Manimals Stakelogic

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Brawling beasts return centre shape successful Stakelogic’s latest explosive slot release, pinch sharks, gorillas and tigers featuring successful Manimals


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Manimals is simply a 5×4 reel slot pinch up to 32,768 ways to triumph and a maximum triumph worthy x5,000 nan player’s bet. 




96.01 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.1 and x1 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of identical combinations that autumn connected 1 turn. 

Meanwhile, monkeys, sharks, gorillas, tigers and reptiles picture nan precocious worth symbols, providing wins betwixt x1 and x10 nan chosen bet. 

Bonus B scatters tin besides appear, triggering eight, 10 aliases 15 free spins erstwhile three, 4 aliases 5 onshore connected nan aforesaid spin, respectively. 

Grenade symbols tin onshore connected reels two, 3 and four, triggering an explosive characteristic that highlights circumstantial symbols crossed nan committee and removes them from play, allowing caller symbols to driblet successful from nan apical of nan reels. 

Finally, chaotic W symbols are disposable connected reels 2 to five, substituting for each symbols different than prize scatters and grenades. 


Cascading wins hap successful this game, causing winning symbols to vanish aft providing their payouts, making measurement for caller symbols to driblet into play and summation nan triumph potential. 

Throughout nan guidelines crippled mode, precocious worth animal symbols tin randomly look successful afloat stacks crossed definite reels, while besides having nan expertise to screen 2 reels arsenic a 2×4-sized symbol. 

Additionally, nan free spins characteristic allows for these elephantine animal symbols to screen up to 4 reels, pinch their sizes ranging from 1×4 to 4×4. 

The free spins characteristic only allows for chaotic symbols to look connected reels 3 to five, but each chaotic becomes sticky connected nan reels for nan long of nan free spins. 

Another random guidelines crippled characteristic that tin hap is nan past chance feature, which causes an animal to look successful beforehand of nan reels earlier it removes each debased worth symbols from play, allowing for caller symbols to driblet successful from nan top. 

Players tin bargain entree to each level of nan free spins feature, pinch eight, 10 aliases 15 spins costing x100, x150 aliases x200 nan player’s stake. 


Daniela Fricchione, Head of Account Management astatine Stakelogic, stated: “At Stakelogic, we are ever looking for caller ways to push boundaries, some for nan taxable and successful position of gameplay. 

“We person achieved this pinch Manimals, offering players a glimpse into a unsocial early while providing them pinch action-packed prize features and nan chance to deed immoderate large wins.

“We besides person to tilt our hats to our schematic department. They person worked tirelessly and done an unbelievable occupation of bringing this unsocial imagination to life. We are excited to spot nan first reactions to nan game.“



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