Best Christmas-Themed Slots of All Time

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The vacation play is pinch america and we’re bursting pinch excitement. Gifts, nutrient (oh nan food!), family gatherings, drinks pinch friends – what’s not to love?

We took things up a notch present astatine VegasSlotsOnline and created a database of nan champion Christmas-themed slots of each time. The champion part? You tin play them each for free!

1. Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom by Play’n GO

Enjoy a fewer rounds connected nan Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom online slot by Play’n GO for a chance to triumph up to 15,000x your stake.

The Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot is simply a holiday-themed version of Play’n GO’s celebrated Moon Princess slot series. This type sits successful nan mediate of a magical snowy kingdom, pinch snow-covered conifer trees connected either broadside of nan grid and nan princesses to nan right. The crippled comes pinch a pleasant Christmas soundtrack and fitting sound effects.

Empty nan grid by forming clusters of matching symbols. Any symbols that autumn wrong nan mistletoe frames adhd to nan triumph multiplier of nan round. Clear nan full grid for an further prize of 50x your stake.

Witness nan princesses execute their magic powers during immoderate random guidelines crippled spin. Love converts awesome sets, Star gifts 1 aliases 2 chaotic symbols, and Storm removes 2 sets of symbols from nan reels. Drop 1 scatter awesome to trigger nan Trinity feature, which is erstwhile each 3 princesses execute their powers during nan aforesaid spin.

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If you clear nan grid during nan Trinity feature, you’ll beryllium presented pinch a prime of 3 free spins round. Choose your princess and driblet further scatters for a chance to triumph up to 150 further games.

Join nan magic erstwhile you play nan Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

2. Santa’s Stack Dream Drop by Relax Gaming

Win up to 20,000x your liking erstwhile you play nan Santa’s Stack Dream Drop slot instrumentality by Relax Gaming.

Head complete to nan Santa’s Stack Dream Drop online slot and research nan pixelated village. Immerse yourself successful this vintage videogame styled slot arsenic you rotation for cluster pays while enjoying a retro soundtrack. The crippled is group successful nan mediate of nan municipality square, meaning you’ll perceive children play successful nan background, jingle bells, and moreover nan religion bells.

The first characteristic of nan crippled is nan wild, which increases your chances of winning by substituting for regular symbols wrong nan game. When forming portion of a winning cluster, wilds trigger nan Secret Santa feature, which starts disconnected by turning nan symbols from nan winning cluster into enigma symbols. You’ll past get a respin pinch those symbols held into place, perchance giving you a 2nd triumph and a retrigger of nan Secret Santa feature.

Drop 3 prize symbols anyplace connected nan Santa’s Stack Dream Drop slot’s reels to person 5 free spins and 1 other rotation for each further prize scatter. Play this information pinch nan Secret Santa perpetually progressive and nan chance to triumph much free spins, multipliers, and operation rewards.

Last, but not least, nan Dream Drop Bonus, which tin beryllium triggered randomly earlier immoderate fixed spin. Reveal 3 matching symbols to triumph nan Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, aliases Mega Jackpot prize.

See for yourself erstwhile you play nan Santa’s Stack Dream Drop slot for free astatine VSO!

3. Rudolph Gone Wild by SG Digital

Get acquainted pinch nan red-nosed reindeer arsenic you play SG Digital’s Rudolph Gone Wild slot machine.

Take a spot connected Santa’s sleigh and let nan Rudolph Gone Wild online slot to guideline you done nan nighttime of Christmas Eve. Play crossed nan 50 paylines SG Digital gave nan 5×4 grid for a chance to triumph complete 5,000x your stake.

The crippled is group connected a woody artifact that sits connected nan snow. You’ve sewage Rudolph himself to nan correct of nan grid and nan Snow -O- Matic instrumentality to nan left.

As nan sanction suggests, nan wilds are nan prima of this show. If a Rudolph Wild lands connected nan reels, nan Rudolph reindeer kicks its heels to move it 1 position to nan left, triggering a free respin. This continues until nan chaotic and immoderate others that onshore aft it time off nan reels.

You’ve past sewage nan Snow Machine Wilds, which is erstwhile betwixt 1 and 4 symbols are randomly replaced pinch wilds, and nan Flying Wilds, which is erstwhile elves adhd random wilds to nan reels. Both features tin trigger pinch immoderate fixed rotation during nan guidelines game.

Finally, nan Rudolph Gone Wild free spins round, which you’ll get to erstwhile landing 3 scatters. Choose your number of spins on pinch nan tallness of nan Rudolph Stacks and bask nan prizes that travel pinch them.

Are you fresh to subordinate nan reindeer crew? Then play nan Rudolph Gone Wild slot for free astatine VSO!

4. Scrooge Megaways by iSoftBet

Be portion of nan communicative arsenic you play iSoftBet’s Scrooge Megaways online slot for a chance to triumph up to 12,000x your stake.

Join nan classical communicative of nan ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, arsenic you play nan Scrooge Megaways online slot, a six-reeled crippled pinch up to 117,649 ways to win. The crippled comes pinch a pleasant tune that accompanies you arsenic you rotation this iSoftBet creation.

