3 Clown Monty II Play’n GO

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Roll up, rotation up arsenic Play’n GO takes players to a Sin City circus pinch its latest batton-spinning slot sequel, 3 Clown Monty II


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3 Clown Monty II is simply a 5×3 reel slot pinch 20-paylines and a maximum triumph of up to x10,000 nan player’s wager. 


Low worth symbols travel successful nan shape of nan precocious extremity of a platform of cards, from 10 done to Ace. These symbols tin connection betwixt x0.2 and x5 nan player’s wager, depending connected nan number of matching combinations that look connected 1 spin. 

Meanwhile, juggling clubs and unicycles correspond nan mean worth symbols, offering betwixt x1 and x10 nan player’s preferred bet. 

High worth symbols are depicted by 3 comedian characters, pinch colours of green, bluish and red. If nan correct number of paying combinations onshore connected 1 turn, these symbols tin connection betwixt x3 and x40 nan player’s stake. 

Free spins aureate tickets tin besides driblet into play, triggering nan free spins characteristic erstwhile 3 aliases much onshore connected nan aforesaid spin. Landing three, 4 aliases 5 scatters connected nan aforesaid move will grant five, 8 aliases 10 free spins, respectively. 

Finally, gorilla chaotic symbols are available, substituting for each symbols different than nan free spins scatter tickets. Three, 4 aliases 5 gorillas connected a winning payline will payout x4, x10 aliases x40 nan player’s bet, respectively. 


Throughout nan guidelines and free spins crippled mode, wilds tin look pinch multipliers. On random guidelines crippled spins, multipliers of either x2, x3 aliases x5 tin randomly beryllium applied to gorilla wilds for 1 enhanced spin, applying to each wins formed utilizing nan gorilla wilds. 

In nan free spins crippled mode, these multipliers are enhanced, pinch x2, x3, x5, x10 aliases x50 values available. 

Additionally, passim some nan guidelines and prize crippled modes, modular symbols tin look pinch typical overlay symbols, pinch ‘B’, ‘O’, ‘N’, ‘O’ aliases ‘S’ capable to look connected apical of them. 

If each 5 different overlay symbols look connected 1 spin, a typical prize crippled will beryllium triggered. 

In this game, players prime 1 of 3 cups that each hide multiplied stake magnitude prizes underneath them, pinch up to x10 disposable successful nan guidelines crippled and up to x500 successful nan free spins crippled mode.

For nan free spins crippled mode, players prime 1 retired of 3 playing cards earlier nan crippled mode begins, which reveals either a number one, 2 aliases 3 playing card. 

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This number will correspond really galore stepping wilds will look connected each spin. These typical wilds will look connected each spin, moving to different positions connected nan committee aft each turn. 

Each stepping chaotic will besides beryllium enhanced by nan chaotic multiplier characteristic that occurs connected random spins. 


Magnus Wallentin, Games Ambassador astatine Play’n GO, explained: “We’re very excited for fans to sojourn nan circus successful 3 Clown Monty II. The Play’n GO squad is ever thrilled erstwhile a crippled gets a travel up merchandise arsenic it demonstrates that our dedication to creating value games pinch engaging narratives and gameplay mechanics really pays off.

“With features for illustration nan prize prime prize, and nan random multiplier wilds appearing connected nan reels, 3 Clown Monty II is judge to support players enthralled, arsenic though they were astatine nan circus themselves.” 

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