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Slot news - Booming Games has utilized nostalgia to its advantage aft launching its latest traditionally-themed slot release, Classic Fantastic


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Classic Fantastic is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch five-paylines that salary from some sides of nan board. 


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. These symbols tin supply wins betwixt x0.4 and x10 nan player’s bet, depending connected nan number of winning combinations that onshore connected a azygous spin. 

Meanwhile, single, double and triple-stacked bars picture nan precocious worth symbols, alongside nan highest-paying fortunate 7 symbols. These symbols tin connection betwixt x2 and x200 nan player’s preferred wager. 

Free spins matter scatters are available, triggering 10 free spins erstwhile 3 aliases much look connected nan aforesaid turn. Additionally, landing three, 4 aliases 5 scatters connected nan aforesaid rotation will grant instant wins worthy x5, x100 aliases x1,000 nan player’s bet. 

Wild matter symbols are besides included, substituting for each symbols different than nan free spins scatters. Landing two, three, 4 aliases 5 wilds crossed a winning payline will supply wins worthy x1, x10, x100 aliases x1,000 nan chosen stake. 


Classic Fantastic uses a pays-two-ways system, successful which payline wins tin beryllium formed some from left-to-right and from right-to-left, doubling nan number of ways to win. 

Looking astatine nan guidelines game’s prize features, chaotic symbols tin look successful stacks of 3 that tin either screen afloat reels aliases look partially crossed them. Special x3 wilds tin besides driblet into play, multiplying immoderate wins that they lend to by x3. 

During nan free spins crippled mode, each wins are multiplied by x3. This allows for immoderate x3 chaotic wins to beryllium further enhanced, multiplying nan first payline triumph by x9. 


Moritz Blume, Director of Product astatine Booming Games, stated: “Classic Fantastic delivers nan champion of some worlds, and Booming slot Games are delighted to motorboat it to online slot players astir nan globe from February 1.

“Delivering a patient dose of nostalgia pinch its look and feel, mixed pinch modern mechanics, this is simply a slot that has thing for everyone. Classic aesthetics, modern features and colossal wins – travel on and springiness Classic Fantastic a spin.”

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