Coins of Ra Betsoft

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Betsoft takes players connected an archeological expedition crossed ancient Egypt pinch its latest coin-spinning slot title, Coins of Ra.  


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Ancient Egypt


Coins of Ra is simply a 3×3 reel slot pinch five-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x3,600 nan player’s wager. 




96.18 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by green, purple, orangish and reddish gemstones. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x1 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of matching combinations that look connected a azygous spin. 

Next up, vases, nan Eye of Horus and pyramids picture nan mean worth symbols, providing wins betwixt x1.6 and x3 nan player’s wager. 

High worth symbols travel successful nan shape of scarab beetles. If nan correct number of identical combinations autumn connected nan aforesaid turn, these symbols tin connection x5 nan chosen bet. 

Two prize coin symbols tin look successful this slot, pinch prize coins appearing connected reels 1 and three, while golden Ra coins onshore connected nan mediate reel. Landing 3 aliases much coins connected nan aforesaid rotation will activate nan hold-and-win feature. 

Prize coins will look depicting either prize values, ranging from x1 to x15 nan player’s wager aliases jackpot values of mini (x25), insignificant (x50), awesome (x150) aliases expansive (x1,000). These prizes tin beryllium won successful nan hold-and-win feature. 

Finally, chaotic Ankh symbols tin driblet into play, substituting for each symbols different than coins, while awarding x10 nan player’s liking for a three-of-a-kind chaotic win. 


While prize coin symbols show prize values, nan golden Ra coins that look successful nan mediate reel execute a cod usability that only becomes progressive successful nan hold-and-win crippled mode. 

This crippled mode awards 3 spins, pinch each prize coins that driblet into play being collected into nan golden Ra coins successful nan cardinal reel, including jackpot prizes. 

Each awesome that drops into play will reset nan number of spins to three, but erstwhile each 3 spins person been completed, nan crippled mode will extremity pinch each golden Ra coins’ values being added to nan hold-and-win feature’s full payout. 

Additionally, 1 aliases 2 coins landing connected 1 guidelines crippled rotation do person a chance to activate nan hold-and-win characteristic via nan game’s randomly activated ‘chest of gold’ bonus. 


Fernando Van Velzen, Head of Account Management astatine Betsoft, explained: “Coins of Ra is not conscionable a game; it’s a voyage into nan bosom of ancient Egypt, wherever each rotation tin uncover nan wealthiness of nan Pharaohs. 

“Our squad has outdone themselves, crafting a crippled that blends humanities intrigue pinch cutting-edge gameplay. We’re excited for players to acquisition nan magic and enigma that Coins of Ra has to offer.”



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