Bad Bass Indigo Magic

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Bragg Gaming’s in-house slot workplace Indigo Magic has players aiming to reel successful large wins pinch its latest fishing-themed slot release, Bad Bass


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Bad Bass is simply a 5×4 reel slot pinch nan prime of either 20 aliases 40-paylines and prize features including a aureate bass respins crippled mode. 




95.93 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. If nan correct number of paying combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x2 nan player’s wager. 

Next up, connection bottles, skipper hats and sportfishing bait picture nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.35 and x4 nan player’s preferred bet. 

High worth symbols are represented by dogs and fisherman, providing wins from x0.15 to x10 nan chosen bet. 

Scatter sportfishing floats tin besides appear, filling 1 of nan 3 baskets that beryllium supra nan reel group each clip they driblet into play. If each baskets person been filled, a random consequent rotation will grant chaotic symbols, wilds pinch multipliers, aliases entree to nan aureate bass respins crippled mode. 

Finally, chaotic aureate food tin driblet into play, substituting for each symbols different than nan float scatters. These chaotic food tin besides look pinch multipliers of either x2, x3, x5 aliases x10 to beryllium applied to immoderate wins that nan chaotic contributes to. 


In nan aureate bass respins crippled mode, players are fixed 3 spins connected an quiet reel group to onshore arsenic galore golden coin symbols connected nan reels arsenic possible. 

Each golden coin will show a rate prize value, while resetting nan number of spins to 3 each clip 1 drops into play. 

The purpose of nan crippled is to onshore arsenic galore rate prizes connected nan board, arsenic nan subordinate receives nan sum of each disposable rate prizes connected nan reels erstwhile nan crippled draws to a close. 

Randomly activated successful nan prize crippled mode, a skipper characteristic tin occur, causing 1 compartment connected nan reels to divided into 4 abstracted cells. Also, if each 4 cells go filled by a rate symbol, each coin will toggle shape into nan highest-paying rate worth retired of nan 4 disposable prizes. 

Furthermore, a cod pufferfish tin look connected nan reels, collecting each different rate values connected nan committee and adding nan sum to its ain value. 

Pay pufferfish are besides available, adding its first rate worth to each different symbols connected nan board. 


To effort your luck pinch nan Bad Bass demo, click here.