Best New Christmas-Themed Slots of 2023

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Christmas time is conscionable astir nan corner, and we want to make it other typical for you. How? By listing our favourite online slot additions to nan Christmas theme.

From alien invasions to sportfishing frenzies, sugary treats, and accepted snowy villages, there’s thing for everyone. Once you’ve picked your favorites, why not play them for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline?

1. Rock Star Santa Multimax by Yggdrasil Gaming

Make your measurement to nan shape of Yggdrasil Gaming’s Rock Star Santa MultiMax online slot for a chance to triumph up to 10,000x your stake.

Take nan shape and subordinate nan unit pinch nan Rock Star Santa MultiMax online slot. Yggdrasil Gaming has fixed this crippled a fiery euphony taxable that puts a full caller rotation onto Christmas spirit. You’ll perceive Santa’s tunes successful nan inheritance arsenic you rotation nan six reels for cluster wins.

The Rock Star Santa MultiMax slot comes pinch an avalanche feature, which intends winning symbols are removed from nan reels aft each win. This triggers caller symbols to autumn down to perchance shape a caller cluster. This repeats until location are nary caller clusters.

You’ve past sewage nan Reel Multiplier, which you’ll spot astatine nan apical of nan reels. This applies to immoderate triumph formed beneath it, sloppy of nan number of avalanches that autumn done it.

Drop 3 scatter symbols to bask free spins connected nan Rock Star Santa MultiMax online slot. Here, reel multipliers do not reset, meaning they’ll support expanding pinch each avalanche that falls beneath it.

Keep an oculus retired for nan coming awesome arsenic this comes pinch prizes that could see betwixt 5x and 100x your bet, betwixt 7 and 11 free spins, aliases 4 other wilds. When falling during nan free spins round, it whitethorn besides reward a +1 multiplier to its corresponding reel.

If you want to get to nan free spins information faster, activate nan Golden Bet. This charges you 25% of your existent stake to double your chances of hitting scatters. Your different replacement is to acquisition nan round. You tin bargain up to 11 free spins for 75x your liking aliases you tin guarantee 11 free spins by paying 250x your stake.

Ready to get started? Then play nan Rock Star Santa MultiMax slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

2. Christmas Catch by Big Time Gaming

Grab festive wins of up to 21,000x your liking erstwhile playing nan Christmas Catch slot instrumentality by Big Time Gaming.

Make your measurement to Santa’s Workshop arsenic you motorboat nan Christmas Catch online slot, a six-reeled crippled pinch up to 117,649 ways to win. The crippled sits connected nan façade of a red-bricked location and offers a fast-paced jingle bells tune erstwhile nan reels are spinning.

A sleigh whitethorn look supra reels two, three, four, and 5 during each rotation aliases reaction, perchance dropping a reward.

Each triumph triggers a guidance that involves winning symbols being removed from nan reels to let caller ones to drop. These whitethorn create a caller winning combination, frankincense retriggering nan feature. You’ll person a Gift Bonus each clip symbols are removed. This offers a prize of up to 10x your liking for each sleigh that passes.

Drop 3 scatters successful nan guidelines crippled to person 10 free spins and 2 other ones for each further triggering scatter symbol. Here, nan sleighs travel pinch an unlimited multiplier that increases by 1 each clip a sleigh passes. You’ll person much free spins erstwhile landing much scatters.

Last but not least, nan Win Exchange feature. When winning 100x your liking aliases more, you’ll beryllium capable to speech your prize for 10 free spins. When winning betwixt 25x and 100x your stake, you’ll beryllium capable to bet your prize for a chance to participate nan Christmas Catch slot’s free spins round. Alternatively, you tin but into nan free spins information for 100x your stake.

If you’re itching to spot what this is each about, each you request to do is play Christmas Catch for free coming astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

3. Invading Vegas: Las Christmas by Play’n GO

Win up to 2,500x your liking erstwhile spinning Play’n Go’s Invading Vegas: Las Christmas online slot machine.

Christmas takes a terrifying twist pinch nan Invading Vegas: Las Christmas online slot arsenic nan aliens invade Las Vegas and return complete nan city. You’ll spot a destroyed municipality down nan 5 reels, including nan UFO that collapsed into a building. The symbols see imitators of celebrated icons specified arsenic Elvis Presley.

The chaotic comes successful nan shape of an alien dressed up arsenic Santa Claus. This offers some a payout and nan chance to complete winning paylines by substituting for each regular symbols wrong nan game.

Look retired for reddish gift symbols arsenic these are Mystery Symbols that uncover chaotic multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, aliases 10x for moreover bigger rewards.

When nan first and 2nd reels stack nan aforesaid awesome and consequence successful a losing spin, nan Invading Vegas: Las Christmas slot rewards you pinch a Lock On Re-Spin connected nan mediate reel.

Another characteristic of nan mediate reel is nan Walking Wild, which triggers erstwhile stacked wilds onshore connected reel 3 during a respin. These move 1 awesome to nan correct pinch each respin until it reaches nan past reel. You’ll past person betwixt 3 and 12 enigma symbols successful nan highlighted positions.

Finally, nan Invading Vegas: Las Christmas slot’s free spins round, which you’ll get to erstwhile dropping 3 scatters anyplace connected nan reels. You’ll person 12 free spins pinch stepping wilds that move to nan near of nan reels.

Join nan alien invaders erstwhile you play nan Invading Vegas: Las Christmas slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

4. Xmas Drop by Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming gives you nan chance to triumph up to 12,500x your liking pinch nan Xmas Drop online slot.

