Pigeon Hut Stakelogic

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Slot news - Stakelogic’s latest slot merchandise takes players into nan hustle and bustle of a engaged metropolis thoroughfare for an aviary escapade successful Pigeon Hunt


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Pigeon Hut is divided into 2 5×3 reel sets, each utilizing 20-paylines to let for 40 successful total, offering a maximum triumph of up to x12,500 nan player’s bet. 




96 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.4 and x1 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of paying combinations that look connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, 4 pigeon characters pinch colours of green, blue, pinkish and reddish picture nan precocious worth symbols, providing wins betwixt x1 and x10 nan chosen bet. 

Bonus pigeon helping scatters tin appear, triggering eight, 10 aliases 15 free spins erstwhile three, 4 aliases 5 wings onshore connected nan aforesaid spin, respectively. 

Wild W symbols are besides available, substituting for each symbols different than nan pigeon helping scatters. Landing three, 4 aliases 5 wilds connected a winning payline will respectively supply wins worthy x3, x6 aliases x15 nan player’s wager. 

Finally, firecracker prize symbols tin driblet into play, activating nan firecracker prize features. This causes each precocious worth symbols connected some reel sets to toggle shape into chaotic symbols arsenic a respin prize occurs. 


When a firecracker awesome drops into play, each precocious worth pigeon symbols successful its half of nan reel group will move into chaotic symbols. These chaotic symbols past go sticky connected nan committee arsenic a respin occurs astir them. 

Each chaotic awesome will besides origin its mirrored position connected nan other reel group to toggle shape into a wild. 

If firecracker symbols onshore connected some reel sets connected nan aforesaid spin, past nan bottommost reel group will execute its characteristic first, earlier nan apical half repeats it. 

Additionally, 2 firecracker symbols connected nan aforesaid half of nan reel group will origin nan chaotic symbols to look pinch multipliers represented by nan number of firecrackers that dropped into play. 

As nan free respin occurs, immoderate further firecrackers symbols that driblet into play will grant 1 other respin while expanding immoderate multipliers connected nan wilds by a worth of one. The respins will extremity erstwhile nary further firecracker symbols onshore connected either reel set. 

In nan free spins crippled mode, much firecracker symbols and precocious worth pigeons will beryllium added to nan reel sets. 

Players tin bargain entree to 8 free spins for x80 their stake, 10 spins for x100 aliases 15 spins for x150. Additionally, a random action is disposable for x220, randomly revealing either eight, 10 aliases 15 spins. 


Daniela Fricchione, Head of Account Management astatine Stakelogic, commented: “At Stakelogic, we emotion uncovering caller ways to entertain our players and research different themes and genres. Pigeon Hut is 1 of our astir amusing and unsocial titles to date, pinch nan crippled combining a unsocial taxable pinch engaging gameplay bonuses and beardown winning potential.

“We return pleasance successful uncovering inspiration successful nan strangest of places, and pinch Pigeon Hut, we person drawn connected nan backmost alleys of cities, bringing them to life pinch a vibrant animation style and memorable animation characters.”

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