Inferno Fireballs Fugaso

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Fugaso has group nan reels alight arsenic fireballs supply flaming-hot wins successful nan studio’s latest fiery slot release, Inferno Fireballs: Running Wins


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Inferno Fireballs: Running Wins is simply a 3×3 reel slot pinch five-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x6,500 nan player’s wager. 




96 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by cherries, lemons, oranges and plums. These symbols tin connection betwixt x1 and x4 nan player’s stake, depending connected nan number of winning combinations that onshore connected a azygous spin. 

Next up, grapes, watermelons and bells picture nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x16 and x20 nan player’s preferred bet. 

High worth symbols travel successful nan shape of bars, which tin supply wins worthy x30 nan player’s wager. 

Fireballs picture nan prize symbols for this game, pinch modular fireballs appearing connected reels 1 and 3 displayingwith multiplied stake magnitude prizes displayed upon them, aliases jackpot values of mini (x25), insignificant (x50), awesome (x150) aliases expansive (x1,000). 

Meanwhile, typical prize fireballs tin look pinch a darker colour, landing exclusively successful nan 2nd reel. These fireballs will execute enhanced features successful nan prize crippled mode, which is triggered by landing 3 aliases much of immoderate fireballs connected nan aforesaid guidelines crippled spin. 

Wild symbols are besides disposable successful this game, appearing arsenic fortunate reddish sevens. These symbols will substitute for each symbols successful nan crippled different than some fireballs, while providing wins worthy x50 nan stake erstwhile 3 look crossed a payline. 


In nan prize crippled mode, immoderate typical prize fireballs that look successful nan mediate reel will go sticky connected nan committee for nan long of nan feature. 

Players are fixed 3 spins to onshore arsenic galore fireballs connected nan reels arsenic possible, pinch each awesome that drops into play resetting nan number of spins to three. 

Each modular fireball that appears successful nan first aliases 3rd reel will person its worth collected by immoderate typical prize fireballs that are positioned successful nan mediate reel, earlier being removed from play successful nan adjacent spin. 

Jackpot fireballs will besides person their values collected by nan typical fireballs successful nan mediate reel. 

Once each 3 spins person been completed, nan collected values displayed by nan typical prize fireballs will beryllium awarded to nan player.