Join Santa arsenic he delivers gifts pinch nan Xmas Drop online slot. This five-reeled crippled sits successful nan mediate of a snowy wood and comes pinch a pleasant vacation tune. You’ll spot Santa himself wiggling his belly to nan correct of nan grid.

The Xmas Drop slot offers 2 types of wilds: nan Wild Santa, which opens its rima to grow downwards erstwhile seeing a triumph possibility, and nan Wild Gift, which offers a multiplier of up to 200x erstwhile crossing paths pinch nan Wild Santa.

Land 3 aliases much free rotation scatters to summation entree to nan Night Before Xmas bonus, wherever you’ll bask 10 free spins connected nan Xmas Drop slot pinch higher likelihood of dropping a Wild Santa. Three scatters will springiness you much free spins. Four scatters will reward you pinch nan Santa Claus Is Coming To Town prize round, which awards 10 games pinch guaranteed Wild Santa symbols.

If you want to guarantee wilds aliases prize rounds, you tin acquisition them for betwixt 2x and 200x your stake. Simply click connected nan ‘Buy Bonus’ fastener and prime nan characteristic you want to get going.

See what we’re talking astir erstwhile you play nan Xmas Drop slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

5. Ding Dong Christmas Bells by Pragmatic Play

Be successful pinch a chance to triumph up to 2,100x your liking erstwhile you play nan Ding Dong Christmas Bells slot instrumentality by Pragmatic Play.

Join nan festivities pinch nan Ding Dong Christmas Bells online slot, a five-reeled crippled pinch a nosy vacation theme. Spin pinch snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and reindeer arsenic you research nan snowy colony to a catchy tune.

Each doorbell successful nan paytable corresponds to a doorbell astatine nan apical of nan reels. For example, nan greenish doorbell is connected to nan Christmas character doorbell and nan reddish doorbell is connected to nan reindeer bell. Each clip a doorbell lands connected nan reels, it rings its corresponding bell, perchance triggering nan free spins round.

The triggering bells go chaotic during nan Ding Dong Christmas Bells slot’s free spins round. When forming portion of a winning combination, these use a 2x multiplier to your win. If you want much free spins, each you request to do is activate much bells.

That’s not all! The Ding Dong Christmas Bells slot comes pinch an Ante Bet usability that increases your chances of triggering nan free spins information and a Buy Feature that takes you consecutive there. Remember that these features costs money, truthful make judge to tailor to your budget.

Are you fresh to statesman ringing bells? Then play nan Ding Dong Christmas Bells slot for free astatine VSO!

6. Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas by Blueprint Gaming

Enjoy immoderate festive wins arsenic you rotation nan reels of nan Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas online slot, a Blueprint Gaming creation pinch 10 paylines.

The sportfishing taxable has been large this year, truthful it’s nary wonderment that we person a Christmas version connected our list. The Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas slot instrumentality is group successful nan mediate of an icy water pinch snowfall and crystal surrounding nan full grid.

Any food that onshore during nan Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas slot’s guidelines crippled collects successful nan sportfishing nett supra nan reels. If nan nett bursts open, you’ll person a modifier that could see free spins, rate collects, aliases reel wins.

Landing three, four, aliases 5 scatters will besides reward you pinch free spins connected nan Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas slot (10, 15, and 20 respectively). You’ll footwear disconnected nan information pinch nan ‘Pick a Fish’ bonus, wherever you’ll prime a food to person an upgrade.

You’ll meet nan fisherman during nan free spins round. His domiciled is to cod nan prize values from nan tagged fish, which could scope from 2x to 50x your existent stake. The fisherman besides lights a conception successful nan way astatine nan apical of nan reels, perchance triggering further features specified arsenic other free spins and upgrades. You’ll person nan afloat prize astatine nan extremity of nan free spins round.

Begin collecting food and prizes erstwhile you play nan Fishin’ Frenzy Christmas slot for free astatine VSO!

7. Sweet Candy Christmas by Iron Dog Studio

Grab a sugary triumph of up to 10,000x your liking pinch nan Sweet Candy Christmas slot instrumentality by Iron Dog Studio.

Enjoy immoderate Christmas treats arsenic you rotation nan six reels of nan Sweet Candy Christmas online slot, an Iron Dog Studio creation that pays erstwhile 8 aliases much matching symbols autumn anyplace connected nan reels. The grid sits successful nan mediate of a snowy candy colony and comes pinch a mellow tune to support you going. You’ll spot a snowman to nan correct of nan grid and Santa riding his sleigh down nan reels.

Every triumph you execute connected nan Sweet Candy Christmas slot results successful a tumble, which is erstwhile winning symbols vanish from nan reels to make room for caller ones. You whitethorn get a 2nd triumph here, frankincense retriggering nan tumble feature. Scatter and multiplier payouts are rewarded astatine nan extremity of nan feature.

Land four, five, aliases six scatter symbols to person 10 free spins connected nan Sweet Candy Christmas slot. You’ll find multipliers here, that besides connection a prize of 200x aliases 2,000x erstwhile 5 aliases six onshore connected nan reels respectively.

Fill up connected your stock of sugary treats erstwhile you play nan Sweet Candy Christmas slot for free astatine VSO!

These Christmas slot machines only scratch nan aboveground of what’s retired there. If you’re a instrumentality of these online games, I propose heading complete to VegasSlotsOnline correct now. You’ll find thousands of different Christmas-themed online slots to effort out, and nan champion portion is that they’re each free!

If you want to effort your luck astatine an online casino for existent rate wins, cheque retired our real money casino page now.