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Slot news - Relax Gaming guides players up Mount Olympus to show nan mythological communicative of Hercules successful its latest jackpot-spinning slot release, Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop


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Greek mythology 


Hercules Unleashed Dream Drop is simply a 5×5 reel slot pinch 259-ways to triumph and a maximum triumph of up to x10,000 nan player’s wager. 


94 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x0.5 nan player’s bet, depending connected nan number of identical symbols that onshore connected a winning payline. 

Meanwhile, bluish lions, greenish bulls, purple hydras, a fiery reddish Cerberus and Hercules himself picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.3 and x4 nan chosen bet. 

Bonus matter scatters tin besides appear, providing entree to nan prize crippled mode erstwhile 3 aliases much onshore connected nan aforesaid spin. 


When 5 identical precocious worth symbols look successful nan first reel during nan guidelines game, a respin characteristic is activated. This causes nan symbols and immoderate identical symbols appearing connected different reels crossed nan committee to go sticky, while a free respin occurs astir them.

If different identical awesome lands connected nan committee owed to this respin, nan characteristic will beryllium repeated. This allows nan chance for a ample number of paying combinations to beryllium formed pinch nan respin symbol. 

Special lightning symbols tin look during these respins, causing nan committee to grow by 1 statement each clip they driblet into play. A maximum committee size of 10×5 tin beryllium achieved pinch this symbol. 

Moreover, nan identical symbols that look during nan respin tin look pinch multipliers of x2, x3, x4 aliases x5, which will beryllium applied to immoderate payline wins that are formed pinch those symbols during nan respin. 

Once a respin occurs pinch nary identical symbols aliases lightning symbols dropping into play, nan characteristic will extremity and each payline wins that person been formed will payout their prizes. 

For nan prize crippled mode, this respin characteristic is enhanced, arsenic 3 spins are allocated to nan subordinate alternatively of conscionable one. 

The crippled mode starts pinch nan lowest-paying precocious worth awesome – nan bluish lion – appearing arsenic a afloat stack successful nan first reel, but this awesome tin beryllium upgraded arsenic nan crippled mode plays out.

Special shields tin look successful this crippled mode, pinch values of one, 2 aliases three. These values will beryllium collected successful a metre beside nan reels. Once this metre reaches a worth of 10, nan awesome will beryllium upgraded to nan next-highest paying precocious worth symbol. 

As successful nan guidelines crippled respins, symbols tin look pinch multiplier values of x2, x3, x4 aliases x5 that will beryllium applied to immoderate wins formed utilizing said symbols. 

Furthermore, Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop jackpot usability is disposable successful this game. 

Randomly triggered jackpot spins tin hap successful nan guidelines game, and erstwhile 5 DD symbols onshore connected nan reels successful this feature, players will beryllium taken to nan Dream Drop bonus. 

Five varying jackpot reels look successful this jackpot feature, while typical shields look beneath them connected each spin. Each of these shields will coming a number that will beryllium utilized to capable nan abstraction connected nan shield’s respective jackpot reel. 

Once a jackpot reel is filled by nan shields, it will grant its respective prize. Five jackpot prizes are available, pinch players hoping to beryllium fortunate capable to declare nan millionaire mega jackpot. 


Shelley Hannah, CPO astatine Relax Gaming, commented: “Hercules is an iconic characteristic that has transcended galore forms of intermezo done nan years, we are thrilled to person this fabled Greek leader beforehand and centre successful our latest merchandise which we are judge will beryllium celebrated pinch players and operators.

“If nan awesome crippled artwork, engaging mechanics and gripping features weren’t capable to captivate players, we are assured nan gargantuan Dream Drop Jackpot will beryllium capable to pique their interest.”

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