Best New Online Slots of the Week | February 16, 2024

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Hunting retired nan champion caller online slots of nan week? We person each nan apical caller slot releases for February 16, and champion of all, you tin play them each for free correct here.

Stakelogic’s large February merchandise is Dragon’s Dawn, which swoops down to gobble up unsuspecting slots players. The crippled boasts a cascading reels mechanic pinch an incremental multiplier. Plus, nan multiplier doesn’t reset during nan game’s prize round.

Next, we caput to Ireland pinch Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters, Rival Gaming’s latest summation to their very celebrated scope of Celtic-themed slots.

Saddle up for a apical prize of 15,000x successful Most Wanted from Truelab Games. It’s a gunslinging five-reel slot pinch a Manhunt prize that offers 15 free spins and multipliers.

We information disconnected our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Madame of Mystic Manor. It’s a spooktacular online slot pinch basking zones that heighten your free spins experience!

Dragon’s Dawn by Stakelogic

Enter a world of imagination successful Stakelogic’s caller Dragon’s Dawn slot and purpose for nan 7500x max jackpot. Fly pinch nan dragons and participate nan Super Wheel prize crippled pinch hundreds of players!

Dragon's Dawn slot reels by Stakelogic - champion caller online slots of nan week February 16 2024

Stakelogic’s 2024 output gets cooking conscionable arsenic nan large waste and acquisition shows end. Dragon’s Dawn is 1 of nan large releases from Stakelogic for 2024. It boasts wilds, prize symbols, and free spins. Plus, you tin compete against different players successful nan Super Wheel prize show.

Dragon’s Dawn is simply a six-reel slot that uses a cascading reels mechanic. Winning clusters are removed from nan reels and replaced by symbols above. In addition, an incremental multiplier increases pinch each winning cascade.

Look retired for reel modifiers that tin heighten your gameplay. Lightning Strike hits 1–6 reels astatine random, replacing symbols pinch a matching icon. The Meteor Shower prize turns up to 10 wilds into wilds. Finally, nan Portal modifier triggers replicating symbols connected nan reels.

It’s imaginable to trigger free spins by hitting 4–6 prize scatters successful immoderate position. You triumph 8–12 free spins this way, depending connected really galore scatters triggered nan feature. Of course, you tin bask triumph multipliers during nan prize round.

Multipliers statesman astatine 1x and summation pinch each cascade. Best of all, nan multiplier ne'er resets during nan prize feature.

Dragon’s Dawn is nan slot for you if you emotion colorful fantasy-themed slots. The graphics are beautiful, but we’d for illustration to person seen a small much dragon for our bucks. Give it a rotation for free and spot what you think.   

Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters

Grab your four-leaf clover and double your mixed pinch Rival Gaming’s newest Irish-themed slot. Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters features large multipliers, Cluster Wins, and up to 30 free spins.   

Dublin Your Dough Rainbow Clusters reels truelab games - Best caller online slots of nan week

Rival Gaming’s original Dublin Dough slot is simply a celebrated free-play crippled that you tin entree connected our Vegas Slots Online pages. It was astir time, then, that Rival Gaming released a sequel.

Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters doubles down pinch immoderate caller features and multipliers. It’s a Cluster Wins slot played connected a 7×7 grid. After a caller win, nan symbols detonate and are replaced by caller icons dropping successful from above.

In addition, nan Ride nan Rainbow Multiplier springs into life pinch much power than a leaping leprechaun. The triumph multiplier starts astatine 2x and increases pinch each consecutive winning drop. The metre peaks astatine 12x.

The free spins prize is wherever Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters comes to life. You triumph 10–30 free spins by hitting 3–7 scatters astatine nan aforesaid time. Scatters tin autumn successful immoderate position connected nan reels to trigger nan feature.

Dublin Your Dough: Rainbow Clusters is simply a volatile slot but it’s a immense betterment connected nan original Dublin Your Dough game. See for yourself pinch our free-to-play version.  

Most Wanted by Truelab Games

Most Wanted is nan Wild West-themed slot you’ve been waiting for successful 2024. Hit free spins pinch random multipliers, aliases information up nan bounties for a 1000x payday!

Most Wanted slot reels Truelab Games - champion caller online slots of nan week

We support nan cascading reels action coming pinch Most Wanted from Truelab Games. The slick slot is group successful a Wild West world wherever desperados lurk astir each corner. Stick astir and dodge nan bullets and you whitethorn deed 1 of nan game’s galore jackpots.

Winning spins trigger cascades connected nan reels. Symbols are removed from play and replaced by symbols sitting above. Cascades proceed until location are nary much winning drops. However, you won’t activate a progressive multiplier connected each consecutive win.

That said, location are bounty multipliers that capable nan void. Multipliers whitethorn driblet astatine random to heighten your wins. The biggest bounty multiplier is worthy 1000x.

We peculiarly for illustration nan scatter symbols successful Most Wanted. These look successful immoderate position and salary whenever you deed 4 aliases much anywhere. You besides trigger 15 free spins pinch random multipliers successful play.

The downside of nan cascading reels mechanic successful Most Wanted is that you won’t activate immoderate incremental multipliers aft a win. However, that’s somewhat outweighed by nan truth that cascades tin beryllium highly lucrative. We recovered that it was imaginable to onshore successive cascades for an awesome payday. Why not play Most Wanted for yourself and spot if you tin tear up nan Wild West?

Madame of Mystic Manor by Blueprint Gaming

We extremity our champion caller online slots of nan week round-up pinch Madame of Mystic Manor by Blueprint Gaming. It’s a scary slot filled pinch spooky specters and mysterious mediums. You besides deed wilds that activate typical basking zones.  

Madame of Mystic Manor slot reels by Blueprint Gaming - champion caller online slots of nan week

Halloween whitethorn beryllium 8 months away, but that hasn’t stopped Blueprint Gaming from releasing Madame of Mystic Manor, an atmospheric horror-themed slot. It’s filled pinch capable ghosts and ghouls to fulfill moreover nan weariest slots player.

The shade is nan game’s wild. It activates a basking area astir its position erstwhile it appears astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic nan oracle symbol. Any symbols that look wrong nan basking area move into wilds. Plus, you bask a multiplier adjacent to nan corresponding basking area “level.”

The crippled besides includes a free spins prize that features other spins whenever an oracle is successful view. In addition, nan basking zones stay connected nan reels for nan long of nan free spins bonus. It’s besides imaginable to trigger ‘Super Free Spins’ that characteristic sticky wilds and expanding multipliers.

There are nary cascading reels successful Madame of Mystic Manor, but nan basking zones tin really heighten your wins during nan game. If you emotion being frightened while playing slots, Madame of Mystic Manor could beryllium for you. Give it a rotation for free today.

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!