Best New Online Slots of the Week | December 15, 2023

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We person different mixed container of nan champion caller online slots of nan week for you. This clip out, Play’n GO, Slot Factory, and Triple Cherry supply 1 of our astir varied selections this year.

We commencement our regular reappraisal of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune from Play’n GO. It’s a five-reel slot wherever Syn tin unleash his powerfulness to upgrade symbols and merchandise their maximum potential.

Next, we’re going old-school pinch Grows connected Trees Megaways from Slot Factory. Hit free spins aliases cod nan prize coins for a changeable astatine winning 800x.

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Bank of Riches is nan newest money-themed slot from Rogue. The gems and golden bars transportation prize multipliers for a guaranteed measurement to triumph much bucks!

We extremity our round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Trojan Chickens by Triple Cherry. Convert regular symbols into wilds, and accumulate multipliers for a free spins win.

As always, this eclectic bunch of nan champion caller online slots of nan week is disposable to play wholly free correct here. Just click connected nan links beneath to bring up nan demo-play options successful your browser.

Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune by Play’n GO

Unleash Syn’s powerfulness and boost multipliers successful Play’n GO’s newest slot. Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune offers a wealthiness of power-ups and upgrades to springiness you a apical slots acquisition for December.  

Tales of Mithrune Syn's Fortune slot reels Play'n GO

Play’n GO’s fantasy-themed slots roster is bolstered this period pinch nan merchandise of Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune. It’s a slick fantasy-themed slot pinch a fewer animated thrills to travel nan gameplay.  

Random symbols attaching themselves to nan reels look to beryllium a characteristic of this year’s caller slots. Certainly, it’s 1 of nan large attractions of Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune. The mighty Syn tin upgrade characters randomly pursuing immoderate rotation into nan highest-paying icon available.

You trigger free spins by collecting 3 scatters. All disposable features are unlocked, and you whitethorn besides activate immoderate modifiers. For instance, immoderate Syn symbols trigger multipliers up to 10x. You tin besides cod potions to adhd multipliers to your free rotation wins.

Character upgrades besides travel into play during nan prize information too. By collecting 3 characteristic tokens, you upgrade that characteristic to nan highest-paying 1 for nan long of nan prize round.

With a apical jackpot worthy 3,000x stake, Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune is 1 of nan hottest games of nan year. Take a measurement into a imagination world pinch our free-to-play version.   

Grows connected Trees Megaways by Slot Factory

How astir Grows connected Trees Megaways for thing wholly different successful nan online slot department? The caller Slot Factory merchandise offers chaotic symbols, free spins, and nan chance to triumph up to 800x.  

Grows connected Trees Megaways slot reels by Slot Factory

Grows connected Trees Megaways couldn’t beryllium much different than Tales of Mithrune: Syn’s Fortune if it tried. It’s a classical slot pinch a twist that you play crossed six reels. Being a Megaways slot, nan number of reel positions changes connected each spin. That intends it’s imaginable to deed up to 117,649 ways to triumph connected a azygous spin.

The taxable present is simply a operation of classical slots and fantasy. Magic mushrooms sprout from nan reels to grant rate prizes. Plus, nan magic character grows caller multipliers aft each spin. Also, look retired for chaotic symbols that switch each regular icons successful play.

In addition, golden coins tin onshore connected reels 2, 3, aliases 4. You triumph each multipliers together if you onshore coins connected reels 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously.

The crippled besides features a free spins mode erstwhile you onshore 3 aliases much scatters. It’s imaginable to triumph up to 20 free games this way. By spinning 3 aliases much Mega Food symbols astatine nan aforesaid time, you retrigger much free spins. You besides triumph a Mega Spin wherever coin multipliers upgrade.

Symbol upgrades look to beryllium a recurring characteristic successful these champion caller online slots of nan week. With truthful galore ways to triumph big, what’s stopping you from having a rotation for free? Give Grows connected Trees Megaways a zero-risk play today.

Bank of Riches by Rogue

Raid nan piggy bank, aliases thing a small larger, erstwhile you play Bank of Riches from Rogue. Stock up connected dollars, pounds, aliases cents, past deed nan golden bars and gems for big-time multipliers.

Bank of Riches slot reels by Rogue

Rogue is 1 of our favourite slots developers for 2023. The studio’s output successful 2023 has been amazing, peculiarly games produced for different manufacturers.

Everyone’s reasoning astir money astatine this clip of year, truthful it’s fitting that Bank of Riches has nods to nan greenbacks. On nan 5 reels, you’ll find symbols including golden bars, diamonds, and wads of cash.

Wild symbols switch regular symbols successful nan game. Plus, prize multipliers are applied to different symbols, and past to nan winning paylines themselves. Only nan gems and golden bars person multipliers. You trigger nan Trolley Multiplier characteristic if multipliers tally consecutively from reel 1 going right.

You triumph 8–20 free spins by hitting scatters connected reels, 1, 3, and 5 astatine nan aforesaid time. You tin retrigger free games too. Plus, you guidelines to triumph up to 100,000x if you activate nan Trolley Multiplier whilst playing free spins.

You mightiness automatically deliberation of Break Da Bank Again erstwhile it comes to fantabulous money-themed online slots. But Bank of Riches surely matches it lb for pound, and dollar for dollar, pinch a 100000x apical payout. Give nan crippled a rotation for free coming to spot for yourself.

Trojan Chickens by Triple Cherry

Storm nan metropolis pinch Trojan Chickens by Triple Cherry. These crazy chooks tin trigger explosive vessels to move symbols into wilds for other thrills!

Trojan Chickens slot reels by Triple Cherry

For this version of nan champion caller online slots of nan week, we’ve featured banks, magic mushrooms, and imagination warriors. So, let’s complete our eclectic round-up pinch Trojan Chickens, a Greek mythology-themed slot featuring an service of hapless hens.

In nan Trojan War, nan Greek service managed to infiltrate Troy utilizing a woody horse. In this version, nan feathery fighters usage a scope of exploding vessels to get their kicks.

Explosive vessels look connected reels 2 to five. Vertical vessels origin (obviously) vertical explosions and toggle shape up to 4 symbols into wilds. Similarly, horizontal vessels move up to 4 symbols into wilds successful a horizontal direction. Even much symbols tin move into wilds if you trigger nan transverse vessel.

You beforehand nan Trojan Chicken by making explosions and obtaining nan banner symbol. You trigger free spins erstwhile nan Trojan Chicken advances 5 positions connected nan meter.

This is wherever nan nosy originates successful Trojan Chickens. You don’t statesman nan characteristic pinch a group number of free games. Instead, nan characteristic ends arsenic soon arsenic each columns person been blocked. You execute this by landing crimson alloy symbols that detonate and artifact nan column. You whitethorn trigger instant wins worthy anyplace from 1x to 10x this way.  

The beauty of Trojan Chickens is nan nosy theme, nan 16,807 ‘Cherry Ways’ that play successful nan guidelines game, and nan imaginable payouts of nan prize feature. Why not springiness your chickenhearted a tally successful our free-to-play version?

And for much breathtaking games, make judge you sojourn our New Online Slots page!