Legacy of the Sages Evoplay

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Evoplay’s latest slot title is celebrating nan upcoming Lunar New Year festivities pinch enigma prizes appearing successful Legacy of nan Sages


Out now


East Asia


Legacy of nan Sages is simply a 5×5 reel slot pinch 15-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x4,095 nan player’s wager. 




96.02 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. If nan correct number of winning combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x7.5 nan player’s bet. 

Meanwhile, rabbits, monkeys, birds and tigers picture nan precocious worth symbols, providing wins betwixt x1 and x30 nan player’s preferred wager. 

Mystery yin-yang symbols tin appear, revealing identical debased and precocious worth symbols crossed nan board. Additionally, if 5 yin-yang symbols onshore adjacent to each other, a typical enigma concatenation characteristic will beryllium activated. 

Free spins gong scatters are besides available, triggering eight, 12 aliases 18 free spins erstwhile three, 4 aliases 5 scatters onshore connected nan aforesaid turn. 

Finally, chaotic greenish dragons tin look connected reels 2 done five, substituting for each symbols different than nan free spins scatters. 


When 5 aliases much yin-yang enigma symbols look adjacent to 1 another, nan enigma concatenation characteristic will origin each awesome to either uncover each chaotic symbols aliases typical money symbols. 

The money symbols will supply instant wins, offering monetary values betwixt x1 and x18 nan player’s stake, aliases jackpot values of mini (x88), mega (x188) aliases ace (x1,888). 

During nan free spins prize game, each enigma concatenation characteristic that occurs tin only uncover money symbols. 


Ivan Kravchuk, CEO astatine Evoplay, stated: “Legacy of nan Sages takes users to nan mythical lands of nan Far East, and is simply a cleanable summation to our portfolio arsenic we observe nan Lunar New Year, brimmed pinch rewarding features and immersive design.

“The enigma concatenation characteristic is an breathtaking summation to this captivating slot, forming a way of wins that players tin observe passim their travel wrong an enchanting temple.”


To effort your luck pinch nan Legacy of nan Sages demo, click here.

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