Best New Online Slots of the Week | February 9, 2024

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Looking for nan champion caller online slots of nan week? We person different rousing round-up of apical games for February 9 arsenic we present nan latest releases from Hacksaw Gaming, Tom Horn Gaming, and more.

We commencement our regular look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Aarupolis from Tom Horn Gaming. It’s a ace sci-fi return connected nan classical Egyptian-themed slot that features a progressive multiplier and free spins.

Next, we look astatine Gnomes & Giants from Peter and Sons. Win up to 10,000x successful 1 of nan astir breathtaking fairytale-themed slots of 2024.

Midnight Thirst is Max Win Gaming’s latest summation to nan Dead Spins scope of slots. Complete nan advancement barroom each clip you deed a losing spin, and trigger 9 free spins arsenic you play 1,024 ways to win.

We information disconnected our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Fist of Destruction from Hacksaw Gaming. Win up to 10,000x successful this conflict of nan reddish and bluish teams.

Remember, you tin effort each our apical caller slots for free correct present astatine VegasSlotsOnline. Just click connected nan links beneath to get started.

Aarupolis by Tom Horn Gaming

Travel to an Egyptian world pinch a quality successful Aarupolis from Tom Horn Gaming. Grow nan multiplier pinch nan BlastX modifier and trigger expanding wilds pinch explosive potential.  

Aarupolis slot reels by Tom Horn Gaming - champion caller online slots of nan week February 9 2024

Tom Horn Gaming has served up an Egyptian-themed slot pinch a quality this month. Aarupolis is simply a 6×6 slot group successful a mysterious sci-fi mounting wherever intergalactic gods do battle. There’s besides an abundance of lasers and a full lotta fixed successful this Tom Horn Gaming slot.

Aarupolis uses a cascading reels mechanic called BlastX. Winning combinations detonate and are removed from nan reels. New symbols driblet into nan quiet spaces near down to perchance create caller combos.

In addition, a triumph multiplier is triggered that starts astatine 1x. The multiplier increases by +1 pinch each caller win, up to a maximum of 10x.

The deity Ra is nan chaotic awesome and substitutes for each regular symbols successful nan game. Neighboring wilds shape elephantine symbols that grow vertically 1×2, 1×3, and 1×4.

It’s besides imaginable to trigger free spins pinch unlimited BlastX. You must onshore 4 pyramid scatters to activate 8 free games. The multiplier doesn’t reset betwixt spins, truthful you tin proceed to triumph further rate without losing out.

The progressive multiplier makes Aarupolis. You person nan chance to triumph up to 10x connected your BlastX wins. That much than makes up for nan truth that you tin only deed a maximum payout connected a cluster of 20 matching symbols (not nan full of 36 that beryllium successful nan crippled area). Why not springiness Aarupolis a effort for free coming and spot what you think?

Gnomes & Giants by Peter & Sons

Enter a realm of gnomes and giants successful nan latest crippled from Peter & Sons. Hit clusters of matching symbols, but watch retired for Monster Blocks that expand!

Gnomes and Giants slot reels Peter and Sons - slots of nan week february 9 2024

As good arsenic having 1 of nan champion slot developer names successful nan business, Peter & Sons besides knows a point aliases 2 astir churning retired value games. The latest merchandise from nan Peter & Sons mill is Gnomes & Giants.

Before we show you astir nan game, we must mention nan intro series displaying nan game’s rules. The crippled instructions are written connected a chunky fairytale book pinch pages that you flick through.

Gnomes & Giants is each astir large symbols – GIANT symbols, if you will. Giant symbols tin uncover themselves connected nan reels during immoderate spin. These Monster Blocks whitethorn screen spaces measuring anyplace from 2×2 to 6×6. In addition, you whitethorn onshore Synced Blocks that toggle shape each Monster Blocks into identical symbols.

Look retired excessively for Expanding Blocks. These blocks tin grow successful immoderate guidance and will trigger chaotic symbols if immoderate blocks overlap during nan process.

You trigger free spins by hitting 5 aliases much scatters connected nan reels. You unlock a bid of tiers by collecting scatters arsenic well. Hit Tier 4 by collecting 18 scatters, for example, and you container yourself a 10x multiplier connected wins.

Gnomes & Giants is simply a highly-volatile slot (what other would you expect from Peter & Sons?) but location are plentifulness of opportunities to deed nan large jackpots. Why not springiness it a rotation for free and create immoderate magic of your own?

Midnight Thirst by Max Win Gaming

Quench your thirst for humor and large slot wins pinch Max Win Gaming’s newest slot. Midnight Thirst features nan unsocial Dead Spins mechanic wherever losing spins are rewarded each time!

Midnight Thirst slot reels by Max Win Gaming - Slots of nan Week february 9 2024

Max Win Gaming made a fewer appearances successful our champion caller online slots of nan week reviews for 2023. They return this week pinch Midnight Thirst, a horror-themed slot that forms portion of nan Dead Spins range.

Featured successful nan crippled are immoderate classical scary characters specified arsenic Dracula. You play 1,024 ways to win, truthful hitting immoderate matching symbols connected adjacent reels successful immoderate position wins you a prize.

The slot uses a cascading reels mechanic known arsenic “Dead Spins.” Hitting consecutive losing spins moves nan advancement barroom along. Plus, you summation your multiplier from 1x up to 6x. The multiplier resets erstwhile you deed a winning spin. That’s a neat twist connected nan accustomed advancement multiplier that only rewards winning plays.

Once you scope nan extremity of nan advancement bar, you trigger free spins. You triumph 9 free spins, and you whitethorn retrigger free games by completing nan advancement barroom erstwhile again.  

With 1,024 ways to triumph and a nosy twist connected nan progressive multiplier, Midnight Thirst is simply a crippled you’ll want to play. Try it for free now.

Fist of Destruction by Hacksaw Gaming

Are you fresh to do conflict successful Fist of Destruction? Hit Hacksaw Gaming’s newest online slot pinch a sucker punch and triumph up to 10,000x stake.

Fist of Destruction slot reels by Hacksaw Gaming - champion caller slots of nan week February 9 2024

Hacksaw Gaming’s caller scope of high-volatility slots continues to do nan business if Fist of Destruction is thing to spell by. It’s nan cleanable slot for anyone who likes precocious volatility and tons of prize games. It’s besides nan perfect casino slot for anyone who loves old-school fighting games for illustration Tekken and Street Fighter.

You statesman Fist of Destruction by choosing your fighters. The 2 fighters will look connected either broadside of nan reels arsenic you play nan guidelines game. However, sadly your prime has nary base connected nan result of nan game.

The fist symbols whitethorn look during play and grow to create a chaotic reel. The fist picks up multipliers if it passes done combatant symbols from nan opposing squad (either reddish aliases blue). It is imaginable to prime up much than 1 multiplier arsenic nan chaotic moves up. Best of all, multipliers spell each nan measurement up to 200x.

You trigger nan Throwdown! Bonus characteristic if you deed 3 scatters successful immoderate position. The reddish and bluish teams do conflict during a bid of free spins. Once a combatant has collected 3 Victory Points, you triumph a free respin pinch nan Epic Drop mechanic and nan chance to triumph much cash.

The slick arcade-style graphics springiness Fist of Destruction a lift. Ready to cheer connected nan reddish and bluish fighters? Give nan crippled a rotation for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline now.  

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!