Big Money Megaways Blueprint Gaming

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link slot gacor - Blueprint Gaming called upon nan Megaways mechanic pinch its latest sparkling, jewel-filled slot release, Big Money Megaways


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Big Money Megaways is simply a six-reel slot pinch up to 5 rows, allowing for up to 15,625 ways to win. Players tin triumph up to x50,000 their stake.




95 per cent


Low worth symbols are represented by purple, blue, orange, greenish and reddish gemstones. If nan correct number of winning combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.3 and x3 nan player’s wager. 

Moving up nan paytable, coins, slope notes, golden bars and diamonds picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x1 and x20 nan chosen bet. 

Gold dollar motion enigma symbols tin appear, revealing random identical paytable symbols crossed nan board. 

Additionally, money scatters tin look connected nan reels, displaying either mobility marks aliases ‘frenzy spins’ text, pinch immoderate besides appearing successful golden pinch mobility marks to correspond a jackpot symbol. 

Landing 3 aliases much money scatters connected nan aforesaid rotation will trigger nan money spins crippled mode, pinch each mobility people aliases jackpot mobility people revealing either a monetary worth betwixt x1 and x10 nan player’s bet, aliases jackpot values of mini (x10), insignificant (x25), awesome (x100) aliases mega (x2,000). 


In nan money spins crippled mode, players are fixed 3 spins connected an quiet reel group to onshore arsenic galore money scatter prize symbols connected nan reels arsenic possible. 

Each awesome that drops into play will reset nan number of spins to three. Once each 3 spins person been completed, players will person nan accumulated worth of each money prizes that person dropped into play. 

If immoderate ‘frenzy spins’ symbols driblet into play, an enhanced prize crippled mode will beryllium triggered erstwhile nan first 3 spins are completed. 

Depending connected nan number of ‘frenzy spins’ that appeared, players will beryllium fixed a number of spins successful which each prize symbols that look will beryllium instantly awarded. 

Players tin bargain entree to nan money spins crippled mode for x60 their stake, aliases to 1 frenzy rotation for x100 their stake. 


Jo Purvis, Director of Marketing & Relationships astatine Blueprint Gaming, stated: “The motorboat of Big Money Megaways adds to our increasing postulation of money-themed releases, which ever bask awesome popularity. It’s a proven taxable we deliberation players will respond positively to, particularly pinch nan prize games connected offer.

“Megaways provides 15,625 ways to win, granting players much chances to onshore dollar symbols, trigger money spins and yet summation winning imaginable to unfastened nan vault and gain nan game’s biggest prizes.”


To person a spell astatine nan Big Money Megaways demo, click here.