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Thunderkick presents a neon-lit thoroughfare filled pinch scatter-pays and multiplier wins successful its latest dystopian slot release, Xterminate


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Xterminate is simply a 6×5 reel slot pinch scatter-pays of 8 aliases much identical symbols, offering a maximum triumph of x25,000 nan player’s wager. 




94.12 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. These symbols tin supply wins betwixt x1 and x3 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of winning combinations that autumn connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, bluish spray cans, greenish jagged shot bats, reddish state masks and a terminator-like robot characteristic picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x2 and x7 nan player’s bet. 

Grenade symbols tin driblet into play, activating nan explosive characteristic erstwhile it appears connected a rotation pinch nary first wins.

This characteristic causes each symbols different than grenades, wilds and nan astir coming debased aliases precocious worth awesome connected nan reels to detonate and disappear, allowing caller symbols to driblet successful from nan top. 

Finally, charged quality characteristic wilds are available, depicting a number of lives from 1 to three. This number represents nan number of cascades nan chaotic will enactment coming connected nan reels for arsenic it substitute for each symbols different than grenades. 


Xterminate uses cascading wins, meaning that symbols successful a winning operation will vanish aft providing their payout to make measurement for caller symbols that driblet successful from nan apical of nan reels. 

Wins are formed erstwhile 8 aliases much identical symbols look successful immoderate position crossed nan board. The highest-paying wins are formed erstwhile 12 aliases much identical symbols look connected nan aforesaid spin. 

The slot besides offers a TOTALX multiplier feature, successful which each payout wins are presented arsenic multiples of nan player’s chosen bet, which are past added to a multiplier worth supra nan reel set. 

Each triumph is first multiplied by nan existent Xterminate multiplier that sits supra nan reel set, earlier adding that accrued worth backmost to nan Xterminate multiplier for immoderate consequent cascading wins that hap connected nan aforesaid spin. 

At nan extremity of nan cascading wins, nan Xterminate multiplier supra nan reel group will beryllium applied to nan player’s liking to uncover nan full triumph for nan spin. This multiplier worth will past reset for nan adjacent spin. 

Thunderkick has besides introduced a caller BET+ usability pinch this slot, allowing players to salary accrued prices for spins pinch double nan chance of witnessing a triumph (costing x2 nan player’s stake), spins pinch 5 times nan chance of winning (x5) and spins pinch guaranteed wins (x10). 


Mike Collins, Product Owner astatine Thunderkick, stated: “Xterminate is simply a crippled which is definite to move a fewer heads. It tin beryllium sadistic astatine times, and it really packs a punch. With TOTALX and BET+ we’ve introduced a brand-new multiplier mechanic to nan world of slots, arsenic good arsenic further stake modes.

“Players tin expect explosive gameplay wherever each Avalanche tin reap exponential rewards. Throw immoderate charged wilds and explosive symbols into nan operation and it’s a look for an electrifying experience.”



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