Every triumph connected nan Scrooge Megaways slot triggers a cascade, meaning you’ll driblet caller symbols to switch nan winning ones of each paying game.

Land 5 scatters to bask Scrooge Cash Respins. Start disconnected pinch 3 respins that reset each clip a caller scatter drops connected nan reels. Fill nan reels pinch symbols to activate nan multiplier for each scatters wrong nan reel. Keep an oculus retired for nan Past, Present, and Future scatters for moreover bigger wins.

Then there’s nan Haunting of Christmas, which either rewards you pinch Max Megaways, meaning you’ll beryllium guaranteed 117,649 ways to win, aliases nan Bonus Award, which adds further scatters to nan reels to trigger nan Scrooge Cash Respins.

Itching to get to nan Scrooge Megaways slot’s Scrooge Cash Respins round? You tin acquisition it for 50x your bet. Simply click connected nan prize bargain action and corroborate your purchase.

Meet nan man himself and study astir nan meaning of Christmas erstwhile you play nan Scrooge Megaways for free coming astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

5. Sweet Bonanza Xmas by Pragmatic Play

Satisfy your sweetener craving and triumph up to 21,000 coins erstwhile playing Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot machine.

Enjoy immoderate sugary wins arsenic you play nan Sweet Bonanza Xmas online slot, nan Christmas type of nan celebrated Sweet Bonanza slot. This variety sits successful nan mediate of a wintertime wonderland pinch mice, snowmen, and sugary treats surrounding nan 6×6 grid.

Symbols salary anyplace connected nan screen, making achieving a prize easier. The scatter is besides a paying symbol, which only sweetens nan pot.

Each triumph results successful a tumble, which is erstwhile winning symbols are removed from nan reels and replaced pinch caller ones, perchance giving you a 2nd win. This repeats until location are nary much wins connected nan reels.

Drop 4 aliases much scattered lollipops to person 10 free spins connected nan Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot machine. You’ll find nan multiplier bauble here, which tin person a worth of betwixt 2x and 100x. Any values are added together astatine nan extremity of nan tumble to springiness you a full multiplier for your complete prize.

Want to get to nan free spins information faster? All you request to do is activate nan Ante Bet characteristic to nan near of nan grid. Just retrieve that nan paytable won’t change, moreover though your liking will beryllium higher.

Grab your stock of Christmas candy erstwhile you play nan Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot for free astatine VSO!

6. Jingle Ways Megaways by Red Tiger Gaming

Collect your gifts from Santa Claus for a chance to triumph up to 21,000x pinch nan Jingle Ways Megaways slot by Red Tiger Gaming.

Find yourself successful Santa’s shop arsenic you play nan Jingle Ways Megaways online slot. This six-reeled crippled offers up to 117,649 ways to triumph and a catchy Christmas tune.

Watch arsenic Santa appears randomly connected nan reels to activate nan Santa’s Gifts feature, wherever you’ll unwrap a gift to uncover Mega Wilds, Festive Reels, Raining Wilds, a Multiplier Boost, aliases Free Spins.

The Mega Wild covers nan full reel and carries a multiplier of up to 7x. You tin person up to 4 of these during nan aforesaid spin.

Festive Reels region each debased paying symbols from nan reels from nan existent spin, guaranteeing you a typical triumph connected nan Jingle Ways Megaways slot.

The Raining Wilds characteristic drops a number of wilds connected nan mediate 4 reels to guarantee a win.

If you uncover Free Spins erstwhile opening Santa’s Gift, aliases if you driblet 3 aliases much scatters during nan guidelines game, you’ll person 8 free spins connected nan Jingle Ways Megaways slot. You’ll play this information pinch a changeless triumph multiplier that increases pinch each triumph up to a full of 15x. The champion portion of this prize information is that Santa’s Gifts tin trigger present too. Of course, you won’t beryllium capable to person free spins from Santa, you’ll person to driblet much scatter symbols for those.

Ready to get started? Then play nan Jingle Ways Megaways slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

7. Jingle Bells Bonanza by NetEnt

Travel done nan skies pinch nan Jingle Bells Bonanza online slot, a NetEnt creation pinch 5 reels.

Join nan elves arsenic they thief Santa present gifts connected nan Jingle Bells Bonanza online slot. This NetEnt crippled offers 20 fixed paylines that could reward you pinch complete 4,000x your stake.

Find 2 scatter gifts connected nan first and past reel to trigger nan Cash Drop bonus. Drop astatine slightest 3 Cash Drop baubles earlier nan antagonistic goes from 3 to zero to participate nan prize round. You’ll spot much baubles driblet connected nan reels, resetting nan rotation antagonistic to 3 each clip they do. Keep playing until you scope zero spins aliases until you’ve filled nan full grid pinch baubles, each of which holds a worth of betwixt 1x and 100x your bet.   

