Best New Online Slots of the Week | February 23, 2024

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We’re kicking nan octane levels to precocious for our champion caller online slots of nan week. Nolimit City returns pinch different dose of aggravated action successful Fire successful nan Hole 2. Plus, Thunderkick is going successful for nan termination pinch Xterminate.

Not to beryllium outdone, Reelplay joins nan statement pinch Bounty Hunt Reloaded. It’s conscionable for Fantasma Games to soften nan temper pinch immoderate imagination action successful Shadow Summoner Elementals.

Remember, you tin effort each these awesome caller online slots for free here. Click connected nan links to play gratis successful your web browser aliases via your smartphone.

Fire successful nan Hole 2 by Nolimit City

Go prospecting pinch nan greedy dwarf successful Fire successful nan Hole 2 from Nolimit City. Unlock reels and paylines, but watch retired for nan xBomb wilds that tin really heighten your wins.  

Fire successful nan Hole 2 slot reels - champion caller online slots of nan week February 23, 2024

Mining-themed slots person travel a agelong measurement since Black Gold and Dynamite Digger started appearing astatine online casinos. With nan first Fire successful nan Hole slot, you knew that Nolimit City’s foray into nan genre would beryllium a hit. With nan caller game, Fire successful nan Hole 2, Nolimit City is upping nan ante and past some.

Fire successful nan Hole 2 wouldn’t beryllium a Nolimit City slot without a fewer explosive prize features aliases three. The slot features collapsing mines and – of people – xBomb Wild explosions during nan guidelines game.

You commencement nan crippled playing connected a 3×6 reel setup pinch 3 much rows blocked. The number of triumph lines is 486, but much lines and rows tin beryllium unlocked pinch a collapse.

You trigger a illness by hitting winning combinations aliases landing an xBomb Wild. The typical chaotic explodes to region adjacent symbols connected nan reels. In addition, a progressive triumph multiplier kicks successful and increases for each successive collapse.

You besides unlock rows and paylines by hitting nan Wild Mining feature. This prize awards 1–4 other wilds connected nan reels.

Of course, Fire successful nan Hole 2 wouldn’t beryllium a Nolimit City slot without immoderate free spins action. Trigger nan Lucky Wagon Spins prize to unleash 3 re-spins that reset aft each winning collapse. You tin besides unlock enhancers specified arsenic multipliers and prize wealth chests.

Nolimit City continues to put retired immoderate of nan champion caller online slots. Check retired Fire successful nan Hole 2 for free coming and spot if you agree.

Shadow Summoner Elementals by Fantasma Games

Unleash 100x multipliers successful Shadow Summoner Elementals, nan magical caller slot from Fantasma Games. Trigger 1 of 4 magic tomes for moreover bigger enhancers!

Shadow Summoner slot reels - champion caller online slots of nan week February 23, 2024

It’s due that a slot developer called Fantasma Games should merchandise 1 of nan year’s champion magic-themed games. That’s what we person connected our hands pinch Shadow Summoner Elementals, a mysterious crippled that features a scope of modifiers depending connected really nimble nan magician is pinch her fingers.

You play nan crippled arsenic Isabelle, nan Shadow Summoner. The spells she casts unlock caller levels to thief her maestro nan different elements. Simply capable nan elementals metre to unlock a caller totem.

Totems uncover modifiers, including replicating wilds. Plus, each 4 different totem features are disposable during nan free spins feature. Land 4 prize icons to unlock nan free spins round.

The guidelines crippled and free spins information usage an Avalanche mechanic. Any winning combinations are removed from play and replaced by nan icons above. In addition, an expanding multiplier comes into play for each avalanche you negociate to onshore successful a row.

The large trading constituent of Shadow Summoner Elementals is nan graphics. The magical neon drawings are perfectly beautiful and assistance nan slot from nan realms of nan ordinary. Toss successful an RTP of 96.31% and a 26.93% deed complaint and you person nan makings of 1 of 2024’s astir breathtaking slots. Give it a rotation for free today.

Xterminate by Thunderkick

Brace yourself for high-volatility thrills successful Thunderkick’s Xterminate. It’s not for nan faint of heart, but it will person you gunning for nan large jackpots.  

Xterminate slot reels Thunderkick - champion caller online slots of nan week February 23, 2024

Riding connected Nolimit City’s coattails, Thunderkick bring nan sound pinch Xterminate, a futuristic slot that features charged wilds and explosive explosive symbols for added thrills. A max jackpot worthy 25,000x conscionable adds to nan excitement.

Xterminate is simply a six-reel slot pinch a cyberpunk vibe. Warriors do conflict connected nan reels pinch cyborgs, but each characters person it successful them to grant large payouts.

You triumph by matching 8+ symbols successful immoderate position. In that regard, each symbols successful Xterminate activity for illustration scatters. Plus, you trigger an avalanche wherever winning symbols vanish to beryllium replaced by those appearing supra them connected nan reels. You besides activate a multiplier that accumulates pinch each successive Avalanche.

As successful Fire successful nan Hole 2, you whitethorn onshore explosive symbols erstwhile you play nan game. The explosive explodes but will protect nan astir communal appearing awesome provided location is nary win.

It’s nan Charged Wild we emotion most, however. The Charged Wild stays connected nan reels for 1–3 “lives,” provided you usage it to make a winning combination. The Charged Wild disappears erstwhile you tally retired of lives.

The RTP of 94.12% successful Xterminate whitethorn beryllium alarming, but nan Charged Wild and explosive characteristic tin guarantee a bully deed complaint erstwhile you play. The deficiency of free spins isn’t an rumor pinch what is efficaciously a Hold & Win prize included. Why not springiness nan crippled a rotation for free coming and spot if you for illustration it?

Bounty Hunt Reloaded by Reelplay

We extremity our roundup of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Bounty Hunt Reloaded. It’s a neo-noir crippled by Reelplay that puts you connected nan hunt for a bunch of futuristic bad guys. Will you container nan baddie and nan loot erstwhile you play?

Bounty Hunt Reloaded slot reels Reelplay - champion caller online slots of nan week February 23, 2024

Following basking connected nan heels of Xterminate comes Bounty Hunt Reloaded from Reelplay. It’s nan cleanable slot for immoderate fans of The Matrix aliases Blade Runner.

The weapon target appears connected each rotation and targets a awesome astatine random. If it picks retired nan bounty hunter, he will move chaotic successful summation to a random awesome connected nan different reels. All different characters will move chaotic if they are chosen by nan bounty huntsman target.

In addition, you whitethorn randomly trigger a reload wherever nan crosshair chooses an other awesome to move wild.

It’s bully to opportunity location is besides a free spins prize successful Bounty Hunt Reloaded. Simply onshore 3+ Wanted scatters to triumph free spins. Alternatively, you triumph free spins if nan crosshair picks retired a Wanted target. You tin retrigger free spins during nan prize phase.

With an RTP conscionable northbound of 96% and a cool early vibe, Bounty Hunt Reloaded will beryllium taking up our clip successful nan VSO agency this week. Will you beryllium joining us? Play nan crippled for free and determine today.

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