Fruity Mayan Habanero

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Habanero takes players backmost to nan ancient Aztecs pinch an infusion of fruits successful its first slot merchandise of 2024, Fruity Mayan.


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Fruity Mayan is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 50-paylines and a maximum triumph of x10,000 nan player’s wager.






Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from Jack done to Ace. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.12 and x4 nan player’s liking depending connected nan combinations which onshore connected nan reels during a spin.

Strawberries, grapes, apples and bananas correspond nan game’s precocious worth symbols. Depending connected nan combinations that look connected nan reels, these symbols tin connection betwixt x1 and x50 nan player’s bet.

An Aztec vertebrate is nan scatter awesome featured successful nan title, which offers x3, x10 aliases x50 nan player’s wagers depending connected if three, 4 aliases 5 onshore connected nan reels respectively.

Fruity Mayan’s chaotic awesome is simply a aureate W, which substitutes for each different symbols isolated from for nan scatter and offers x50 nan player’s stake should 5 onshore connected nan reels.

Any awesome isolated from for nan scatter tin besides look arsenic a mega symbol, pinch nan centre 3 reels spinning arsenic a 3×3 awesome earlier pays are awarded. This tin beryllium triggered connected a random spin.


The Aztec Wheel characteristic tin besides beryllium triggered connected immoderate random spin, presenting a instrumentality featuring different prize segments which tin beryllium won by nan player.

The instrumentality will rotation and either onshore connected a rate prize aliases an upgrade to uncover higher rate prizes earlier it is spun again. The instrumentality tin upgrade a maximum of 2 times. Segments connected nan instrumentality tin return to nan subordinate from x10 up to x5000 their stake.

The free games characteristic is triggered erstwhile nan selected number of scatter symbols onshore connected nan reels. 10, 20 aliases 50 free games are awarded erstwhile three, 4 aliases 5 scatter symbols look connected nan reels respectively.

During nan guidelines game, 25-paylines are available. During nan free games feature, this is accrued to 50-paylines. The characteristic tin beryllium retriggered and players are besides capable to bargain nan characteristic for x43 their existent stake. 

A ace stake action is besides available, doubling nan player’s existent wager and expanding nan likelihood of triggering nan free games feature. When nan free games characteristic is triggered successful a ace stake spin, chaotic and mega symbols person a higher chance of appearing connected nan reels.


Toni Karapetrov, Head of Corporate Communications astatine Habanero, said: “As our first merchandise of nan year, Fruity Mayan aptly showcases what Habanero does best. Pairing nan kaleidoscope charm of Mayan civilization pinch a fruity twist and thrilling gameplay, it creates a harmonious slot acquisition wherever each constituent useful successful tandem pinch nan other.

“With features specified arsenic nan Aztec Wheel awarding instant rate prizes and a prize crippled wherever players tin triumph up to 50 Free Spins, we’re assured that Fruity Mayan will beryllium a apical performer successful our portfolio.”

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