 fixed jackpots that you tin win. It’s imaginable to unlock a MINI, MINOR, MAJOR, aliases GRAND jackpot erstwhile you play nan Double Wild feature. Simply cod nan applicable gem prizes to unlock your prize.

Whether you’re playing nan Extra Bet aliases not, Double Digger offers plentifulness of ways to win. And it’s ever bully to spot Playtech making a return to our champion caller online slots of nan week. Try nan crippled for free coming and spot for yourself.

Money Cart 4 by Relax Gaming

Money Cart 4 is Relax Gaming’s newest high-volatility, high-octane slot. Collect golden and bonuses arsenic you play, aliases unlock rows to summation nan action!

Money Cart 4 slot reels by Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming’s Money Cart slot bid gets an outer abstraction makeover successful this latest game. Money Cart 4 builds connected nan features and bonuses of nan erstwhile slots successful nan scope pinch immoderate out-of-this-world attributes. It’s a volatile slot, for sure, but nan rewards are surely worthy nan effort.

You commencement Money Cart 4 connected a 4×5 reel setup. Each of nan 20 reel positions spins independently of 1 another.

It tin beryllium difficult to onshore symbols of immoderate kind. However, erstwhile you deed 3 of a kind, nan modifiers commencement to footwear in.

You trigger a re-spin erstwhile you deed immoderate three-of-a-kind. The re-spin resets provided you deed winning symbols. Plus, you unlock a hidden statement erstwhile you capable immoderate statement pinch symbols.

Look retired for further symbols too. The prize symbol, for example, reveals a prize worthy 1–10 coins. The Collector, meanwhile, collects each visible rate amounts. Payers past salary retired thing collected during your spins.

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Other prize symbols see nan sniper, who doubles nan worth of 3–8 symbols, and nan arms trader who converts 1–4 symbols astatine random into a characteristic symbol. You whitethorn besides upgrade existing symbols into their “persistent” type of moreover bigger wins.

The first hurdle successful Money Cart 4 is to get past nan high-variance guidelines game. Once you’ve unlocked 3 matching symbols, however, nan prize nosy begins. Why not hunt retired golden of your ain successful Money Cart 4 and effort nan crippled for free?

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