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Wazdan has introduced a caller characteristic to its flagship Coins bid pinch nan merchandise of its latest instalment, 25 Coins


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25 Coins is simply a 5×5 reel slot pinch no-paylines arsenic each wins are provided successful nan prize crippled mode, offering a maximum triumph of up to x2,000 nan player’s bet. 


Variable from debased to high


96.17 per cent


There are nary modular symbols successful this game, arsenic prizes tin only beryllium won during nan clasp nan jackpot prize crippled mode. 

This prize characteristic is activated by landing immoderate 5 golden aliases prize coins connected nan mediate statement successful nan guidelines game. 

Bonus coins look passim some nan guidelines and prize crippled modes, presenting prize values betwixt x1 and x5 nan player’s stake. 

Special rate infinity symbols tin besides driblet connected nan reels, displaying monetary values betwixt x5 and x10 nan player’s bet. These symbols enactment sticky connected nan reels to summation nan chances of triggering nan clasp nan jackpot mode.

Wazdan has introduced a ‘cluster collector’ awesome successful this caller title. This awesome will enactment sticky connected nan reels until nan extremity of nan clasp the-jackpot prize game. 

These symbols will cod nan values of each coin aliases rate infinity symbols that look successful nan 9 positions adjacent to it, adding nan values to their ain value. This will hap for up to 5 spins. 

Other symbols that tin driblet successful during this guidelines crippled see enigma symbols, which tin toggle shape into immoderate awesome different than nan infinity symbols and a jackpot enigma awesome that will uncover either a mini (x10), insignificant (x20) aliases awesome (x50) prize. These symbols will only execute their features successful nan clasp nan jackpot feature. 

Additionally, these 2 symbols tin look arsenic ‘sticky to infinity’ alternatives, staying connected nan committee until nan clasp nan jackpot characteristic has been activated and completed. 

With nan prize crippled mode, 3 spins are initially awarded to nan player, pinch each caller prize awesome landing connected nan reels resetting nan number of spins to three. 

All symbols that driblet onto nan reels during this crippled mode enactment sticky for nan entirety of nan clasp nan jackpot spins. 

Furthermore, 3 different jackpot symbols tin onshore connected nan reels to grant players pinch their corresponding jackpot prizes. Jackpot prizes travel successful nan shape of mini, insignificant and awesome values, offering x10, x20 and x50 respectively.

Treasure thorax symbols are besides available, collecting each values from different prizes connected nan reels and attributing them to their ain value. It will past use a random multiplier betwixt x1 and x20 to its value. 

Once each spins person been completed, players will person nan accumulated prize worth of each symbols that person appeared passim nan feature. If players negociate to capable nan committee pinch 25 symbols, they will triumph nan game’s expansive jackpot prize of x2,000 their bet. 

Moreover, 25 Coins offers Wazdan’s ‘Chance Level’ feature, which allows players to summation nan size of their bets, without impacting golden coin values, to summation a higher chance of activating nan prize crippled mode. 


Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer astatine Wazdan, stated: “Our renowned Coins bid of games has proven to beryllium incredibly popular, pinch much and much features – and reels – being added to each caller instalment.

“The preamble of a caller mechanic to our offering is different hugely breathtaking moment, and we’re assured that players will emotion 25 Coins.”



To person a spell astatine nan 25 Coins demo, click here.

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