Best New Online Slots of the Week | December 21, 2023

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Festive cheer is successful bully proviso for our champion caller online slots of nan week. We person a precocious introduction for ‘Best Christmas Slot of 2023’ from Raw iGaming, positive nan newest Norse-themed crippled from Bang Bang Games. Remember, you tin trial retired each these apical caller online slots for free.

We commencement our round-up of nan champion caller online slots of nan week for December 21 pinch Frozen Age. It’s nan newest merchandise from Peter & Sons and features roaming wilds, Monster Blocks, and a free spins prize pinch big-money multipliers.

Mighty Santa is simply a Christmas-themed slot arsenic cheery and generous arsenic Santa Claus himself. Bag SuperSymbols pinch multipliers for a festive treat.

The Runemakers DoubleMax is nan latest Norse-themed crippled from Bang Bang Games. Multipliers double aft each win, but look retired for enigma symbols that create immense wins!

We information disconnected our champion caller online slots of nan week pinch 3 Laughing Lions from Northern Lights Gaming. It’s nan cleanable crippled to information retired nan festive week – plus, you whitethorn moreover container a awesome fixed jackpot worthy up to 5000x.

Frozen Age by Peter & Sons

Win up to 8,000x pinch large monster blocks successful nan caller Frozen Age slot from Peter & Sons. Look retired for synced blocks arsenic you lucifer nan monsters for large wins.

Frozen Age slot reels by Peter and Sons

Yggdrasil’s business pinch Peter & Sons has been among nan astir successful nether nan YG Masters program. The woody has been moving for astir 2 years, pinch Frozen Age nan latest venture, released to coincide pinch nan festive period.

You tin consciousness nan wintery taxable arsenic soon arsenic you play Frozen Age. The crippled is group successful a world of stiff dinosaurs, each waiting to thaw retired and shape winning combinations connected nan 6×6 reels. Even nan intrepid paleontologist is decked retired successful Christmas elf garb arsenic you play.

Though nan slot is highly volatile, location are still plentifulness of ways to triumph big. Monster Blocks are oversized symbols that tin screen spaces measuring up to 6×6. Monster Blocks tin randomly toggle shape into nan aforesaid awesome arsenic well.

Also random is nan Wild Respins feature. 1–6 roaming wilds tin beryllium added to nan reels during nan guidelines game. You trigger a respin aft a win, during which nan chaotic artifact moves position.

Frozen Age besides boasts a free spins prize round. You trigger nan prize pinch 5 aliases much scatters successful immoderate position. Plus, you tin cod roaming wilds to unlock multipliers worthy up to 10x. Every clip you unlock a multiplier tier, you summation an further 2 free games.

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Yes, Frozen Age is volatile, but nan imaginable of a 10x multiplier pinch roaming wilds connected nan prize makes it 1 to cheque out. Unleash nan dinosaurs and play Frozen Age for free today.

Mighty Santa by Raw iGaming

Tis nan play to beryllium jolly successful Mighty Santa by Raw iGaming. Trigger triumph clusters and SuperSymbols arsenic you stitchery prize multipliers to thief boost your payouts.   

Mighty Santa slot reels by Raw iGaming

There’s conscionable capable clip earlier Christmas to compression successful different festive slot. Like Frozen Age, Mighty Santa makes afloat usage of its super-sized symbols to springiness you much bang for your buck. You tin besides deed multipliers during nan crippled to heighten your payouts. Free spins and respins information retired nan game’s galore prize features.

You play Mighty Santa connected a elemental 5×5 grid wherever SuperSymbols whitethorn look to boost prizes. SuperSymbols grow erstwhile matching symbols look adjacent to them connected nan reels.

Meanwhile, bauble multipliers driblet down onto nan reels and are absorbed by nan SuperSymbols. Look retired for Santa’s trusty reindeer, Rudolph. He triggers a free respin erstwhile he races past nan reels.

