Best New Online Slots of the Week | December 1, 2023

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Looking for nan very champion caller online slots of nan week? We person gathered together different succulent action of slots from nan biggest names successful casino gaming.

Our first foray into nan world of nan champion caller online slots of nan week features iSoftbet. Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways is an action-packed 6-reel slot featuring enigma symbols and magical multipliers galore.

We support nan nosy coming pinch Candy Glyph by Quickspin. It’s a tumbling reels slot that offers aggregate chaotic symbols and a cornucopia of candy-filled prize features.

Treasure Ireland is nan first of our sea-faring caller online slots. Land nudging scatters aliases capable nan Winbreaker metre to summation your maximum payouts!

We extremity our look astatine nan champion caller online slots of nan week pinch Cruise Royale. It’s different accomplished mobile-friendly slot from Pocket Games Soft that features walking wilds and a apical jackpot worthy 2500x.

Don’t forget: you tin effort each these awesome caller online slots for free astatine Vegas Slots Online. Just load nan crippled into your browser and play now!

Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways by iSoftbet

Watch retired for nan magical modifiers successful iSoftbet’s Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways. Any triumph triggers a cascade successful this breathtaking 6-reel slot.  

Merlin's Magic Mirror Megaways slot reels by iSoftBet

iSoftbet’s agelong emotion matter pinch cascading reels slots continues successful Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways. This 6-reel online slot utilizes nan Megaways mechanic. That intends you tin deed up to 117,649 ways to triumph connected each spin.

You’ll announcement a horizontal apical locator supra nan reels. The locator adds 1 awesome to each of nan reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 to thief create caller winning combinations. Winning reactions consequence successful symbols being removed from nan reels. The gaps are filled pinch symbols dropping down into their place.

iSoftbet is rolling retired nan modifiers successful this game. During nan guidelines game, Merlin whitethorn activate a random crippled modifier, including a magic reflector that turns random symbols into enigma symbols. Alternatively, you tin deed Wizard Wilds pinch random wilds connected reels 2–5.

This wouldn’t beryllium an iSoftbet cascading reels slot without immoderate free spins action. You activate free spins by landing 3–6 symbols successful a azygous spin. There are 8–14 free spins up for grabs done this prize feature.

The Megaways mechanic is locked for each rotation too, meaning you get to play connected nan maximum 117,649 ways to win. In addition, immoderate scatters that look person into enigma symbols. An unlimited multiplier comes into play and increases by 1x for each winning rotation you hit.

Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways whitethorn beryllium nan astir volatile iSoftBet multi-line slot yet. Why not springiness it a rotation for free today?

Candy Glyph by Quickspin

Candy Glyph offers a saccharine dainty from Quickspin wherever free spins and powerfulness wilds tin earnestly boost your payouts.

Candy Glyph slot reels by Quickspin

It’s a 7×7 slot based astir Mexican fiestas. The crippled uses a tumbling reels mechanic too. Winning clusters of candies vanish from view, only to beryllium replaced by symbols appearing supra connected nan reels. Wild symbols switch each icons successful nan crippled isolated from typical wilds to thief you complete those combos.

Power wilds are created wrong winning clusters. A power-up is activated if it’s connected to a winning cluster. These see nan Bonbon Bomb wherever each debased and high-paying symbols are removed, and nan Bouncy Bean Power-Up pinch 4–10 randomly placed wilds.

You trigger free spins if you activate nan applicable power-up. You triumph 9 free spins to statesman with, and you tin retrigger 3 further free games during nan feature. Look retired excessively for nan piñata glyph wild.

When nan chaotic completes a winning combo, a multiplier is applied to nan full payout. The prize multiplier increases by 1 if nan piñata chaotic is utilized successful immoderate winning combination.

Tumbling reels is simply a tried-and-tested slots mechanic that’s been utilized by developers before. In position of prize features, Candy Glyph is surely connected par pinch nan likes of Sugar Rush. Why not springiness nan crippled a rotation for free and spot really nan 2 slots compare?

Treasure Ireland by Northern Lights Gaming

Turn nan reels chaotic successful Treasure Ireland, nan breathtaking caller slot from Northern Lights Gaming. You whitethorn onslaught it fortunate and trigger free spins pinch a guaranteed minimum win!

Treasure Ireland slot reels by Northern Lights Gaming

Northern Lights has mixed 2 of nan slots world’s astir enduring themes for its caller game: pirates and Ireland. Treasure Ireland features a leprechaun pirate who has group sail connected nan 7 seas connected nan lookout for gold.

And you’ll surely onslaught it fortunate pinch 1 of nan game’s galore prize features. One of nan highlights is nan compass metre feature. Every clip a compass lands connected nan reels, a corresponding metre will commencement to capable beneath nan reels.

Once nan metre is full, nan reel supra fills pinch stacked wilds. The chaotic stack remains successful place, pinch a chaotic removed for each consequent spin.

Leprechaun scatters characteristic successful nan guidelines crippled too. You must deed 2 scatters to adhd 1 token to nan Winbreaker meter. Complete nan metre to summation nan Winbreaker value.

The slot besides features nudging scatters and a free spins bonus. The Winbreaker worth is multiplied by 1x, 1.5x, aliases 2x during free spins. Free spins proceed until you scope nan triumph limit successful 1 spin.

This wouldn’t beryllium a pirate-themed slot without immoderate buried treasure. You unlock a wealth thorax by landing a reddish X symbol. Prizes see rate prizes worthy up to 10x stake, an accrued triumph limit, aliases 1 of nan game’s fixed jackpots (Mini, Minor, Major, aliases Grand).

The generous compass metre characteristic really makes this slot. It’s imaginable to deed aggregate stacked wilds successful nan aforesaid rotation if you’re lucky. Why not springiness Treasure Ireland a rotation for free now and spot if it floats your boat.

Cruise Royale by Pocket Games Soft

Set sail pinch Cruise Royale and container yourself a pouch triumph successful this caller mobile-optimized slot. Play 10,000 ways to triumph and deed nan jackpot worthy 2,500x stake.  

Cruise Royale slot reels by Pocket Games Soft

Cruise Royale is simply a caller mobile-optimized slot from Pocket Games Soft, nan makers of immoderate of nan hottest smartphone slots connected nan planet.

In this crippled you play 10,000 ways, meaning location are ever much opportunities to triumph connected each spin. Though Cruise Royale isn’t a Megaways slot, it does usage a horizontal apical locator that’s akin to nan 1 successful Merlin’s Magic Mirror Megaways. Symbols rotation horizontally alternatively of vertically and use themselves to a triumph statement below.

Just for illustration nan cruise vessel successful nan game, nan chaotic symbols emotion to travel. The chaotic travels diagonally downwards from nan apical locator to onshore successful a caller destination erstwhile wins are paid out. It’s imaginable that nan chaotic helps to complete a caller winning combination.

You tin besides trigger free spins if you onshore nan required scatters. You whitethorn triumph 8 free games to statesman pinch erstwhile you deed 4 scatters. Plus, you triumph an further 2 free spins by landing 1 other scatter.

The prize characteristic starts pinch a triumph multiplier group astatine 1x. The multiplier increases by 1 for each winning rotation you land. The chaotic symbols besides stay successful spot and will recreation diagonally for nan adjacent free spin.

The maximum payout successful this slot is high. You tin triumph up to 2,500x liking if you judge nan upwind conscionable right.

Pocket Games Soft has excelled erstwhile again pinch different mobile slot hit. Try Cruise Royale for free today.

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