Nugget AvatarUX

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Wild West wins are connected connection successful AvatarUX’s latest slot release, arsenic players dream to onslaught golden and summation typical payday wins successful Nugget.


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Wild West


Nugget is simply a 6×4 reel slot pinch up to 531,441 ways to triumph and a maximum triumph of up to x25,000 nan player’s bet. 




94-96 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces capable to appear. These symbols tin supply wins betwixt x0.2 and x2 nan player’s bet, depending connected nan number of winning combinations that look connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, cowboy hats, whiskey glasses and hammers picture nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.4 and x2.25 nan player’s preferred wager. 

High worth symbols travel successful nan shape of greenish prospectors, purple female characters and a miner. If nan correct number of paying combinations onshore connected nan aforesaid turn, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.45 and x2 nan player’s stake. 

Additionally, this title offers a ace precocious worth symbol, known arsenic nan gunslinger. This awesome depicts a cowboy shooting pistols and tin supply wins betwixt x0.5 and x3 nan player’s bet. 

Pistol scatters tin besides driblet into play, triggering nan free spins characteristic erstwhile 3 onshore connected nan aforesaid spin. 

Once activated, 2 free spins wheels will beryllium presented to nan player, allowing them to either cod a modular level of nan free spins feature, aliases bet to summation much free spins and much ways to win. 

Finally, a ‘payday’ prize awesome is available, randomly awarding 1 of 3 prize features for each payday awesome that drops into play. 


AvatarUX’s ZapReel characteristic is disposable passim this game, adding an other horizontal apical reel supra nan committee that contributes an further awesome supra each six reels. 

Also, cascading wins occur, causing winning symbols to vanish aft providing their payout prizes, making measurement for caller symbols to driblet into play. 

When payday symbols onshore connected nan board, they will grant 1 of 3 prize features astatine random. Each of these features will besides coming a number of lives from 1 to four, representing really galore spins it will enhance. 

One of these bonuses is simply a enigma symbols feature, which causes a cluster of aureate nuggets to look crossed cells successful nan consequent spins, earlier revealing identical symbols successful each of these cells. 

An X-mode characteristic is besides disposable from these payday symbols, causing each ace precocious gunslinger symbols to look pinch multipliers connected consequent spins. 

The 3rd and last characteristic offered by nan payday symbols is nan low-symbol removal feature, which causes each debased worth symbols to beryllium removed from play for 1 to 4 spins. 

When entering nan free spins feature, players tin either prime nan ‘collect’ instrumentality that will randomly uncover a number of spins betwixt 7 and 10, arsenic good arsenic a number of ways to win, pinch up to 86,436 disposable connected this wheel. 

Alternatively, players tin take to bet their entree to nan free spins crippled mode to summation an enhanced feature, pinch nan instrumentality capable to uncover up to 14 free spins pinch up to 531,441 ways to win. 

During nan free spins crippled mode, a randomly triggered golden unreserved characteristic tin occur, importantly expanding nan chances of gunslinger and payday symbols dropping into play. 

Also, nan golden unreserved characteristic will origin immoderate X-mode gunslinger multipliers to go doubled. 

While payday features tin only hap for up to 4 spins successful nan guidelines game, this is accrued to 5 spins successful nan free spins feature. 

Furthermore, players tin bargain entree to respective levels of nan free spins characteristic for nan value of a importantly accrued stake, while ante stake options are besides disposable to supply higher chances of entering nan free spins crippled mode. 

Players tin besides activate nan ‘dynamite spins’ option, which increases their liking ten-fold to guarantee astatine slightest 1 payday awesome connected each spin. 


Lara Falzon, CEO astatine AvatarUX, commented: “Nugget is simply a Wild West thriller that pushes players to nan limit, pinch gunslingers galore filling nan reels arsenic players look for a max triumph of x25,000.

“We want to create titles that really situation what we’re tin of, and Nugget sees america diversifying again our portfolio of games and products. With nan caller and innovative Golden Ways, we are bringing a marque caller acquisition to our players and offering a caller summation to our portfolio.