You activate Mighty Santa free spins by hitting a minimum number of scatters. Santa whitethorn driblet presents from his sleigh to unlock multipliers. These cod successful a progressive metre and are applied to immoderate winning operation that forms.

The SuperSymbols unsocial would person made Mighty Santa a awesome slot. However, nan summation of multipliers connected immoderate winning combo lifts this Raw iGaming slot into different festive realm. Give nan crippled a rotation for free coming and spot for yourself.

The Runemakers DoubleMax by Bang Bang Games

We proceed nan cluster wins taxable pinch The Runemakers DoubleMax from Bang Bang Games. The crippled features free spins, Mystic Mysteries, and nan Doublemax multiplier connected to thief boost your wins.   

The Runemakers DoubleMax slot reels by Bang Bang Games

You mightiness person seen nan Doublemax characteristic from Bang Bang Games successful slots specified arsenic Raptor Doublemax and Pharaoh’s Gaze DoubleMax.

Bang Bang Games returns this period pinch The Runemakers DoubleMax, a Norse-themed slot that includes a fewer other surprises for prize hunters.

The crippled features dropdown wins, fundamentally Bang Bang Games’ type of cascading reels. Winning clusters vanish from nan reels and are replaced by symbols from above. In addition, 1–5 chaotic symbols look successful nan quiet gaps near behind. The process continues until location are nary much caller winning combinations.

With nan DoubleMax feature, nan multiplier doubles successful worth for each successive dropdown. The multiplier only resets aft you suffer a rotation aliases dropdown.

Mystic symbols tin look during nan awesome replacement arsenic well. Magic is applied to each Mystic Symbols and they toggle shape into nan aforesaid icon. However, they won’t toggle shape into wilds aliases scatters.

The Runemakers DoubleMax besides features a free spins prize which you trigger by landing 3 scatters. You statesman nan prize pinch a 1x multiplier which doubles passim nan feature. You tin besides play nan bet characteristic for a chance of gaining an further 2 free games.

Ready to make your people pinch The Runemakers DoubleMax? Give nan crippled a rotation for free coming astatine Vegas Slots Online.

3 Laughing Lions Power Combo by Northern Lights Gaming

Hit a fixed jackpot worthy up to 5000x successful Northern Lights Gaming’s newest Oriental-themed slot, 3 Laughing Lions Power Combo. Trigger expanded reels, other wilds, aliases 2x multipliers arsenic you harness nan powerfulness of nan dragon!

3 Laughing Lions Power Combo slot reels by Northern Lights Gaming

We extremity our champion caller online slots of nan week round-up pinch 3 Laughing Lions Power Combo. It’s nan latest effort from Northern Lights Gaming. It’s besides nan only slot this week that doesn’t trust connected cascades and respins to create wins.

3 Laughing Lions Power Combo is an Oriental-themed slot that you play connected 5 reels. The slot features everything you’d expect from a Chinese-inspired game: dragons, Koi carp, fans, and fortunate lotuses. You tin besides onshore 2 chests to trigger chaotic reels aliases lanterns.

And it’s those dragons that tin heighten your wins during nan game. Every clip a red, blue, aliases greenish dragon appears, it’s added to nan corresponding reel. The reddish dragons trigger expanding reels, nan greenish dragon other wilds, and nan bluish 2x chaotic symbols.

Those further modifiers travel into play during nan game’s free spins round. The Red Lion free spins characteristic expanded reels up to six reels high, positive 75 full paylines. Free spins pinch nan Green Lion characteristic typical wilds. Finally, free spins pinch nan Blue Dragon has 2x chaotic symbols for boosted wins.

We should besides mention nan Lucky Lantern Pot bonus. You activate this characteristic by revealing 2 lanterns successful nan thorax during immoderate spin. Select lanterns until you uncover 3 matching pots. You only triumph 1 prize, but it could beryllium nan Grand Jackpot worthy 5,000x.

Why not effort 3 Laughing Lions Power Combo today? For a prize-winning Oriental slot, it’s difficult to beat.

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