Rich Lady Deluxe Swintt

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Swintt has presented a crippled filled pinch good jewellery and high-class cocktails successful its latest luxurious slot release, Rich Lady Deluxe


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Rich Lady Deluxe is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 50-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x1,080 nan player’s wager. 




85.35-96.08 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. If nan correct number of winning combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.1 and x1 nan player’s bet. 

Meanwhile, pearl necklaces, feather pendants and bluish rings picture nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.4 and x4 nan player’s preferred wager. 

Female characters correspond nan precocious worth symbols for this title, providing wins betwixt x0.1 and x40 nan chosen bet. 

Additionally, prize matter gem symbols tin driblet into play, activating nan instant triumph crippled mode erstwhile 3 driblet successful connected nan aforesaid spin. 

Bonus pearl symbols are besides available, displaying monetary values betwixt x1 and x30 nan player’s bet, aliases jackpot values of insignificant (x5), awesome (x25), maxi (x250) aliases mega (x500). 

Landing six aliases much pearls connected nan aforesaid rotation will activate nan hold-and-win crippled mode, successful which nan displayed pearl prizes tin beryllium won. 

Gold scatter pendants are included, paying retired independently from paylines erstwhile 3 aliases much look connected nan aforesaid spin. Landing three, 4 aliases 5 pendant scatters connected nan aforesaid move will grant x3, x10 aliases x150 nan player’s bet, respectively. 

Finally, cocktail wilds are disposable connected reels two, 3 and four, substituting for each symbols different than scatter pendants, prize diamonds and pearls, while expanding to screen afloat reels each clip it has nan imaginable to lend to a win. 


In nan instant triumph crippled mode triggered by prize diamonds, players must prime 1 of 3 diamonds, each hiding multiplied stake magnitude prizes down them. 

From these 3 diamonds, players tin triumph either x30, x60 aliases x100 their stake. 

For nan hold-and-win crippled mode, players are fixed 3 spins to onshore arsenic galore prize pearls connected nan reels arsenic possible. Each awesome that drops into play will reset nan number of spins to three. 

When nan 3 spins person been completed, players will person nan sum of each pearls that person appeared connected nan board, including minor, awesome and maxi pearls. 

However, successful bid to triumph nan mega jackpot prize of x500, players must onshore 3 mega pearls passim nan hold-and-win spins. 

If only 1 aliases 2 mega pearls driblet into play earlier nan characteristic finishes, these pearls will toggle shape into either x25 aliases x30 pearls astatine random. 

If players negociate to onshore a afloat reel of 15 pearl symbols, each pearl’s worth will beryllium doubled by two, isolated from immoderate maxi aliases mega jackpot pearls. 

Furthermore, players tin bargain entree to nan hold-and-win characteristic for nan value of x53 their preferred stake. 


David Mann, Chief Executive Officer astatine Swintt, said: “Right aft nan Festive season, our caller Rich Lady Deluxe slot gives Premium fans a luxury acquisition that has nan imaginable to grant 4 jackpot prizes from arsenic small arsenic €0.10 per spin.”

“Boasting an instant-win enigma prize and nan return of our celebrated pearls and pots feature, Rich Lady Deluxe offers players aggregate routes to large wins and moreover lets them bargain straight into nan second crippled if they don’t consciousness for illustration waiting to trigger it manually. 

“As such, it’s a premium merchandise successful each consciousness of nan connection and we expect it to go a immense deed astatine each partner casinos erstwhile it launches.”



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