Drop Christmas Bells to capable your advancement bar. Once you deed a caller section, you’ll person nan scatter advancement prize successful nan corresponding position. Collect 15 Christmas Bells to trigger nan Big Cash Drop, 15 Christmas Bells to trigger nan Mega Cash Drop, and 15 Christmas Bells to trigger nan Ultimate Cash Drop.

You’ve sewage each this, advancement prize multipliers, advancement enigma prizes, and nan Golden Cash Drop Symbol. Everything you request for a cleanable Christmas slot filled pinch joy, rewards, and entertainment.

See what we’re talking astir erstwhile you play nan Jingle Bells Bonanza slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

8. Santa’s Village by Habanero

Gather astir nan Christmas character and rotation nan 5 reels of nan Santa’s Village online slot, a Habanero creation that celebrates nan vacation season.

Wear your onesie and get cozy by nan occurrence and nan Christmas character successful nan family room pinch nan Santa’s Village online slot, a crippled that takes spot successful nan mediate of a wintery home. You’ll spot decorations each astir nan room acknowledgment to nan transparent grid and agleam colors.

The gift represents nan game’s wild. This helps you rack up immoderate prizes by taking connected nan roles of each symbols wrong nan game.

Drop a Santa Claus awesome anyplace connected nan reels during nan guidelines crippled to trigger nan Map Feature. Here, Santa walks 1 dot for each triggering symbol, starting from nan brownish dot. Blue dots trigger 1 of nan 3 further features listed next.

Santa Free Games grant you pinch 12 free spins connected nan Santa’s Village slot wherever Santa Claus symbols enactment arsenic wilds. Any Santa Claus symbols wrong nan crippled grow to screen each positions of nan reel earlier nan prize is paid out.

You’ll get 12 free spins erstwhile nan Sleigh Free Games are triggered. Here, you’ll person betwixt 2 and 4 further chaotic symbols that tin randomly driblet connected nan reels earlier nan extremity of nan spin.

Finally, nan Sticky Re-Spins, which is wherever you’ll person 12 free spins that reward 2 sticky respins pinch each winning spin. The winning symbols instrumentality to nan reels arsenic nan reels respin for a chance to person a bigger and amended reward.

See for yourself erstwhile you play nan Santa’s Village slot for free astatine VSO!

9. Santa Stacked Free Spins by Inspired Gaming

Win up to 20,000 coins arsenic you rotation nan reels of nan Santa Stacked Free Spins online slot, an Inspired Gaming creation pinch 5 reels.

Feel nan Christmas cheer arsenic you play nan Santa Stacked Free Spins slot machine. From candy canes to snowflakes and Christmas stockings to nan catchy tune, nan crippled simply sings Christmas. The reels are group successful nan mediate of a snowy colony that complements nan grid’s symbols.

You’ll play on 40 fixed paylines pinch typical features specified arsenic nan wild, which helps you create winning combinations by substituting for each symbols isolated from nan prize scatter.

Speaking of which, 3 of these will return you to nan Santa Stacked Free Spins slot machine’s bonus, wherever you’ll person 8 free games pinch gift symbols.

Now let’s not hide astir nan bet feature, which you’ll trigger erstwhile winning thing of 5x aliases larger. Spin nan instrumentality and onshore connected nan greenish conception to double aliases triple your winnings. You tin besides take to play portion of your prize, meaning you’ll still locomotion distant pinch thing moreover if you suffer your gamble.

Be successful pinch a chance to triumph a Christmas gift erstwhile you play nan Santa Stacked Free Spins slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline!

10. Stay Frosty by Betsoft

Curl up nether a broad and bask wins of complete 900x your liking pinch nan Stay Frosty online slot, a Betsoft creation pinch 5 reels.

Spin to nan catchy Christmas tune that accompanies nan Stay Frosty online slot. Betsoft has fixed this crippled a snowy taxable by mounting nan 5×4 grid successful nan mediate of a wintery municipality filled pinch snowfall and vacation delight.

The snowman is nan Stay Frosty slot’s wild. This substitutes for regular symbols to thief complete 1 of nan 100 paylines wrong nan game. When successful, it becomes sticky and stays connected nan reels for 2 consecutive spins successful a different form.

Land 2, 3, aliases 5 scatters to person a payout and 10, 15, aliases 20 Merry Reindeer Free Spins respectively. Here, wilds that shape portion of wins remains sticky for nan remainder of nan Stay Frosty slot machine’s prize rounds, frankincense expanding your chances to triumph a prize significantly.

Finally, nan bargain feature, which you tin usage if you don’t want to hold for nan Merry Reindeer Free Spins prize information to trigger automatically. Simply click connected nan shopping cart and take whether you want to acquisition 10, 15, aliases 20 free spins.

If you’re fresh to get started, past play nan Stay Frosty slot for free astatine VegasSlotsOnline today!

Although these 10 are our favorites, location are hundreds of different Christmas-themed slot machines retired location for you to effort out. If you want to return them retired for a spin, caput complete to VegasSlotsOnline today. Mix, match, and research arsenic overmuch arsenic you for illustration without spending a dime!

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