Rockstar: World Tour – Hold and Win Betsoft

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Betsoft has been rocking each complete nan world pinch its latest guitar-shredding slot release, Rockstar: World Tour – Hold and Win.


Out now 


Rock music 


Rockstar: World Tour – Hold and Win is simply a 6×5 reel slot pinch 66-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x8,379 nan player’s bet. 




96.42 per cent 


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.16 and x7.66 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of identical combinations that onshore connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, 4 rockstars picture nan precocious worth symbols pinch greenish drummers, reddish guitar players, purple bass players and a bluish frontman providing wins betwixt x0.33 and x144.33 nan player’s preferred bet. 

Vinyl records tin besides driblet into play, displaying either monetary values betwixt x0.5 and x10 nan player’s bet, aliases jackpot values of insignificant (x16), awesome (x166) aliases expansive (x666). 

Landing six aliases much vinyl symbols crossed nan committee will trigger nan hold-and-win crippled mode, successful which players tin triumph these displayed prizes. 

Backstage walk scatters are available, paying retired wins independently from paylines. Landing three, four, 5 aliases six scatters connected nan aforesaid rotation will grant x6, x16, x26 and x66 nan player’s bet, respectively. 

Finally, chaotic matter symbols tin look connected nan reels, substituting for each symbols successful nan crippled different than vinyl bonuses and backstage walk scatters.


In nan hold-and-win crippled mode, players are fixed 3 spins connected an quiet reel group wherever only nan triggering vinyl symbols commencement connected nan board. 

During nan 3 spins, further vinyl symbols tin onshore connected nan committee and each awesome that does driblet into play will reset nan number of spins to three. 

Furthermore, typical superfan multiplier symbols tin look successful this crippled mode. These symbols will randomly prime betwixt 2 and 8 symbols connected nan reels to beryllium enhanced. 

The selected symbols will beryllium enhanced by multipliers betwixt x2 and x256 earlier nan multiplier awesome reveals a worth of its own. The prize worth revealed by nan multiplier tin beryllium betwixt x0.5 and x10 nan player’s bet, aliases a jackpot worth of insignificant (x16), awesome (x166) aliases expansive (x666). 

Once nan 3 awarded spins person been completed, nan subordinate will person nan accumulated worth of each collected symbols that person dropped into play. If nan committee becomes filled pinch vinyl aliases multiplier symbols, past nan characteristic will tie to a close. 

Moreover, players tin bargain entree to 4 different versions of nan free spins crippled mode utilizing nan bargain prize function. A crippled mode pinch 1 respin alternatively of 3 will costs x30 nan player’s stake, while nan characteristic pinch 2 respins costs x45. 

The modular prize crippled mode action pinch 3 respins is disposable for x60, while a type of nan crippled mode pinch 3 respins arsenic good arsenic a guaranteed multiplier for x70. 


Jonathan Crook, Account Management Team Lead, Betsoft Gaming, stated: “Our clasp and triumph titles are performing sensationally astatine present. This crippled brings precocious power and we’re mixing it up pinch a 6×5 reeler, which we haven’t seen pinch immoderate of our different hold-and-win games until now. 

“Looking broadly, 7 of our apical 10 performers globally characteristic nan clasp and triumph characteristic truthful we cognize it’s what nan players want and enjoy. That’s what matters to us.”



To person a spell astatine nan Rockstar: World Tour – Hold and Win demo, click here.