Best New Online Slots of the Week | December 8, 2023

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We person different colorful postulation of caller online slots for you this week. Nolimit City returns pinch a festive slot, Wizard Games piles connected nan magic, and Push Gaming offers up 1 of nan champion Irish-themed slots of nan year.

We commencement our festive champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Jingle Balls from Nolimit City. It’s a Christmas-themed slot that promises prize treats galore.

Next, we’re heading into nan jungle pinch Banana Blitz Deluxe from Silverback Gaming. Watch nan monkey flip his banana peel to create ace sticky reels!

We crank up nan mystic excitement pinch Golden Elk from Wizard Games. Spin nan prize instrumentality for a changeable astatine bagging multipliers aliases a awesome jackpot.

We extremity our champion caller online slots of nan week round-up pinch Shamrock Saints. Push Gaming’s caller Irish-themed crippled offers enigma symbols galore.

As always, you tin play each these awesome caller slots for free correct present astatine VegasSlotsOnline. Just click connected nan links beneath to get started now.

Jingle Balls by Nolimit City

We’re getting group for Christmas pinch Jingle Balls, a caller slot from Nolimit City that should get you prepared for nan vacation season. Win up to 12,250x arsenic you trigger xWays, xSplit, aliases xNudge.  

Jingle Balls slot reels by Nolimit City

We’ve featured Nolimit City a batch successful caller months. The developer’s roster of edgy online slots for illustration San Quentin xWays has group nan benchmark for what modern casino games should look like.

Jingle Balls is simply a much accepted slot but it still utilizes immoderate of Nolimit Gaming’s mechanics, specified arsenic xNudge and xSplit. There’s moreover an action to guarantee definite modifiers by paying an further wager.

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Jingle Balls is simply a six-reel slot wherever reels 5 and six stay locked during nan guidelines game. Reel 5 unlocks erstwhile you onshore 1 scatter successful immoderate position. You tin unlock reel six pinch an other scatter anyplace successful view.   

Nolimit City’s afloat scope of modifiers is connected position erstwhile you play. The xWays awesome tin look connected reels 1 aliases 2 during nan guidelines game. A random awesome is revealed and whitethorn replicate crossed reels.

With xNudge, a stacked chaotic will nudge into position to capable an full reel. A chaotic multiplier besides increases by +1. Finally, xSplit wilds whitethorn onshore connected reels 5 to six. All symbols to nan near and correct of nan chaotic are split. The xSplit tin divided scatters too.

You trigger Spirit Spins by hitting 3 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. Various festive characters leap into action, adding triumph multipliers to your free spins payouts. Want to cognize nan maximum payout? It’s a cool 12,250x liking – thing to get into nan Christmas temper for. Why not springiness Jingle Balls a play for free today?

Banana Blitz Deluxe by Silverback Gaming

From nan Christmas chill of Jingle Balls, we move to nan tropical power of Banana Blitz Deluxe. Silverback Gaming’s jungle-themed slot features free spins and sticky chaotic reels pinch a difference.  

Banana Blitz Deluxe slot reels by Silverback Gaming

Despite being named aft 1 of nan toughest primates successful nan jungle, Silverback Gaming’s animal-themed output is small. The Bulgarian developer is remedying that pinch nan merchandise of Banana Blitz Deluxe.

It’s a six-reel online slot pinch 30 fixed paylines and a cheeky monkey who stands guard, eating bananas, arsenic you play. The monkey whitethorn propulsion a sticky banana reel onto nan reels astatine immoderate time. It expands if it lands connected reel two, three, four, aliases five. The peel besides remains successful spot for nan adjacent spin.

You trigger free spins by hitting scatters connected reels 1 and 5 simultaneously. Choose bananas to triumph rate prizes worthy 5x to 500x. Keep choosing rate prizes until you unearth a Collect symbol, and nan prize ends.

Want much action? Banana Blitz Deluxe besides features a multi-level progressive jackpot. The smallest, nan Mini, seeds astatine 100.00, pinch nan top-level Maxi Jackpot seeding astatine 10,000.00. It pays retired erstwhile it hits 100,000.00.

The graphics and animation make Banana Blitz Deluxe. If you’ve played different Silverback games for illustration Mariachi Wild Fiesta and High Sea Rollers, you’ll cognize that nan developer puts a batch of attraction into nan look and consciousness of their games.

Banana Blitz Deluxe is nary different: it’s a slick-looking crippled that comes live whenever nan sticky banana peels travel into play. Toss successful immoderate progressive jackpots and you person nan makings of an fantabulous caller slot. Give it a rotation for free coming and spot for yourself.

Golden Elk by Wizard Games

Enter nan mystic wood and play for aggregate prize features successful Golden Elk from Wizard Games. Play nan instrumentality multipliers for a chance of winning nan Grand Jackpot!

Golden Elk slot reels by Wizard Games

We person much beautiful graphics and much jackpots successful Wizard Games’ caller slot, Golden Elk. Set heavy successful a mysterious forest, Golden Elk features a cornucopia of creatures, specified arsenic squirrels, rabbits, and owls. Stacked wilds, meanwhile, thief heighten your full payouts.

You triumph 8–30 free spins by landing three, four, aliases 5 scatters successful immoderate position. It’s imaginable to retrigger different 5 free games if you onshore 2 scatters during nan bonus.

The aureate elk symbols besides enactment arsenic scatters. You trigger nan main prize characteristic by landing six aliases much elks successful immoderate position.

The prize instrumentality is divided into 3 mini-wheels. Start nan prize pinch 3 spins which reset each clip you onshore a aureate elk. Any prizes that are lit up aft spins are paid astatine nan extremity of nan prize round.

You whitethorn besides triumph prize multipliers and immoderate lit jackpots. Light up each 9 pointers, however, and nan Grand Jackpot is yours.  

Ready to hunt nan aureate elk? Try nan slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline today.

Shamrock Saints by Push Gaming

Hit nan mean streets successful Shamrock Saints from Push Gaming and triumph up to 10,000x liking erstwhile you play. Land enigma symbols pinch nudges that tin create caller wins connected each caller spin.  

Shamrock Saints slot reels by Push Gaming

We extremity our regular look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Shamrock Saints from Push Gaming. It’s an Irish-themed slot pinch a quality wherever typical nudging symbols thief to create immoderate awesome wins.

First, nan guidelines game: you play nan crippled connected 20 paylines wherever wilds tin onshore to thief complete winning combinations. However, it’s nan enigma symbols that make nan game.

The enigma symbols are represented by stained-glass windows. They look successful stacks of 4 and tin onshore anywhere. The Nudge & Reveal prize past kicks into gear.

With this bonus, nan enigma symbols unfastened to uncover a chaotic aliases random symbol. Stacks of identical symbols tin harvester to create caller winning combos. On nan adjacent spin, nan enigma symbols nudge down nan reels by 1 position. The remaining reels re-spin and different enigma awesome is revealed. The process continues until location are nary much enigma symbols successful view.

It’s imaginable to uncover a aureate leprechaun awesome too. These toggle shape into independent spinning reels, revealing symbols including instant prizes, multipliers, and scatters.

You whitethorn besides find a nudge awesome that will play during nan free spins bonus. In that prize feature, 2 reels are filled pinch enigma symbols, helping you to moreover greater wins!

Shamrock Saints is simply a volatile, but generous, slot that’s cleanable for anyone who loves Irish-themed games. Give it a rotation for free now.  

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