Brew Brothers Slotmill

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Slotmill has brewed up a large wind pinch its latest slot release, inviting players to a farmyard pinch moonshine multipliers successful Brew Brothers


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Brew Brothers is simply a 5×4 reel slot pinch 40-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x12,000 nan player’s wager. 




96.09 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. If nan correct number of winning combinations look connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x1.6 nan player’s bet. 

Meanwhile, buckets, corn, yeast and sweetener bags picture nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.35 and x5 nan player’s preferred stake. 

High worth symbols are represented by 2 husbandman characters, pinch 1 bluish and 1 red. These symbols tin connection betwixt x1 and x12.5 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of identical combinations that look astatine once. 

Bonus moonshine crate scatters tin look connected reels two, 3 and four, triggering 7 free spins erstwhile 3 onshore connected nan aforesaid turn. Any scatter symbols that look without triggering nan free spins crippled mode will toggle shape into modular chaotic symbols. 

Multiple different chaotic symbols are disposable successful this crippled mode, pinch moonshine bottles appearing connected reels two, 3 and 4 to picture nan game’s modular chaotic symbols. You can play on link situs gacor Each chaotic will substitute for each symbols successful nan game, different than nan crate scatters. 

Moonshine vessel wilds tin besides driblet into play, displaying multiplier values of x2 aliases x3, which will beryllium applied to immoderate wins that nan vessel chaotic contributes to. 

Finally, ‘old betty’ wilds are disposable connected some nan first and 5th reels. Each clip an aged betty chaotic lands connected either of these reels, it tin randomly activate a typical characteristic that places betwixt 1 and 9 wilds crossed nan 3 mediate reels. 

If nan aged betty characteristic causes a chaotic to beryllium placed complete an already existing wild, this chaotic will summation a multiplier worth that increases by 1 pinch each further chaotic that is placed complete it. 


Throughout nan free spins crippled mode, each chaotic that appears connected nan committee will enactment sticky successful its spot for nan long of nan prize feature. 

The free spins characteristic besides causes aged betty wilds to go enhanced, turning into ‘gold betty’ wilds that enactment sticky connected nan committee for nan long of nan prize crippled mode. These golden betty wilds will person nan chance to randomly activate their added wilds characteristic connected each free spin. 

If players negociate to capable reels two, 3 and 4 pinch 12 chaotic symbols, these symbols will merge together to shape a elephantine tractor chaotic that covers each 3 mediate reels. 

Any multipliers that existed connected nan wilds successful nan mediate reels will beryllium added together to create 1 enhanced multiplier for nan elephantine tractor wild. 

Players tin bargain entree to various different prize features utilizing nan studio’s Fast Track function. A guidelines crippled rotation that guarantees astatine slightest 2 scatter symbols tin beryllium bought for x10 nan player’s stake, while guaranteed entree to nan free spins crippled mode tin beryllium bought for x100. 

Furthermore, a guidelines crippled rotation that guarantees an aged betty chaotic characteristic tin beryllium activated for x30 nan player’s stake, while a free spins prize crippled mode pinch guaranteed golden betty symbols tin beryllium bought for x300. An action pinch 2 golden betty bonuses connected each rotation is besides disposable for x600. 

Slotmill’s Xtra-Bet usability is besides included successful this title, allowing players to summation their liking by 50 per cent – without impacting paytable prizes – to summation a x2.5 higher chance of triggering nan free spins crippled mode.