Trout’s Treasure: Countryside Quest Spinomenal

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Mountain scenery provides nan backdrop for Spinomenal’s latest angling slot, arsenic players dream to reel successful large wins successful Trout’s Treasure: Countryside Quest.  


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Trout’s Treasure: Countryside Quest is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 10-paylines and prize features including a prize-collecting sportfishing free spins crippled mode. 


Low worth symbols are represented by nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.5 and x10 nan player’s stake, depending connected nan number of winning combinations that onshore connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, fish, life rings, sportfishing bait, hats and rods picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x1 and x20 nan player’s preferred bet. 

Goldfish symbols tin driblet into play, triggering 10, 15 aliases 20 free spins if three, 4 aliases 5 food scatters onshore connected nan aforesaid spin.

Finally, fisherman wilds tin appear, substituting for each symbols different than nan food scatters. 


Throughout nan game, nan precocious worth food symbols will show monetary values that tin only beryllium won successful nan free spins feature.

These food prizes scope from x2 to x2,000 nan player’s stake, pinch mini fishes offering betwixt x2 and x5, mean fishes offering betwixt x10 and x15, ample fishes providing betwixt x20 and x25 and immense food paying betwixt x50 and x2,000. 

Each clip a fisherman chaotic appears connected nan aforesaid rotation arsenic a food awesome successful nan free spins crippled mode, it will cod its worth and grant it to nan crippled mode’s full winnings. 

If 4 chaotic symbols person appeared successful nan crippled mode, 10 further spins will beryllium awarded while each mini fishes are upgraded into mean fishes. 

Then, erstwhile different 4 chaotic symbols driblet into play, six much spins will beryllium triggered while each mean fishes upgrade into ample fishes. 

Finally, if 4 much wilds look aft those first eight, an other 4 spins will beryllium awarded while only immense fishes will beryllium available. 



To effort your luck pinch nan Trout’s Treasure: Countryside Quest demo, click here.