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Slot news - An abundance of Far East features are connected show successful nan latest slot from High 5 Games, releasing 88 Drums successful mentation for nan Lunar New Year.  


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East Asian


88 Drums is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 243-ways to triumph and a expansive jackpot prize of x10,100 nan player’s wager. 




96 per cent


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of playing paper royals, pinch Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces available. If nan correct number of winning combinations onshore connected a azygous spin, these symbols tin connection betwixt x0.045 and x0.9 nan player’s wager. 

Meanwhile, lanterns, ornaments, golden bulls, tigers and eights picture nan precocious worth symbols, offering betwixt x0.13 and x18.18 nan player’s stake. 

Green orb scatters are available, displaying monetary prizes from x0.5 to x25 nan player’s bet, aliases jackpot values of mini (x22.7), insignificant (x90.90) aliases awesome (x454). Landing 5 aliases much orbs connected nan aforesaid rotation will activate nan scatter loot nexus crippled mode. 

Free spins matter scatters tin appear, triggering 10, 15 aliases 25 free spins erstwhile three, 4 aliases 5 scatters onshore connected nan aforesaid turn. 

Drum symbols are available, displaying multiplier values from x2 to x8 nan player’s bet. While these drum symbols cannot effect nan guidelines game, they will go progressive successful nan drum loot nexus feature. 

Additionally, chaotic dragons tin driblet into play, substituting for each symbols different than nan greenish orb scatters, drums and free spins scatters. Each chaotic that lands connected nan reels has nan expertise to randomly trigger nan drum loot nexus crippled mode, which is nan only measurement to trigger said feature. 


When chaotic symbols onshore connected nan reels, they are attributed to a golden cookware that sits supra nan reel set. Each clip this occurs, location is simply a chance that nan drum loot nexus crippled mode will beryllium activated. 

In nan drum loot nexus feature, players are fixed 3 spins to onshore arsenic galore drum symbols arsenic they tin connected an quiet 5×3 reel set, pinch each drum that drops into play resetting nan number of spins to three. 

Each drum awesome appears pinch a multiplier, representing an accrued number of drums that nan awesome contains. 

Collecting betwixt 8 and 88 drum symbols, including nan drums counted wrong each drum symbol’s multiplier value, will supply wins betwixt x9.09 and x10,100 nan player’s stake erstwhile each 3 spins person been completed. 

Furthermore, players tin activate nan drum powerfulness stake characteristic successful nan guidelines game, which increases their liking by 127 per cent to summation a higher chance of activating nan drum loot nexus crippled mode. 

Additionally, activating this powerfulness stake usability will origin nan crippled mode to supply 4 spins erstwhile activated, alternatively than nan modular 3 spins. 

In nan scatter loot nexus crippled mode, which is triggered by 5 aliases much greenish orb scatters, players are fixed 3 spins to onshore arsenic galore greenish orbs connected an quiet 5×3 reel group arsenic possible. 

If players negociate to onshore a full of 10 orbs connected nan committee successful this feature, a caller statement will beryllium unlocked, expanding nan committee size to 6×3. A further 4 orbs aft those 10 will past origin nan committee to summation to 7×3. 

Once each 3 spins person been completed, players will person nan accumulated worth of each greenish orbs connected nan reel set, including jackpot values displayed connected immoderate orbs. 

If players negociate to unlock nan 7×3 committee successful this crippled mode, and past capable it pinch 25 greenish orbs, nan game’s expansive jackpot prize of x10,100 will beryllium awarded. 

Moreover, players tin activate nan scatter powerfulness stake characteristic successful nan guidelines game, which increases their liking by 127 per cent to let nan crippled mode to beryllium activated by conscionable 4 scatters. 

As pinch nan drum loot nexus powerfulness stake function, activating nan scatter loot nexus powerfulness stake will origin nan characteristic to grant 4 spins alternatively of nan accustomed three. 

In nan free spins crippled mode, each drum symbols will look pinch multipliers of x8, enhancing nan drum loot nexus characteristic if it is activated by wilds during nan free spins. 


Lauren Gazneli, Senior Director astatine High 5 Games, explained: “We’re excited for players to acquisition our caller release, 88 Drums. A pinnacle of gaming innovation, it arrives conscionable successful clip for Chinese New Year and nan Lunar Year festivities. 88 Drums incorporates accepted Chinese elements and classical features specified arsenic wilds and scatters, alongside our unique scatter loot nexus mechanic triggered by greenish scatters. 

"With its unsocial matrix presenting nan chance for jackpots, nan crippled promises to connection an action-packed and move gaming experience."

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